Living With Disapproval

I hate disapproval. I know we're not supposed to use the word "hate" but the truth is that "dislike" just isn't a strong enough word. Maybe "I can't stand disapproval" is a better alternative. Regardless of finding the exact right word for it, I know this—I do all kinds of tricks to make people like me, to keep the peace, to be approved of. As an adult child of an alcoholic … [Read More]



Leading in Love: Our Next 10 Years

I've come to leadership reluctantly. I liked the words "gathering," or "shepherding" instead, because, to me, they implied my face turned towards others. My old … [Read More]


Goodbye August, Hello Baby!

It's nearing the end of summer here in North America. August has been hard and it has been beautiful. This month we mourned for Michael Brown and Ferguson, for … [Read More]



The Sustenance Of Grace

By Angela Shupe | Twitter: @labellaverita When the words left her lips, I sat stunned. The air in the room was sucked out in a moment’s edict, from a woman of … [Read More]


When the Holy Spirit is Our Midwife

I had just finished throwing up for the first time (not the last) into a handful of paper towels when the midwife walked in. “I’m sorry. I threw up,” I said to … [Read More]

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The Red Couch: A Prayer for Owen Meany discussion

By Shawn Smucker | Twitter: @shawnsmucker This post may contain spoilers. To learn more about A Prayer for Owen Meany, read the introductory post. “I am doomed to remember a boy with a wrecked voice—not because of his voice, or because he was the … [Read More]


Happy July! Zine + Celebrations + Summer

The door to August is swinging open just as July's slips closed. Confession: I'm not ready. I'm not finished with July, because August plans to bring guests to my house and weddings to attend (and one to photograph). August promises to fade into September … [Read More]


I Dream of Girls

By Carrie Beyer | Twitter: @clbeyerwriter 1. The wind I least want to wrestle away: the whispering one   that howls in secrets to the gentle girl who dares wear flowers   and a scarf in summer, and fails to bind her … [Read More]


Good News For Girls: Global Women Creating and Advocating

Women in Business Inzozi Nziza = Sweet Dreams, with Rwanda's first ice cream parlour. In a place where it's still unbearably hard to be a girl, a training programme for female mechanics in Goma, Congo. Sometimes it only takes one woman to turn around … [Read More]



[TRIGGER WARNING: Descriptions of emotional abuse + stalking] By L. I knew something was wrong, during my short marriage to J., but couldn’t put my finger on it. One night, we watched a news story about a police chief who stalked, shot and killed his … [Read More]