How to Turn Left

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning, I take my son to preschool. It’s a zippy little drive, only two stoplights. Most mornings, we’re there in five minutes. It’s glorious. The drive home is a different story. You see, there is an intersection on the way home where I need to make a left turn. I am not fearful of left turns in general. But because of the way this one … [Read More]


The Red Couch 2017 Book Selections

What can we say about 2016? On the one hand, there's been a lot of great discussion at The Red Couch. It's given me hope, time and again. On the other hand, … [Read More]

Breathe In, Breathe Out

"Breathe in God's peace." "Breathe out your anxiety and fear." "Breathe in God's peace." "Breathe out your anxiety and fear." Years ago when I was at … [Read More]


Pausing to Honor

So there I was in an overwhelming stupor of depression, living in a new country, brokenhearted. A couple of times I was so out of it, I left my house in the middle … [Read More]

Christmas Pajamas Help Us Speak From the Heart

I love traditions, especially those that add to the wonder we celebrate at Christmas. There is something powerful about creating traditions that are meaningful and … [Read More]

Featured Stories

The Red Couch: Reluctant Pilgrim Discussion

To learn more about Reluctant Pilgrim, please read the introductory post. Be sure to peruse The Nightstand in that post, which has resources for those wanting to learn more about the topic and themes of this month’s selection.   When I read a … [Read More]

Blessed Interruptions

“Sure,” I said to my husband, “that sounds like fun. We don’t have a lot else going on that month.” And just like that, we agreed that we would pull the kids out of school for a week and accompany him on a business trip. It would be an adventure. It would take … [Read More]

I Have Enough

334 days and counting. By year-end, all 365 days. Paused. Stopped. A fast of sorts. A year in which I spent a total of $10 on clothing for myself. And that $10, only because I got excited at the marketplace fundraiser for The Peoples Foundation for … [Read More]

This Woman Has Changed Me

Years ago, my friend Bianca and I traveled with our friend Laura to Costa Rica. When Laura and I arrived, jet-lagged and tired, dirty and sweaty, I wanted nothing more than to head to our little cabana to shower and sleep. But Bianca would have none of my … [Read More]

A Lesson in Language and Empathy

By Annie Rim | Twitter: @Annie_Rim “How long have you lived here? Why don’t you speak French yet?” Shame filled my chest and I quickly swallowed the cheap-but-smooth wine we relied on during those student days in Paris. When I decided to attend college in … [Read More]

When Stories Are Food for the Soul

By Tasha Burgoyne | Twitter: @tashajunb They say children become readers on the laps of reading parents. Storytellers, however, are made by much more. The daughter of a Korean immigrant mother and a white American father, my early childhood was caught … [Read More]

If We’re Going to Be the Church We’ll Need Some Apple Crisp

by Sue Donaldason | I like to say that if God wanted us to be all by ourselves God would give us each our own planet. Would you like your own planet? Maybe so. I can just picture it. “You, there. Yes, Sue—you get that planet over there … [Read More]

Black is the Colour of Us

Black are King Solomon’s beautiful curtains Where the riches of wisdom are veiled and unveiled Black is the colour of me Black is the colour of fertile soil Where seeds bring about a hundred fold Black is the colour of me Black is the night sky The … [Read More]

Stay Safe Out There

Two days after the 2016 US Presidential Election I was taking my tender heart and two blonde neighborhood children for a walk. We passed an older black gentleman and said, “Good morning.” A few minutes later we met up again. “Well, hello again,” I … [Read More]

Will Depression Be My Legacy?

I’m raking leaves into great, giant piles, while two tiny boys threaten to undo my toils by cannon balling into them, shrieking wildly. The middle of my back aches as I fill a third bag with a swirl of burnt orange and tawny yellow foliage. There’s so much of … [Read More]