Making Space for the Need

By: Tammy Perlmutter | Twitter: @Tammygrrl I came across a sentence that made me cringe. I was reading a book called Preferring Christ: A Devotional Workbook on the Rule of St. Benedict by Norvene Vest. The structure is simple. She takes a small portion of the Rule and writes a commentary about it. Then she has a small paragraph or two for reflection. Then there is a … [Read More]


10 Ways to Avoid Burnout

I cozied up on the rocking chair in my spiritual director’s office. Sunlight sprang through the window and silence filled the room. Liz was never quick to speak, but … [Read More]

The Red Couch: I Am Malala Discussion

To learn more about I Am Malala, please read the introductory post. Be sure to peruse The Nightstand in that post, which has resources for those wanting to learn … [Read More]


The Elusive Presence of God

I stared into the tiny flame that danced in brilliant yellows, oranges, and reds. Everyone else had gone back to the bus, ready to move onto the next site in our … [Read More]

We Need to Talk About Race, I’ll Go First

I want to say everything and nothing, all at once. My country feels dangerous right now. And because I am white I did not notice the danger until 22 years into … [Read More]

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The Red Couch: I Am Malala Introduction

The first time I realized education was not considered a right for many children, especially girls, around the world, I didn't know what else to do but weep. I was 24 when I first witnessed the difference education can make in a life and how the lack of … [Read More]

Which Books Have Wrecked You?

By: Nichole Forbes | Twitter: @SomeRandmMother I wake up slowly. I set three alarms each morning. The first one makes me open my eyes. The second one gets me sitting up, and the third compels me to leave the safety of my warm bed. I usually begin to really … [Read More]

Speak Up, Daughters of Heaven

By Taylor Madge | Instagram: @shespeaksunited | Facebook: @SheSpeaksUnited I am not a professional public speaker. I just want to put that out there so you know this isn’t coming from an expert in the field. I am a woman who works full time outside of … [Read More]

Love is Not Supposed to be Easy

Recently there was a thread on Reddit that stopped me in my tracks. There was a woman—we’ll call her Jane—who was looking for some relationship advice. Months earlier Jane had bought a pair of tickets to Hamilton—the musical sensation that is taking over … [Read More]

How to Become Woke

By Jessica Goudeau | @jessica_goudeau My college students introduced me to the word "woke" a few years ago. The term describes people who are, as Urban Dictionary puts it, in a state of “being aware” and “knowing what’s going on in a community” in relation … [Read More]

This Isn’t Easy, And That’s Okay

"We define for ourselves who we are and what we stand for."  These words were spoken the first night of my MBA program four weeks ago. Don't they sound collegiate and inspirational, like the perfect Pinterest pin? Despite the cheese factor, the words have … [Read More]

10 Ways to Live Well in this Season

By: Amy Young | Twitter: @amyinbj I have a friend battling cancer. I think of him and his wife, with their second child graduating from high school and two more at home. Life has taken a major sharp right-turn. What does it mean to live well when you are … [Read More]

In Defense of Beauty

It’s true. Sometimes I tire of the poets and I want plain words. Unhurried, slow words with lazy syllables. Maybe even stilted words that fall like heavy bricks and land with a singular purpose. But even then, we’re building. I just fed you a simile, even if … [Read More]

How To Seek A Tiny Bit Of Beauty Right Now

Almost once a month in my twenties, I’d have a sickening crying jag, where my self-worth plunged into the toilet. If I’d been given a wish back then, I would have crumpled myself up like dirty Kleenex and demanded God start over. I want to be someone else, … [Read More]

10 Ways to Soulfully Slow Down

by Tina Osterhouse | @TinaOsterhouse Lately, I’ve been exploring words that evoke sensuality. Words like: delight, savor, luxuriate, relish, enjoy. In particular, I’ve been thinking about what it means to enjoy God, to delight in being alive, and how to … [Read More]