Intentionality in Conquering Othering

By Dianna E. Anderson | Twitter: @DiannaEAnderson In high school, I had a friend who was the son of the local Southern Baptist preacher. We were in the same activities and shared a religious belief, so we got along well. Until I told him I wanted to go into ministry, that is. I excitedly logged on to AOL Instant messenger (remember those things?) and told him about what … [Read More]



Oct 2014: Let Us Be Women Who LISTEN

Hi dear SheLovelys, Welcome to a brand-new month! We're doing something different on SheLoves this October. The idea flowed out of our grief over the recent … [Read More]


In Tech, on Waves, in Space…Good News for Girls

  Women flexing grey matter! Maryam Mirzakhani, from Iran, is the first woman to take the world's top math prize. Brittany Wenger created a cloud app … [Read More]



The Song of the Girls Who Don’t Wear Dresses

By Esther Emery | Twitter @estheremery Ask me what I know of beauty, and I’ll tell you about black boots and spiky hair. Ribbed tank tops and belts as thick … [Read More]


All Equal in Jesus’ Eyes?

By Dorcas Cheng-Tozun | Twitter: @dorcas_ct With growing apprehension, I watched the three other girls in the room. They flitted from curling iron and … [Read More]

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The Red Couch: An Altar in the World (Prayer: Then and Now)

The gift arrived on a Sunday morning. My husband and I sat cozied together on an over-sized reading chair, one of those perfect pieces of furniture that makes you wonder whether it’s built for one or for two, the kind that requires a cup of tea no matter … [Read More]


September Zine: Nashville + Sisterhood + Autumn

I don't know how I always manage to schedule my vacations at the end of the month, but here I am creating the zine from a new city.  Last February I designed the zine in Kelley Nikondeha's living room in Phoenix. This month, I find myself parked on a little … [Read More]


What I Want You to Know

[TRIGGER WARNING: Descriptions of verbal, emotional, physical abuse & economic abuse] by R. I fell down the rabbit hole of domestic violence, or was deceived down the hole. It doesn’t matter how I got there; it matters that I was there. I am still … [Read More]


On Asthma and Ferguson

One of the most heavy burdens of raising a child with complex health issues has been the judgment of others, especially of those with authority or expertise. During one breathing crisis, the specialist literally scoffed at our concern, saying, “He’s fine! See … [Read More]


The Privileged Immigrant

By Sarah Ager | Twitter: @saritaagerman As a British Muslim convert living in Italy, I tick quite a few boxes in the "other" category. That being said, I felt a twinge of embarrassment after I was asked to write a piece for this series. Despite being a … [Read More]