We Are Portals

When Heaven came to meet her, she paused. She paused long enough to encounter Heaven. Not on a mountaintop or in a blaze of light, but in an ordinary moment. Her presence ushered Him in. Her body became a welcome. Trusting the Eternal One to lead her and guide her into all this strange newness, She set fear aside to make room. We are the women who make room for a new … [Read More]


To the Mother Who Has Loved and Been Left

“Suffering, failure, loneliness, sorrow, discouragement, and death will be part of your journey, but the Kingdom of God will conquer all these horrors. No evil can … [Read More]

Losing Everything Might Be The Path To Finding It All

Recently my son celebrated his 8th birthday. As always on this day, I think back to the hours before he entered this world—all 9lbs of him, full head of jet-black … [Read More]


On Anne Shirley and Writing My Way into Healing

“Well, if you want my opinion, Miss Shirley, I’d write about places I knew something of and people that spoke everyday English. Instead of these silly schoolgirl … [Read More]

Approaching the Table of Radical Grace

When I lived in Brussels, we used to celebrate American Thanksgiving every year, although neither my husband nor I are American. But one of my best friends was, and … [Read More]

Featured Stories

The Red Couch: Take This Bread Discussion

To learn more about "Take This Bread," please read the introductory post. Be sure to peruse The Nightstand in that post, which has resources for those wanting to learn more about the topic and themes of this month’s selection. I’m not sure how it … [Read More]

Note To Self: Always Flirt With Chinese Grandma At Bus Stop

There’s a small chip on my front tooth. I’ve had it fixed, but it’s so tiny, the repair doesn’t last. So, I smile with my chipped tooth and my eyes scrunched up and I see laugh lines with this haircut that showcases my whole wrinkly forehead. And I don’t care. I like that my face […]

I Will Bring Change. Will You? PLUS: A Giveaway

By Lacey Forward | Twitter: @willbringchange It was a regular night in 2009 when God answered my prayer. I had asked God to speak to me in a dream about something that mattered to Him. So God did. I awoke to a pillow drenched with tears, puffy eyes, … [Read More]

One Hundred Happy Days

“True festivity both comes from our delights and spurs us to new rejoicing in a constant spiral. Hard times are not a hindrance to celebration; instead, they help us know how much we need revelry to open our minds and hearts to gratitude for what we have … [Read More]

Beyond The Myth of Scarcity

By Trudy Smith Growing up in upper-middle class American suburbia, Thanksgiving was usually the day that we ate so much our stomachs hurt—seconds and thirds and dessert, as much as we wanted, because it was a feast day. And although Thanksgiving was a … [Read More]

Invite All Your Senses to the Feast

I’m sitting here, leaning firmly against squishy homemade flannel bags filled with field corn; bags I’ve warmed in the microwave, each of them aligned with a sore spot in my back or neck. And I am sighing with gratitude and comfort. I’m breathing in the first … [Read More]

Celebration and Lament

The walls had been rebuilt. The people living in and around the city of Jerusalem had gathered. Along with the fresh aroma of new lumber from Ezra’s wooden platform and his strong voice ringing out over the hum of the crowd, celebration was in the air! … [Read More]

Seated at the Table of Outrage

I just saw a thing on Facebook, as I was scrolling through my feed the way we do. It was written by the woman who birthed my two older children, a midwife of babies and other soul things. I usually listen when she speaks. She said, when people look back at … [Read More]

This Quiet Work is Enough

One morning a week I volunteer at our local food bank. This past week a woman came in who was in active labor. It took the staff several minutes to figure out what was happening and when they asked if they could call an ambulance for her, she said she just … [Read More]

The Red Couch: 2016 Selections

It's the time of year when we can't help but think ahead. There are turkeys to buy, holiday parties to attend, and Christmas decorations to hang. We book tickets back home and ponder gift giving. We think about buying a party dress for New Year's Eve or shrug … [Read More]

I Am A Holy Contrarian

I am a holy contrarian. I don’t deck the halls, play merry, shine bright or sparkle. I dim the lights and lean into the hush. It is Advent, after all. I crack open my spirit and let the dissonance cry out, I rend my soul and allow the discord to seep in … [Read More]