Learning to Lean

So exactly how authentic would you like me to be? Would you like some of the more grimy details related to surgical recovery? A picture of what it’s like to be suddenly down to one leg? Well, okay then. A little peek into our days just now, a glimpse of where I find myself post-surgery, and some of what I’m learning while I’m here. Have you ever tried to get into a … [Read More]



Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Taken

A few years ago I came across an Oscar Wilde quote that has remained with me. He says, "Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken." Be yourself. Everyone else … [Read More]


Good News for Girls: Taking a Stand

Women in Sport: Of course football (or soccer to some) isn't just for boys! If you have young ones who play, they might enjoy these printable paper dolls. When … [Read More]



Sweet Tea and Sympathy for Invisible Women

By Melinda Jackson Lalrinthangi is invisible.  I meet her operating her makeshift vegetable stand in the golden rays of Northeast India’s morning sun. Cabbage, … [Read More]


Sisterhood in the Sacred Spaces

It's raining and foggy on the Sunday afternoon in April when we drive home from the Festival of Faith & Writing. The three of us—Cara, Sarah and I—only met … [Read More]

Featured Stories


The Red Couch: Americanah Discussion

To learn more about Americanah, read the introductory post. “Don’t complain. Be forgiving. If possible, make it funny. Most of all, do not be angry. Otherwise you will get no sympathy.” —To My Fellow Non-American Blacks: In America, You Are Black, Baby … [Read More]


June Zine: Summer + Honour + A New Baby

Did you know that the SheLoves community is spread across miles and kilometers and oceans and provinces and territories and states? A few of the editors have the luxury of meeting up in person every month in Surrey, B.C., but not all of us are near enough. And … [Read More]


Mamas Mess Up Too

Mommy guilt is something I wrestle with often.  I think it’s partly to do with Facebook and the masked lives people like to display, which I tend to compare with the reality of my own. But for the most part, it’s because I believed I would always be so good … [Read More]


When the Church Said Yes

By Nicola Hulks | Twitter: @nicolahwriter Eighteen months ago, in the early days of my training for ordained ministry in the Church of England, I was here writing about one of the most ground-shaking episodes of my very new life as a Minister. After the … [Read More]


Dinner With The Magician

She called just a day before she would be rolling through town, hope dripping round the corners of her question. Was there a chance I might be available for a visit when she passed through? It would be a quick stay, just overnight, but wouldn’t it be lovely? … [Read More]