O, Hope. O, Sisterhood.

Have you ever met a new person and been alarmed by how kindred they feel even though they are complete strangers? This is the way of so many friendships in SheLoves, so I know somewhere someone is nodding. It’s the way of so many friendships in my world. I might just fall in love with every person I ever meet ever (yes, two evers). I am so quick to share deeply and make … [Read More]



ShePonders: Stations of the Cross

We shuffled slowly into the sanctuary and between the pews. We, so young and squirrely, still uninitiated in hushed tones, moved in as much silence as we could … [Read More]


TGIF: Feels Like Home To Me

I didn’t grow up around plants. I couldn’t tell you much about mulch, rootstock or pruning. When most kids were asked to “Water the plants” the Francis kids … [Read More]



When the Fertility Fairy Goes MIA

“Are you going to have more kids?” I look at my only child, playing and grinning from ear to ear. God, I love him. I feel a stab in my heart as disappointment … [Read More]


The Red Couch: Daring Greatly Reflection

Siobhan and I sit in comfy chairs on the patio. She dabs at her latte, foam crinkling in the cup, and I sip decaf English Breakfast tea with a splash of honey and … [Read More]

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The Red Couch: Daring Greatly Introduction

Three years ago I filed into a ballroom at the Opryland Hotel alongside hundreds of women and a few men. We were there for Blissdom—my first ever blog conference—and while the weekend had kicked off with a cocktail party the night before, the morning keynote … [Read More]


March Zine, Oh Baby!

This is my sweet spot. The night before the big game—when I'm tired, but too excited to sleep. The eve of zine-day always feels like that. By the time this is published, I will be fast asleep, but probably dreaming of copy edits and colorful pages and … [Read More]


Your Story Matters

By Mary DeMuth | Twitter @MaryDeMuth I recently spoke at a small sorority of older women about my journey toward publication. It’s a long story, full of bumps and bruises that began in my broken childhood and ended with the “nirvana” of published author. … [Read More]


Seeking Our True Image

“Magic Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?” In Walt Disney’s animated film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the evil Queen (AKA She Who Contributes to Giving Stepmothers a Bad Rap) takes to a dark chamber on the daily and summons “the Slave … [Read More]


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