Allow Yourself to be Held

"Held" is a beautiful word that floods my mind and memory with a beautiful sense of warmth, belonging, comfort and security. It’s the times when my small hand was enveloped in my father’s big hand and he lead me to safety as we crossed a busy street. Or the time my husband held me tightly as I sobbed my heart out when I knew my father was going to die. To be held is to have … [Read More]



Proverbs, Jesus and Women

One Sunday morning, a central marketplace in Burundi (the small East African country where I do development work) burned down, gutting the local economy. In the … [Read More]


Showing Up

By Rachel Ann Smolen | Twitter: @smolennation My friend’s words hung heavy in the air as we sat holding hot mugs of favorites at a coffee shop. We were … [Read More]



When It Is All Up In the Air

I realized that perhaps there was something I was trying to control when I spent two hours picking out the perfect pajamas for my girls to receive for Christmas. It … [Read More]


Please Do Not Touch Me

“Rub the Buddha belly, Rylee,” my older sister, Katie, said to her daughter. Rylee smiled up at me and gingerly put her hand on the crest of my pregnant abdomen. … [Read More]

Featured Stories


The Red Couch: The Alchemist Introduction

When I first picked up my tattered paperback copy of the worldwide bestseller The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, I wasn’t sure what I’d find inside. Some people raved about the illuminated truths in its pages and how it changed their lives. Others said it … [Read More]


This Glorious Unsung Song Between Us 

What if the spaces between friends held a glorious unsung song? What if there’s a kind of Magnificat—a Mary Song—within each one of us? What if this song could only rise when the space between us is a place of affection and trust that has been built over time with blessing words and seeing words? When I talk […]


Thank You, India

By Nicole T. Walters | Twitter: @NicoleTWalters As I boarded the plane for the first leg of a 16-hour flight, I tried to slow the breath that came in gulps, a mingling of excitement and fear. I had dreamed of India for years. Now I could hardly believe … [Read More]


Read the Fine Print (And Do It Anyway)

By Dani Kreeft | Twitter: @danipress Many of us aren’t 9-to-5er's anymore. We’re fuelling a job culture without convention or boundaries, regular hours or even regular bosses. We're backing a lucrative "If you can dream it, you can do it" slogan that’s … [Read More]


Car Trouble and Plot Twists

I was tucked into the cushions of a hotel lobby couch listening to 80s pop music in a dry little town in Northeastern Oregon on a Tuesday night. This was not on my agenda for the week. I left my house on a Saturday morning with a pile of bedding, a … [Read More]


Preaching Gospel Love to Myself

We talked about it from every angle, considered every possibility and scenario. My husband had been offered a job in London and our plans to move were fully underway. Now I needed to decide what I would do there. It had been hard to find work that was a … [Read More]


When Life Feels Like God Is Winnowing Our Grit

I think God intricately blows storms through our lives to separate our “chaff” from the “good grain.” As a young girl growing up in Kenya, I would watch my mama prepare grain to cook our favorite meal comprised of boiled corn and beans. It doesn’t sound … [Read More]


The Red Couch: Interview with Sara Zarr Sara Zarr, author of Once Was Lost, answers your questions about that book, the writing life, finding the right audience for YA with spiritual themes, and what it's like to live in Salt Lake City. Plus, she gives … [Read More]


Where I Play and Find My Voice

When I was asked to be a regular contributor to SheLoves, warmth bloomed from deep within me. I was thrilled that I was asked, but terrified at the same time. Then the expected happened: silence. As the deadline for this post loomed, so the silence grew. I … [Read More]


A Dirt Path and the Beginning of Hope

When people saw my mother in those years, they remarked how healthy she looked, how strong, how not-sick. "You would never know she has terminal cancer," they said. Their astonishment rang like praise for the upbeat patient smiling through her pain. I … [Read More]


I Am Ready And So Are You

I’m taking a step tomorrow. It may look small, but feels like a giant one! I’m meeting with a self-publishing program in the hope of making good on hours of research and years of work. It’s exciting, but terrifying. What if no one is interested? If I’m being … [Read More]