A Sudden Stunning Double


” … Even the gloomiest of days can turn. Things can change, even when our faith is small, when hope is nowhere to be found. 

Today was a dreary day.

It was so very dark out when I woke up that I found it hard to drag myself out of bed. By mid-morning, the sky showed little sign of brightening. Grey and rainy was all I could see.

I’m a Vancouver girl through and through, so I’m used to the rain. I actually find it to be kind of peaceful. But today I really understood how so many others feel when they say they long for some sunshine to grace our often soggy coast.

Anyone who lives in this corner of the world knows that the weather can turn in an instant. So when I leave the house, I don’t decide whether or not to bring a raincoat (or sunglasses) based on what I see out my window. Vancouver’s climate has taught me to make like a scout and be prepared.

Today, however, was so particularly gloomy that I couldn’t imagine it changing over the course of the day. I put on my red rain boots, grabbed my trusty umbrella, and headed out into the world. Hours passed and the rain didn’t let up. My windshield wipers (and my naturally curly hair) couldn’t catch a break. I drove through more than a few massive puddles, each one sending out a mini tidal wave into the next lane.

When all of my errands had been run, I started to make my way home. Traffic was thick and in a school zone things ground to a halt. Seconds turned into minutes, and there we sat, a long line of cars waiting in the rain. Suddenly, something caught my attention. There, to my left, the sky was growing brighter. And then I saw it–the sun, burning through the grey.

The clouds opened to reveal a patch of clear, bright blue. Sunlight hit the raindrops as they fell, and it looked as though a zillion tiny diamonds were being showered down from heaven. It was magical. I strained to see behind my car, but my view was marred by massive trees and a fogged-up rear window. I couldn’t get a glimpse of what I knew would be there. The traffic finally started to move, and I felt a growing sense of anticipation for what would be waiting for me when I turned the corner. I rounded the bend and there it was:

A beautiful, glorious rainbow.

It was brighter than most rainbows I’ve seen, almost sparkly. It seemed to be glowing, as if lit from within. The road home was a straight one and the rainbow was smack-dab in front of me. As it curved down from the sky, it looked like an arrow directing my journey, pointing me homeward. Then I noticed that it was a double rainbow. And everyone knows that double rainbows mean good luck!

I felt so moved as I drove towards this colourful beacon of beauty. Partly because it was just downright stunning. And it didn’t hurt that Bryan Adams’ Summer of ’69 had come on the radio. (If you haven’t belted out the line “and that’s when I met you, yeah!” lately, give it a go. Very satisfying.)

But I think what moved me most was that both the sunshine and the rainbow came as such a surprise. If I were a betting woman, I would have put money on it that today was going to be an all-day-grey kind of day.

It got me thinking. We know that change is possible. As many have quoted over the years (Wikipedia tells me that Heraclitus was the first), “the only constant is change itself.” But sometimes it feels impossible to believe that things can change, will change. We strive and pray for what we want, but despite our best efforts and intentions, it feels like we’re at a standstill.

– Maybe we feel stuck in a less-than-happy relationship, or worry that we’re never going to find that special someone to share life with.

– Maybe we long for children but it’s just not happening.

– Perhaps our connection with a loved one feels more like a disconnection, and we don’t know if that fence can be mended.

– Maybe we’re such experts at being hard on ourselves that learning to love and celebrate who we are sounds impossible.

– Maybe our lives are touched by addiction, poor health or mental illness.

– Perhaps we’re in debt–financially, emotionally, spiritually–and so used to struggling and suffering that we can’t imagine things getting better.

Many times I’ve doubted that something could change, for me or for the people in my world. But as I drove home towards the rainbow today, I reflected on how often change has surprised me. Things that I never would have bet on, things I prayed for but didn’t dare expect, suddenly (or slowly) happened.

I felt stirred to share the reminder I received today: The clouds might block our view, but even the gloomiest of days can turn. Things can change, even when our faith is small, when hope is nowhere to be found.

It might feel like someone’s pressed the pause button on our lives, but the God who knows our hearts is always at work, and He is capable of blessing us beyond measure.

Who knows, there just might be a stunning double rainbow waiting for us, right around the corner.
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Stefanie Thomas

Stefanie Thomas

Stefanie is a Registered Clinical Counsellor living in Vancouver, BC. She feels blessed to work in a helping profession and is grateful that her work requires her to show up not in a power suit but with listening ears and a compassionate heart. Stefanie enjoys spending time with family and friends and has never met a kid or baby she doesn’t like. She is a noticer and appreciator of birds (chickadees, herons, eagles) and many a beach rock has come home in her pocket. Stefanie is a lover of music, tv and movies, and she is gifted at absorbing and retaining useless pop culture trivia. She loves walking, fresh air, the smell of dirt, and anything of the salt and vinegar persuasion. She can often be found puttering.
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