When I’ve Been Othered

Welcome to October, Lovelys! This month, we are making room for voices that need to be heard. My friend Nicole is starting us off and going in "my" slot, because I believe we all need to hear what she has to say. If you want to know more about our month ahead (we're doing something different and I'm holding my breath) my introduction is up here. May we be women who Listen … [Read More]



Oct 2014: Let Us Be Women Who LISTEN

Hi dear SheLovelys, Welcome to a brand-new month! We're doing something different on SheLoves this October. The idea flowed out of our grief over the recent … [Read More]


In Tech, on Waves, in Space…Good News for Girls

  Women flexing grey matter! Maryam Mirzakhani, from Iran, is the first woman to take the world's top math prize. Brittany Wenger created a cloud app … [Read More]



The Red Couch: An Altar in the World introduction

My life is small and empty right now. I write those words and test the truth of them and yes, this is how it feels right now. Whether accurate or not, it's how I … [Read More]


September Zine: Nashville + Sisterhood + Autumn

I don't know how I always manage to schedule my vacations at the end of the month, but here I am creating the zine from a new city.  Last February I designed the … [Read More]

Featured Stories


The Red Couch: Overdressed Discussion

To learn more about Overdressed, read the Introductory post. Don’t forget to peruse The Nightstand, which contains resources for those wanting to read more on the topic. My journey toward ethical fashion started with a practical challenge. I was moving from … [Read More]


Goodbye August, Hello Baby!

It's nearing the end of summer here in North America. August has been hard and it has been beautiful. This month we mourned for Michael Brown and Ferguson, for families in Iraq and Syria, for immigrants and travelers and families caught in the middle of war … [Read More]


Stepping into the Shoes

I’m not quite sure how I got pegged as a leader, but somehow, it happened. It didn't happen in my school or social settings; it happened at church, after my family moved and we began attending a church with a large youth ministry. And I went to … [Read More]


How Leading Exposed My Control Issues

The speaker—whom I had chosen and prepped—had already exceeded her allotted time by twenty minutes and showed no sign of wrapping up. She disappeared down one winding rabbit trail, popped back into view, and then vanished again, each time causing all of my … [Read More]


Fingers Around a Wild, Frayed Hope

The journey through labour and birth teaches a woman to let go of the body she once controlled and open herself to the force of pain. For nine months a pregnant mama anticipates her labour pangs. Will the process be fast, long, beautiful, scary? In … [Read More]