A Love Letter to my Body


“Who was I to rail at you? To beat you down day after day after day? To abuse you in front of others? I never really saw you, did I?” 

By Megan Gahan

I called you fat.

I’m cross-legged on my bedroom floor, the cornflower walls hazy through my sobs. Clothes are strewn all over the bed. Taking in the cellulite dimpling my thighs, the soft roll around my belly and my generous hips, I twist my face in disgust. Why are you this way?

You’re all wrong.

I called you weak.

Jogging along the trail, I’m huffing and puffing. Short, uneven, staccato breaths barely make their escape. I feel a stab in my side. I have to slow down. The intense jabs continue, forcing me to double over as a seemingly endless stream of runners pass me by. I have to walk. Walk.

I can’t believe how pathetic you are.

I called you worthless.

I’m lying on a cold table in the doctor’s office. His voice breaks the uncomfortable silence. “I’ve never seen anything like this. Surgery is the only option.” I nod, to stop from trembling. I widen my eyes to quell the tears. What is the matter with you? That you would do this to me. That you would put me through this.

Now I see your strength.

Clutching the gas mask in the hospital, I feel my heart pounding out of my chest. I didn’t know it would be like this. “He needs to come out now.” I barely hear through the pain. I can’t do it. I’m not strong enough. But then I feel you take over— contracting, then relaxing, over and over and over. Then I hear a precious cry. I did it.

And you carried me through.

Now I see your purpose.

Standing in the balcony at church, I allow the familiar notes to stir my soul. I sense my feet naturally begin to shuffle side to side. Eyes closed, my arms drift upward. As I stretch to the sky, I feel His hands reaching down to meet mine. My entire being is drawn into His Presence. Thank you for this. This gift of worship.

Now I see your beauty.

I’m looking in the mirror as I prepare for the day. I take in the womanly curve of my hips. I trace the definition in my shoulders. I stare intently at my strong thighs, which allow me walk. And run. And jump and leap and dance. Who was I to rail at you? To beat you down day after day after day? To abuse you in front of others?

I never really saw you, did I? For what you really are.

So please accept this most humble apology. I promise to show you the respect you deserve.

Dear Body,

 I love you.


Dear SheLoves friends, come join us in our first ever SheLoves synchroblog: A Love Letter to my Body. (A “synchroblog” simply means we are writing simultaneously on the same topic.)

Here’s what we’d love you to do:

  1. Write and publish your own love letter to your body by Wednesday July 18th.
  2. Link to this SheLoves post by Megan Gahan.
  3. Add your name and the link to your post in the comments section of this post. (this is so we can find your post on your blog.)
  4. We will read all the love letters and compile a list with some of our favourites, to be published on SheLoves next week. With your permission, we are also considering creating an eBook, available for download from this site.

We hope you will join us!


About Megan:  

My name is Megan, but I prefer Meg or Megs. I love thick books, scalding soaks in the tub, and breaking out into song. I don’t share desserts. Ever. After working in fitness for the past ten years, I am currently fumbling through my first year of motherhood with the sweetest little boy ever. Discussing body image, Jesus, and proper push-up technique gets me excited. I blog about whatever tickles my fancy here.


Image credit: Body, by Carl Jones, Flickr.com

Megan Gahan
After over a decade in the fitness industry, Megan now spends her days chasing two pint-sized tornadoes disguised as little boys. By night, she is a writer and editor for SheLoves. A proper Canadian, Megan can often be found in the woods or at Tim Hortons. She writes at megangahan.com.
Megan Gahan
Megan Gahan

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  1. kgothatso mongwe says:

    Dear body

    My tongue you’ve slipped out the truth you were meant to keep
    Chocked on a lie they needed to hear
    My eye you’ve led my heart blindly into fire
    My heart you’re living for pain
    My wrist you’re beautiful, look at you with your scars
    My legs, never fast enough to escape my problems
    Thank you for trying though
    My lips, it’s time to lose hope now
    Her lips will never come near you, sorry

    (Didn’t edit just typed on the go and posted. If you interested in more of my work please e-mail me at kgothatsomongwe4@gmail.com)

  2. Chelsie Maynard says:

    I am five years late… but thought you should know that the beauty of this post is still touching people…


  3. I may be late to this party. But I did finally write a letter of my own. Thank you all for sharing these stories. They are so beautiful and powerful!


  4. Deeper Cravings says:

    Beautiful Megan. I only found this post today passed on to me by my yoga instructor. I struggled against my body for 30 years only to finally open up to its ever-present beauty and unconditional love of me(…it’s once relentless abuser). I now work as a therapist and life coach teaching women a spiritual path back to connection with their body and peace with food and on the 8th week of our work together we do this very exercise that you have so beautifully offered up here. Thank you for your brave sharing.
    Much kindness,
    Peggy Farah

  5. Olive Chan olivechan says:

    Dear Megan (and all the other SheLovlies),
    A year ago, I hadn’t been ready to write this. Now I am a year late, but I still want to show up and be counted among you beautiful women. Here is my honest letter to my post-baby body: http://timandolive.com/an-honest-letter-to-my-post-baby-body/.
    Thanks for starting this movement. I have a feeling there may be more letters yet to this ever-changing body.

    Grace to you, Olive

  6. Teresa says:

    I’m really late coming to the game, but am grateful for the push to put this into words. http://breatheintomyspirit.blogspot.ca/2013/07/perception.html

  7. Lisha Epperson says:

    this is so in tune with the beat of my heart right now…even though this post is old…here is my submission. blessings all. such courageous words/work.

    Lisha Epperson – A Love Letter to My Body

  8. Nicole says:

    I’m so late with this (I kept it in my drafts folder for a couple of months), but here’s my submission… http://alternativeadventist.wordpress.com/2013/03/01/love-your-body/

  9. it would be great to see this as an eBook. any progress on this? what about doing a yearly letter to our bodies as part of the new year?

  10. Such a beautiful practice and one that really helped me gain freedom from an eating disorder that plagued me for more than a decade. Thank you.

  11. Andrea LS says:

    I felt so led to do this myself even though this has long passed. Here is my letter:

  12. Definitly something I need to do. I’ve hated my body for soo long and disrespected it and treated it like it was worthless…and never giving it the best..and it always came last..wow thank you Megan for this..its an awesome thing to do for ourselves and awesome way to worship God:)

  13. jennadeckert says:

    love this. Probably something every woman could benefit from doing. thank you.

  14. military bride says:

    i would have loved to do this. I still may….

  15. carrie tyler says:
  16. carrie tyler says:
  17. such a shame i missed this – loved reading the letters. maybe soon i’ll try and write my own anyway 🙂

  18. Linking to the ‘love letter to my body” – she loves magazine. Thank you for this opportunity 🙂 http://sherri-dawn.blogspot.ca/2012/07/tall-girl.html

  19. Hi ~ grateful to Meghan for giving me permission to “synchro-in” as I got better from a nasty sinus infection ….. this was really edgy, and yet my being was pulled so strongly for this, that I *had* to do it ….. there is much to live into, in what my essence called forth to write about 😉 and thank you so very deeply for the opportunity to write this … here’s my submission ~ from severe traumas, life threatening illness, to recognizing my Truth, and the largest unifying into wholeness in every way ~ thank you, thank you, thank you ~ Aileen Sabira http://www.aileensabira.com/?p=269

  20. Gosh I wish I had seen and known about this in time to contribute. Amazing posts you guys!

  21. I am a couple days late, but here is my letter to my body:

    Dear Body,

    We’ve spent forty-nine good years together. We’ve traveled the world and had the joy of laughing with friends across the globe. We’ve always had a good relationship. I have always been grateful that you seemed to maintain your health and your form without any effort on my part. I have depended you and found you to be faithful.

    That is until May 27, 2009. Imagine my shock when I was told that you had stage 3 rectal cancer. The doctors told me that I had a 50/50 chance of maintaining my relationship with you for five more years. I had always known that my days with you were numbered, but it was stunning to hear that number may be much smaller than I had imagined.

    I immediately felt betrayed! How could you let this happen? You had no history of this disease! You are never sick! And so began my personal battle to prolong your life. We partnered together, garnered all our strength, and stepped into the war.

    And you were phenomenal! You took everything that came your way with amazing strength and dignity. You stood up to repeated radiation, the burning of your cells,; and diligently discarded the refuse. You miraculously rebuilt damaged tissues even as you cried out for rest and relief from the onslaught. You even gave birth to brand new cells in spite of the biological warfare of chemotherapy. You endured multiple surgeries, each time producing beautiful scar tissue to remind me of your victories. You fought through diarrhea, dehydration, exhaustion, electrolyte imbalance, secondary infections, constant nausea, emotional upheaval, pain, grief, fear, and despair. You endured countless medical procedures, and torturous medical exams. You persevered through it all.

    After endless months in the fray, you rang the bell, signaling your personal victory. You are amazing! You are strong! You are “beautifully and wonderfully made.” I have never been more proud to call you mine! Thank you for fighting for me! I can’t live without you!


    • Wow, Laura! Thank you … What a stunning journey it has been for you. What strength and hope in your words. I am so in awe of our bodies’ ability to fight … I am thankful I haven’t had to do it in the way you’ve had to, but I am blessed by your words and the strength that now radiate from your story. Just wow. Thank you for sharing your letter! xoxo

    • are u better now!!!!????

  22. I posted this last night, but am not seeing it. Was it too late?


    I’m hoping desperately NOT to be misunderstood as I break the unwritten rule which says a woman can never confidently call her ownself beautiful.

  23. I did it! It was written last night but I forgot to tag in. 🙂

    Post is here: http://laurennicolelove.com/blog/being-a-woman/a-love-letter-to-my-body/

    thank you. this changed my life.

  24. I know it’s past the deadline, but I loved the concept and had to blog about it anyway!

  25. I am hoping desperately NOT to be misunderstood as I break the unwritten rule which says a woman can never confidently call her ownself beautiful.


  26. Such an amazing exercise, and such a joy to be able to participate. Our bodies deserve it, certainly. Thanks!


  27. This was hard. But cleansing.

  28. Tough, but irresistible assignment.
    I want to add pictures, but I have an appointment now. Will add them tomorrow.


    • i totally agree with alyssa about the wedding dress comment! great note to end on. thank you so much for joining in randi! loved reading this

  29. I really enjoyed writing this letter. I hope this post allows you to read it. I look forward to reading all of the letters here.

  30. Thank you for this beautiful project. I needed to write this – a love letter to my body, particularly my “bad” back.


  31. Dear Me –

    I can’t quite recall when the physical abuse started, but it was a long time ago. I also can’t remember what pushed me over the edge, but it couldn’t have been just one thing. Your mind endured years of verbal abuse from so-called friends that you tried to ignore and forget. The words suddenly became unspoken and transformed into your reality. I can’t craft a decent enough apology to undo all the deprivation. Please know that I do recognize this and my mission thus forward is to redeem myself.

    Even though I finally permitted you to indulge in delicious delicacies, I still spent a number of years pushing you down. If it wasn’t the ill fitting clothes, it was the way in which my white, chubby frame blinded me in florescent illuminated dressing rooms. I hoped to not pass a mirror or window for fear of seeing that ugly girl – Me. Time eventually healed this oozing wound. Only a small scar was left behind.

    Today, I can stand tall knowing that I have overcome so much in my life. I love the person who is writing this letter and I hope to reflect the same sunshine to my daughters. I am beautiful. I am hopeful that, one day, I’ll accept everything about myself that society shuns or air brushes. I walk into this next chapter knowing that sagging skin, wrinkles, cellulite and stretch marks are just battle wounds of being a strong woman. Watch me shine.



  32. That was harder than I thought it might be, but I was glad to get it off my chest. Thanks!


  33. http://wp.me/p1znBH-cs

    A Love Letter FROM My Body.

  34. I love this idea! Thanks for the opportunity to participate! Here’s my contribution: http://bodytheologyblog.wordpress.com/2012/07/18/a-love-letter-to-my-body/

  35. Here’s my addition to the convo: it’s a love/hate letter…


  36. it’s inspiring to see so many women loving who they are… thank you for this, for compiling all of these hearts, these stories. it has been a blessing that will continue to reap a harvest with me for a long, long time.

  37. Fleurdeleah says:
  38. Though my body has never been a source of total satisfaction, it has been the blessed medium through which I interact with the world.


  39. My son used to start horrible sentences with the words “no offense,” as if then he could proceed to be offensive without consequences. I almost did that in writing to my body, but I caught myself in time.


    • I so appreciate you joining in Stephanie. I loved the part about the ‘pilot light’. Such a great visual. Much love to you

  40. Writing a love letter to my body was not easy, as the words you wrote above could not have been easy either. Thanks for encouraging us to look within and realize the ways we dishonor our bodies, by not loving them.

    Here is my contribution:

  41. As I wrote, I thought about how few men would need to write this letter. Not to slam men, but this issue is so fraught for us. I want better for my daughters.

  42. Monique Sawyer says:

    What a beautiful gift this challenge has been to me, and to so many of you women out there. I have never done anything like this before–blogging so publicly, and embracing my body so lovingly–and I sense the healing catharsis that is happening all among us. Here is my letter to my body, a loving attempt to win a friend that was lost: http://bmsawyerstory.blogspot.com/2012/07/a-love-letter-to-my-body.html

  43. http://bablinn.wordpress.com/2012/07/17/a-love-letter-to-my-body/
    Linking up. First synchroblog effort ever. Thanks for the inspiration.

  44. I have been beyond blessed to read the journey’s that each of you have shared.
    Here is my meager offering

  45. yeah. definitely wasn’t sure i could post this, nevermind write it, but i found myself slipping into a pair of shorts after work with a smile instead of a cringe. thanks. <3

  46. Love this synchroblog! I shared my personal love letter on my blog this morning. You can read it at http://thoughtsbynatalie.blogspot.com/2012/07/a-love-letter-to-my-body.html

  47. Thank you for the opportunity to explore this subject, SheLoves Magazine! Patsy Albrecht


  48. Linking this with SheLoves Magazine. Love, love, love this idea! Thank you for making me think about this subject…Patsy Albrecht

  49. Hard to write. Even harder to live. But even as the words came I knew I was healing. http://wp.me/ploAe-2h1

  50. I read nearly every one of these entries and they are all so beautiful. Here’s my contribution.

  51. It wasn’t easy for me to push the publish button but I did. It was healing to write!


  52. Kelley Nikondeha says:

    So SheLovers, here is my contribution to our synchroblog. I am being so graciously hosted by the lovely Daniela Schwartz on her blog today. So you can read my offering and hers! Love that we get to do this together…


  53. Thanks so much for the invite, there could not have been a better timing as the letter was waiting to be written….

    Dear Body,
    it is strange to write you this letter while I am only trying to reach you at the moment with food and drinks, and not too good and healthy food and drinks for that matter.
    All the knowledge I have, does not seem to enable me to take care of you in the way you deserve, to nurture you back into health in the shortest possible time.
    I seem to have returned to the good old torturing my Self via you and therefore torturing and poisoning you. And that only to turn my self-indulging feelings of powerlessness in a strangely familiar type of control-look-alike “If we will go down the drain it will at least be me who pulled the plug of the sink to wash Me away and not the circumstances or the ones who don’t love me (anymore)”. The I – am – in – charge self-destruction attitude.

    It is time to face my Self in the mirror through Your eyes instead of through my cluttered minds eye.


  54. It was not easy. It is quiet relieving to get it all out and to start to deal with my real feelings about my body.

    Here it goes…


  55. here is the love letter to my body-the one I told myself I wouldn’t write


    • So glad you chose to write this Jenn. Thank you for being a part of this. I loved when you spoke of leaning into the Lover – just beautiful

  56. Here is the love letter to my body-the one i told myself I wouldn’t write

  57. My contribution is on Facebook, since I don’t blog:

  58. I almost died a year ago. My son did die…it changed everything about how I view my body. And my life. This is wonderful, thank you.

  59. I did a different spin, write a letter to my 5-year-old self about my body. http://www.quietanthem.com/2012/07/you-will.html

  60. Afia Kwateng says:

    This has been a pleasure and an honour. Thank you for this opportunity, and for encouraging to me write my first post on a blog I created months ago!

    Here is the link to my love letter: http://whenscarsbecomecharacter.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/dear-body-of-time-i-dont-think-youre.html

  61. Love this whole thing so much. And okay so it’s actually a poem-ish type thing. But here it is anyway. http://amberlouthan.com/2012/07/the-middle/ Many thanks. And Love.

  62. “I Heart My Home” … What a GREAT conversation! So glad to be part of this synchroblog.

  63. Fundamentalism taught me to hate my body. Running taught me to love it.


  64. Oh me, oh my. I love this challenge.

    As I wrote my letter, I wept. I laughed. I remembered. And I honored this body of mine, this amazing body that I have been gifted with.

    Here’s the link to my blog post: http://silvermine.blogspot.com/2012/07/love-letter-and-apology-to-my-body.html

    Thank you again for posting this, for being this vulnerable, and for reminding us of our beauty and strength.

  65. As the wellness editor and co-producer of this synchroblog I should probably have been among the first to post my own love letter! Still, better late than never…

  66. I have added the link on my backpain blog.


    It got alot more in depth than I had expected however all the words came straight from the heart <3

  67. Jessica says:

    My comment never shows up so I hope it doesn’t post a bunch of times because I keeo trying to get it to work. This was very challenging and moving.


  68. Here it is. This was refreshing to write and somehow cleansing too: http://www.jewelsntreasures.net/2012/07/letter-of-love-to-my-body.html

    • Vanessa, your girls are profoundly blessed to have a mama learning to love her body in the way you express here. Thank you so much for contributing . . .

  69. I had my first baby two months ago and cannot think of a more perfect time to write such a letter; http://wheremyheartresides.com/2012/07/16/a-love-letter-to-my-body/

  70. This has been such a good exercise. Thank you for this! My heart is pounding with nerves, as I click “post.”


  71. I’ve never done anything like this and I can’t believe how therapeutic it was. Thank you for promoting us to care and LOVE our bodies. Here’s my letter:

  72. This was actually fun to write. I really do love my body now, although most of my life I did not. I think this whole project is all kinds of wonderful and beautiful. Great job, ladies.

  73. Please forgive me I am new at linking, so if this shows up a million times, you’ll know why. This brilliant idea needs to be shared not just for me but for the millions of women out there who look in the morning every morning and scream “I hate you” so that they know that they are not alone and that they are perfect and can stand proud.
    Permalink: http://chatovertea.com/2012/07/15/httpshelovesma…ter-to-my-body/

  74. I wrote an essay about nakedness last summer that I think fits right into your letters. For years, I felt uncomfortable with my physical self. Through this memoir piece, I realized that it took a series of events to loosen me up and make me understand that we share this common struggle. Here is my link: http://jamiejanosz.blogspot.com/2011/08/naked-as-they-come.html. Thanks for this great idea!

  75. Love this idea – it is so hard for women to love who they are – both physically and mentally. I wrote this somewhat humorous essay about my own struggle with nakedness…here it is on my blog (from last year) – http://www.jamiejanosz.blogspot.com/2011/08/naked-as-they-come.html.

  76. Totally freaking out about putting this up for the world to see, but the beauty and courage in all these posts (I so need to go back and re-read them more slowly) inspires and pushes me to add my voice to the rising chorus. Thank you, to each one of you, for baring your hearts. Thank you Idelette & SheLoves for inciting this tidal wave… http://justineh.blogspot.ca/2012/07/love-letter-to-three-parts-of-my-body.html

  77. Thank you for this gift. For your words, for the opportunity to share mine.


  78. I was inspired by a friend who also posted. Thank you for starting this. Here’s my love letter.

  79. My name is Nicole Okiring. I was inspired to join in by another friend’s blog post. Here is mine. http://nicolecmaciver.blogspot.com/2012/07/love-letter-to-my-body.html
    Thank you for starting this!

  80. This collection is a gift, not only to its readers, but most surely to the writers– thank you.

    Here’s my contribution, a perspective on plastic surgery (and perhaps not what you’ll expect): http://tamaraoutloud.com/2012/07/16/we-thought-we-were-beautiful/

  81. Let’s chat over tea about…a love letter to my body

  82. Here is my contribution. This prompt came at a good moment for me. Thank you.


  83. What a fabulous idea! I can’t wait to see the collection! Thanks Megan for your initial post that sparked all this! I’ll add my somewhat sassy voice to the mix. It’s just what came out so I went with it…a love poem to my body.

  84. As I said in the intro to my blog, this is perhaps the most honest and terrifying thing I have ever written. Thanks for the inspiration to make myself think, and write, about hard things. http://thesesquarepegs.blogspot.com/2012/07/letter-to-my-body.html

  85. This is a lovely idea. Here’s my contribution: http://eatsleepreadlove.wordpress.com/2012/07/16/a-love-letter-to-my-body/

  86. I love this idea – very challenging, but rewarding practice.


  87. This was such a nourishing thing to do. Thank you Megan!

  88. Beautiful. Off to pass it on a hundred times…

  89. Wow. I needed to write that. Very moving.

  90. Kristen says:

    I don’t feel comfortable putting this on my blog, but here it is:

    To my dear body, whom I could not live without,

    I know there are many things I need to say to you, like that I love and accept you as you are; that I’m sorry for getting upset with you over what you can’t do, or when I don’t like how you look.

    But I think the main thing I need to tell you is that I hear you. I hear that you are scared about what you can’t control, and that you carry that fear as tension. I hear that you are still tensing up and trying to protect me from abuse that is long over. I hear that you need me to use my voice to protect you now that I can.

    I have put pressure on you to let go, to make healing happen, and now I know that that is not fair. You can’t do that. Healing must come to you, and I’m the one that needs to facilitate that by giving you grace and gentleness.

    I also want you to know that you are a home that I am happy living in. You are beautiful, and we were made for each other. I will love you forever.


  91. Thank you for writing this letter, Megan, and for encouraging us to do the same. It was a really meaningful exercise for me.


  92. This was hard….really hard. Thank you for encouraging me in this.


  93. Destiny Loeve Destiny Loeve says:

    Well said! I have no blog…. so, I just put mine up on my FB page. Hope that still counts 🙂 http://www.facebook.com/dloeve?ref=tn_tnmn

    • Thank you for joining in Destiny. I was so nervous putting this out there, because I thought I’d be the only one OUT THERE. Please know how much I appreciate it (and you!)

  94. Wow! This really made me think! Beautiful.


    My letter of love.

    I love SheLoves!

  95. Thank you for this lovely idea! Writing the body is so wonderful…thanks for sharing!


  96. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do this at first but I went for it. 🙂 It really made me look back at what God has given to me and the strength he has given me. Thanks for the challenge!


  97. Caroline says:

    I have other blogs, but I don’t wish to publicize them, even on a small scale. So I made one specifically for this.


    • This was just precious. I cried reading it, Caroline. Thank you for sharing with us. This was beautiful. You are beautiful. Your body is beautiful, because it encases your soul.

  98. This is really inspiring. For too many years my body had to endure abuse, not just from others, but also from myself.

    Here’s my piece: http://beauty-in-grace.tumblr.com/

    • Jess, I loved this. I could so relate to your experience. Thank you so much for allowing us to stand with you and affirm your beauty today. Lots of love to you

  99. Very impactful. I needed to do this. Thanks for the great idea.

    Here’s my link: http://www.annettereilly.blogspot.ca/2012/07/love-letter-to-my-body.html

  100. It can’t be stated enough how powerfully healing this was. I’m sure it has changed the spirit with which I will soon welcome my son to this world. Thank you so much for the inspiration! http://everybreathitake.com/relationships/a-love-letter-to-my-body/

  101. Thank you for this opportunity to truly think about the beauty God has created in me and outside of me.
    I enjoyed it!

    • I tried to post on your actual letter, but I ran into a few technical difficulties! So here is what I would like to say:

      I absolutely LOVED your line: ‘You are a part of my story, the legacy I will leave.’

      I had never thought about it in this way before. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story. This letter was just incredibly refreshing.

  102. Such a lovely, affirming idea. I wrote a haiku:


  103. Natasha says:

    Such a great idea. Love this. Thanks, ladies. xox


  104. What an amazing idea and very inspiring. Can’t believe I did this too.. a little scary but here is mine too: http://confessionsofanenglishwoman.wordpress.com/2012/07/14/a-love-letter-to-my-body/

  105. Sandra Pronteau says:

    One Body
    Born as a preemie and disfigured
    For I am special looking being
    Oh how I learned to explore and observed
    The indifferences and uniqueness
    Is yet to be noticed by me and the world
    Given a cauliflower ear and one full ear
    Left with partial hearing impairment
    One leg shorter and vertebrals missing.
    With no tail bone; body is imbalance
    Small deformed feets; still can walk a mile
    With the Richie Brace I can be mobile better at walking
    Weaken facial muscles and nerves throughout the one body.
    This one body is made for me and by God almighty himself.
    Learn to come to acceptance of the imperfectness in one body.
    For no one will know how it feels to be in this one body.
    Beauty is found on the inside of this one body made by God Almighty.

  106. As the others said already, I really needed to do this. I needed to remember. http://joyinthisjourney.com/2012/07/a-love-letter-to-my-body/

  107. “I never really saw you, did I?” ouch – so true.
    I saw the letters at Sarah Bessey’s site and my friend, Kelly’s blog. I love this idea, but it was HARD to write. However, I am so glad I did.

    (Also, if this comment shows up twice, I apologize. Computer use and a toddler running around should not be combined.)

    • I’m glad you did too, Amanda! It’s fun being blog friends, and friends in real life (even when I wander off to Europe for the summer!)

  108. “I never really saw you, did I?” – ouch – truth
    I saw Sarah Bessey’s earlier, and then my friend Kelly’s blog had one, which led me here. I love this idea, but this may have been the hardest blog post I’ve ever written.

  109. Beautiful. I just wrote my own love letter to my body earlier this week, my birthday gift to myself: http://hippiehousewife.blogspot.ca/2012/07/letter-to-myself.html

  110. I thought this would be hard to write, because it would make me feel bad about myself. I experienced quite the opposite, falling more and more in love with who God made me and the body he gave me with each sentence that poured onto the computer screen.
    Thank you.

  111. Megan…wow. Found this thru Sarah Bessey and I’m so thankful you wrote it! An uncomfortable lesson for me but I’m glad to have taken part! Here’s my love letter:

  112. funny. i wrote one four months ago on my blog :: http://www.eloranicole.com/2012/03/a-letter-to-my-body/

    i love this.

  113. Absolutely beautiful, Megan. I can’t tell you how much I have been challenged by this. And I love that I know that you are the real-deal in all of this. You’ve taught me so much.

    Here’s mine: http://sarahbessey.com/in-which-i-write-a-love-letter-to-my-own-body/

  114. daniela says:
  115. Michele Henter says:

    This was harder to write than i thought it would be…

    I believe these posts will impact others as strongly as I believe they’re impacting the authors who write them.

  116. Love this, Megan. I wrote a poem to/about my body. I needed this. xo

  117. I love this idea. Sarah Bessey told me about it and I post something for my first She Loves link up. Thank you for this amazing prompt!



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  4. […] And, just like with my previous brick and mortar homes, I know I will look back and wish that I had let each flaw and imperfection in this home sink in, changing me, teaching me. My body can teach me to find beauty and contentment in God’s creation. To be thankful for His provision. To base my idea of beauty, usefulness, desirability, on His definition and not popular opinion. This body can teach me to trust in Him. Because I can’t control it, I just live in it. It has served me well, very well at times (special thanks for the super easy pregnancy and lack of any contractions during childbirth). But I don’t know what is going on deep inside. I don’t know what’s happening in my deepest parts, what grows in the tiniest cells, and I need to trust that no matter what is happening in there, He knows. This body is a gift. It is my home (for now), and I need to love it. In years to come, there will be more signs of wear and tear, and I hope I see them as signs of a life well lived, rather than just evidence of my lack of youth. Love is an action, not just a feeling, and though, I don’t always feel like I love my body, I hope I can learn to act like it. To stop thinking and talking about it with degrading and demeaning words, but to celebrate it, flaws and all. To stop comparing it to this generation’s ideals, but recognize my body as the purposeful, wonderful work of a flawless Creator who does not make mistakes. This is my body, and for it I am thankful. Every scar, every wrinkle, every crack, every bulge, they all have a story, and that is what I love. In her song, “The Story,” Brandi Carlile sings… “All of these lines across my face, Tell you the story of who I am, So many stories of where I’ve been, And how I got to where I am…” My lines tell of my laughter. My scars tell of my adventures. My eyes, my hair, my smile, my shape all tell of my Creator. This body is reflection of my God, a living recording of my journey, and I love it. (Inspired by a post at SheLovesMagazine) […]

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