Taking Scissors to My Cookie Cutter Faith

Recently at church I heard a hard and challenging sermon. It was on one of the topics that has divided the church for decades and, while it was uncomfortable sitting there, I have to applaud the pastor for not just skipping that part and moving on to less incendiary topics. I sat in my row near the back, trying to take notes and at one point I couldn’t bring myself to write … [Read More]


Daughter, Your Faith has Healed You

By Marilyn Gardner | Twitter: @MarilynGard I grew up in Pakistan. As an only daughter in a house full of boys, my family treated me like a princess. I loved … [Read More]

When Fighting for the Good Cause Can Hurt You

Last month I was in Budapest for an anti-human trafficking conference, the first time I had been to one in almost three years. I was there to speak, and I was … [Read More]


Vision is More Than a Plan for the Future

By Hannah Kallio |  Twitter: @hannahkallio1 Have you ever clung tightly to a biblical truth, and then later realized you weren't grasping the whole truth after … [Read More]

Confessions of Brown Girl in a White World

I was the token brown friend for many of my friends in college. That sort of thing happens when you're one of two, maybe three Indians at a small, Christian … [Read More]

Featured Stories

The Red Couch: Too Heavy A Yoke Discussion

To learn more about Too Heavy A Yoke, please read the introductory post. Be sure to peruse The Nightstand in that post, which has resources for those wanting to learn more about the topic and themes of this month’s selection. When I found out we were … [Read More]

A Letter from Idelette

Dear Lovelys, Here's my confession: We run this website and the larger community on deep breaths and heartfelt prayers and long hours of volunteer work and very little money. The reality is: we have expenses. We have big ideas and a lot of voom, but we … [Read More]

I Confess: Reading Stresses Me Out

Okay, so this is weird. Reading stresses me out. It’s weird on so many levels. One: Reading is one of my favorite things to do. Two: I was an English major. Three: I read a lot. Conclusion: Weird. Maybe saying “reading” stresses me out isn’t … [Read More]

The Process of Restoration

Light filtered in the bay window, glinted on the freshly painted walls. I stood in the dining room of our first home, still in awe that it actually belonged to us. Five months pregnant with our second baby, I set out to clean every surface and set up each room … [Read More]

Where Grief and Optimism Meet

The very first poem I ever wrote was about death. I was in grade two. It was the year my best friend’s dad spent dying of cancer in a hospital bed in their living room. It would be several more years before I showed the words to anyone else. If you know … [Read More]

CREDO: This Is My Confession of Faith

When I saw the theme for this month, my heart sank a little. Most of what I write is, in one way or another, a confession of who I am, what I think, how I’m feeling. I don’t have any deep, dark secrets that must be brought into the light at this stage of my … [Read More]

I’m Tired of Saying “Sorry”

By Sarah Henderson | @sarahlowhen "I'm sorry," she said to me as she exited the changing room at the chiropractor's office. "Oh no, I'm sorry," I replied, as I waited my turn to enter. A slight feeling of shame washed over me, as I quickly looked away … [Read More]

The Snarky Girl Section of the Peacemakers

I never intended to become a peacemaker. The first time someone called me a peacemaker, I cringed inside. I was 13 and noticed the girls in my youth group were getting really clique-y. For weeks, I watched the clique gain momentum. They planned overnight … [Read More]

Your Invitation to RISE UP, SISTER 2017

This is our invitation to Rise, my sister. Your invitation and mine.  If you’d ask me what I am passionate about, I'd probably say this: seeing a person transformed by the power of LOVE, finding her voice, standing in her story, becoming strong and then … [Read More]

12 Kinds of Confession

I must confess of my unspeakable thing in the dark, empty space between us. Deep calls out to deep beyond the eavesdroppers, real or imagined. Without a word I reveal my naked truth. I wince. Search me, know me, hear what I cannot say but must confess – but … [Read More]