God Needs Dangerous Women?

I’m learning that out of ordinary friendship, the most extraordinary—and potentially dangerous—alliance is possible. Last year, I spent five days with one such holy alliance: my friend Kelley Nikondeha. We talk almost every day. It’s a friendship in which we sharpen each other, encourage each other and talk a lot about how to live out the ways of Jesus right where we are. … [Read More]



Sowing, Summiting, Strutting: Good News for Girls

Some are humble. Some live in the limelight. None play small. Women in Agriculture Thyme + land = success for Lebanese women. Picturing Women–a beautiful … [Read More]


Don’t You Think Small

I stood in a basement church in Taipei when someone spoke these words to me: Don’t you think small. More than 15 years later, those words still rumble in the … [Read More]



God Pours Greatness Into My Weakness

Recently I’ve been challenged by the word “acceptable." It sounds gentle, but it has proven to be challenging. For many years, I’ve wanted to participate in justice … [Read More]


May There Always Be Kindling In Your Home

“Labor to keep alive in your breast that little spark of celestial fire…” -George Washington I like to think I’m a strong woman. I like feeling in control and in … [Read More]

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The Red Couch: The Lemon Tree Discussion

To learn more about The Lemon Tree: An Arab, a Jew, and the Heart of the Middle East, please read the introductory post. Don’t forget to peruse The Nightstand, which contains resources for those wanting to read more on the topic. Mention the … [Read More]


December Zine: Goodbye 2014

Oh lovelys, I am so grateful for you. As we close out 2014, it is also time to close out the zine. It has been a very fun two years of making graphics and placing smiling LOVELY faces into the pages of the zine. But this year I worked on the zine a little … [Read More]


Full Circle, Whole Heart

By Melissa Hartwick | Twitter: @melissahartwick I moved to Nicaragua several years ago as a missionary, with a heart full of so many dreams and plans. My initial work was to start a children’s home, but I hadn’t even been here a year before I expanded … [Read More]


In the Messy Middle of Faith

The first time I felt deep in my core that God was real I was 17, kneeling on a cold hard pew in a Catholic church that always had a lingering smell of incense and snuffed-out candles. At the time, a group of Christian musicians was visiting from another … [Read More]


Soccer and the Spin Cycle of Doubt

Growing up, I participated in soccer. It's my one and only attempt at the team sport variety of athleticism—emphasis on "attempt." If enthusiasm could win games, I was on top every time. But truth be told, I was the kid who would forget which goal was mine and … [Read More]


My Leaky Childhood

My childhood was the kind you read about in storybooks. I’ve circled round this truth, repeatedly, in the last few months. Perhaps, this musing comes of the joy born from this other childhood being spun right before me, that of my surprise baby. Because, … [Read More]


Just The Right Size

I have often joked that I’ve never been small in my life. Trouble is, I'm only half-joking. I am a large person—always have been. I have baby pictures with my cousin where I am gargantuan compared to this tiny peanut of a babe. I was the tallest in my class … [Read More]