Let Us Be Women Who LISTEN

What does it mean when we are women who listen? For me, it means not quite closing the door on a very powerful series of posts from women on the margins and in our midst—if you missed any of the posts from our WE ARE THE OTHER series, here's an opportunity to catch up. This month's zine is all about those posts and that's it.  It seems only right that we set aside our usual … [Read More]



Nobel + Noble: Good News for Girls

Women Celebrate! Oh, you knew there was going to be a little party over here this month. Kudos to Malala Yousafzai, co-winner of this year's Nobel Peace Prize! … [Read More]


Oct 2014: Let Us Be Women Who LISTEN

Hi dear SheLovelys, Welcome to a brand-new month! We're doing something different on SheLoves this October. The idea flowed out of our grief over the recent … [Read More]



What’s Her Name?

By Tanya Marlow | Twitter: @Tanya_Marlow “What’s her name?” The airport official spoke over my head to my husband and it took me a while before I even … [Read More]


A PhD Shower and a Call to Celebrate

It started as a conversation among our group of girlfriends. A comment that: we throw baby showers and wedding showers, but we don’t really take the time to … [Read More]

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The Red Couch: An Altar In The World Discussion

To learn more about An Altar in the World, please read the introductory post. Don’t forget to peruse The Nightstand, which contains resources for those wanting to read more on the topic. [Tweet "The beauty of my own life altars becoming vehicles for worship … [Read More]


September Zine: Nashville + Sisterhood + Autumn

I don't know how I always manage to schedule my vacations at the end of the month, but here I am creating the zine from a new city.  Last February I designed the zine in Kelley Nikondeha's living room in Phoenix. This month, I find myself parked on a little … [Read More]


When Listening Breaks Our White Hearts

A few weeks ago, a young man approached me in church to pass the peace. In the Spanish-language church I attend, this means moving around the room, trying to wish others the peace of Christ and shake hands with as many people as possible. This brother in … [Read More]

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Look at My Face

Often when I was giving my kids instructions when they were young, I would first say, "Look at my face." When they stopped what they were doing and paid attention to me, I would tell them what I wanted them to know. I did this because they were a lot like … [Read More]


Tuning In

"I took a short walk at the beach today. The first time since early June. I was slow, my stride was short, my right hip hurts, my left heel hurts, but … I took a walk at the beach today. You have no idea how much freedom is contained in that short sentence: I … [Read More]