“Just Have Faith” Didn’t Work For Me

By Gina Butz | @gina_butz In the winter of 2011, I was spiritually and emotionally stuck. I wasn’t sure how I got there. All I knew was that I could not move back to something resembling normal, no matter how much I poured out my heart to my counselor, my friends, and mostly importantly to God. I suspected it had something to do with letting some recent failures define … [Read More]


At the Wednesday Morning Ladies’ Bible Study

by Carla Funk | @carlafunk Even now, decades later, I can still see them in their circle of hardback wooden chairs, their heads bowed over the onionskin pages of … [Read More]

Church: A Taste of Suspended Space

We recently held a funeral for our church. A celebration of life, I should say. In true church fashion, we set tables and lit candles and filled our plates with food … [Read More]


Quilting, Accounting and an Authentic Woman

When my mum finished secondary school, she had no idea what she wanted to do with her life. The school’s career adviser apparently passed her an A-Z book of careers … [Read More]

I’m A Working Mom

Tears rolled down his cheeks, his sad eyes pleading with me to stay. His little voice quivered when he begged, “A hug, Mommy” while his preschool teacher tried to … [Read More]

Featured Stories

The Red Couch: Too Heavy A Yoke INTRODUCTION

When I sat down to settle into Too Heavy a Yoke: Black Women And The Burden Of Strength by Chanequa Walker-Barnes, I only got to the second sentence before I was wrecked: "Having recently crossed the threshold of my thirtieth birthday, I was in a state of … [Read More]


I used to have a house with a big kitchen island that had a thick granite countertop slab and a sink so big you could wash a miniature horse in it. When my kids were young, my dad used to come over after he finished up with his early morning AA meetings. He’d … [Read More]

Perfectionism and the Preacher’s Kid

by Katie Bergman |@KatieLBergman Here’s my disclaimer: I’m a preacher’s kid. To some, that may render little to no meaning. Why on earth would my dad’s profession have any sort of implication on my identity? But others—especially fellow “PK’s”—know why … [Read More]

Storm and Story: A Tale of Two Sisters

by Tasha Burgoyne | @tashajunb  It was the voices that woke me that night. I imagine they woke me the way a middle-of-the-night summer thunderstorm wakes. The voices—my parents' and my sister’s—must have been spoken like light rain at first, barely audible … [Read More]

I am Metis

I have always said that my family is Metis, but I had never claimed that title for my own. My skin is white. I felt that somehow disqualified me from claiming my truth and from claiming my people. I felt that I had not earned the right to be counted with my … [Read More]

I Am The Privileged

I represent the people who get more than they deserve. The lucky ones. The golden children. The privileged, wealthy, and influential. Oh, my dears. How can I claim to be anything other than your sister? I know all about a life that’s unfair in my … [Read More]

What a Lady Preacher Looks Like

I was in the car on my way home from a women’s conference, when I locked my eyes on the road so I wouldn’t have to look my passenger in the face. “So, I think I want to do that. I think I am called to do that. Like ... I think I would be really good at … [Read More]

Falling Off the Missionary Pedestal

As a twenty-something single missionary home for the summer, I sat quietly judging the other girls in the room who were laughing and talking about which color Kitchen Aid Mixer they had registered for at their bridal showers. I thought about my own home—a 300 … [Read More]

The Hardest One Yet

I have carried a long list of labels across the length of this life. From the moment of my birth, two of those have been First Child and Eldest Girl. In early childhood, I earned the title Tall Girl. I was the student in the centre back row of each of my … [Read More]

Label Me Muslim

by Taslim Jaffer | @taslimjaffer The other day we were invited to a potluck dinner. The host was going to provide the main dish and everyone was asked to bring an appetizer. My heart beat a little faster when I was told the main dish was going to be pulled … [Read More]