Make Mentoring Moments Out of Time You Already Spend

By Nikki Toyama-Szeto I accidentally stumbled into it. It started as a plan to create a women’s conference that was desperately needed, and would meet the needs of the people we knew. I think I was the latecomer to the conversation. Invited in by two seasoned women leaders, I might have even been the second- or third-string choice. Not a very auspicious beginning. We … [Read More]



When You Learn, Teach

By Natasha Sistrunk Robinson | Twitter: @asistasjourney I remember when I first saw her. She was a vibrant, fresh face in the sea of bodies passing through … [Read More]


The Secret of Mentoring: Give What You Have

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that ministry isn’t lonely. All of us who have any word that means "leader" in our role description know that when it comes to the … [Read More]



Making Space Anyway

By Addie Zierman | Twitter: @addiezierman I was 14, maybe 15, when I gathered up all of my courage, walked up to the pastor’s wife in the church foyer, and … [Read More]


Kicking Off Mentoring Week: Paying Attention

One email changed my life. It could change yours too. All Donna-Jean meant to do was ask about local churches. Instead, she changed my life. About six months … [Read More]

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The Red Couch the SheLoves Book Club

The Red Couch: A Prayer for Owen Meany introduction

What's your favorite novel? Answers to this question vary but there's nothing quite like the heartbeat of recognition when someone answers with the name of your favorite novel. You understand each other in a way that others with different favorite novels do … [Read More]


Happy July! Zine + Celebrations + Summer

The door to August is swinging open just as July's slips closed. Confession: I'm not ready. I'm not finished with July, because August plans to bring guests to my house and weddings to attend (and one to photograph). August promises to fade into September … [Read More]


Struggling to Love Her

When we’re tired, sick, possibly carrying extra pounds from an illness or a baby, it can be hard to feel the glow of self acceptance. To feel and truly believe that we are lovely. From an early age, I was not the bombshell kinda gal. But I knew I was ok to … [Read More]


An Allegory of Faithfulness

It is a tale of grief and restoration, tragedy and redemption. And it is a tale of warning. It is a precious passage of scripture tucked away between woe, condemnation, despair, sacrificing children and graphic imagery of donkeys’ sexual organs. When was the … [Read More]


Chaos, Our Constant Companion

Chaos has been my constant companion of late. My husband and I packed up a moving truck six weeks ago and relocated to a new city. For months beforehand our living room landscape looked like boxes everywhere, holes in the walls, spaces on the floor to mark … [Read More]