In The Beginning


Create-HollyThere are some moments so gorgeous and rimmed with light
that to feel their flutter this side of heaven
is to be touched by that which is sacrosanct

And in the slightest turning of one’s head
shards of Zion can be found
glistening in the shadows
or dripping from lips shaped by awe

It is no small thing that such moments
sometimes begin
in swirls of darkness
and are woven among grand heaves
and deep bellows

For these are mighty and fierce arcs of creation
where beauty is forged
and fear is confronted
and brave manifests in all that
is raw and naked

But these moments
are not forever hidden from the light
For in the rising and in the descent
a curtain is torn and rocks are split
and those that were once asleep
now see with eyes wide open

And it is nothing short of magical
that within these moments
we are ennobled
as co-creators with God
and we become conduits
of glory
Holly2Image Credits: Aidan Grantham & Kelli Woodford

Holly Grantham
Holly is a wife, very relaxed homeschooling mom of three boys, snapper of photos, coming of age writer and a soul drowning in grace. After years in Atlanta where she attended college, married the love of her life and lived in an intentional community, she found her way back to her home state of Missouri. She now lives in an antebellum stone house, raises chickens (sometimes) and pretends that she lives in the country.
Holly Grantham

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Holly Grantham
  • Anne-Marie

    Oh so breathtaking. We have some birthing we are so hoping for. But dark is ever present. Thank you for illuminating that dynamic, sharing your holies.

    • Holly

      I am so grateful that you were able to find yourself among these words. We are all co-creators, in so many ways. Praying that your hopes are shaped into realities and that your darkness finds light.
      Thank you for sharing so honestly.

  • Amy Hunt

    I hold tears in my eyes for this beauty, dear friend. God’s glory. And how He touches through you . . . your words, your life . . . and how He moves. To Him all the glory be. Amen.

    • Holly

      Yes, to God be the glory. And to think? We are allowed glimpses into that holiness if we but open our eyes and see.
      Thank you for your beautiful words here, friend.

  • Rachel Riebe

    Wonderfully felt, expressed, and captured on the page. Conduits of glory… yes.

    • Holly

      Thank you, Rachel, for your gracious words.

  • I love how you point to the truth that these moments begin in darkness.

    Holly, these words are transcendent and they birth hope in me today, as I wait for the light. Thank you, friend.

    • Holly

      We wouldn’t recognize the Light if we didn’t first dwell in darkness, no? Praying that beams of holy light would find their way into the cracks that surround you, friend.
      You are so loved.

  • Shara Nelson

    Love love love that pic. Worth a thousand words.

    • Holly

      Isn’t it perfect?!?! My dear friend Kelli Woodford captured that moment and I couldn’t be more thankful.

  • bluecottonmemory

    Simply beautiful – your words, your photo – moments like that crack open our souls and let so much more of God inside us! Wishing you blessing in this new time!

    • Holly

      I love that…”let more of God inside of us”
      Praying that, as my heart and soul are continually broken open, more of God would flow in.

  • (guttural) Ugh, as a mom of 6 I can say that the moment you have captured is by far one of the best one can experience in life!

    • Holly

      You are amazing! And that moment? Almost impossible to capture, in words or in pictures.

  • cjdeboer

    LOVE! xo

    • Holly

      Thank you, Claire. And thank you for always reading.

  • Bev Murrill

    Yep.. I remember those 4 times that I saw this poem in the bed I lay in… and on the faces of the little ones who joined me outside the womb.

    • Holly

      It is such a miracle, is it not, Bev? I am humbled to even be granted the opportunity.

      • Bev Murrill

        YEP… we are very blessed!

  • Julie Cochrane

    “co-creators” – divine privilege. Beautiful.

    • Holly

      Divine privilege is absolutely right!

  • Alia_Joy

    Gawww! I just knew looking at that beautiful picture on Facebook that this piece would leave me sobbing. So beautiful friend. You’ve captured it and that’s a mighty hard thing to do.

    • Holly

      Thank you, Alia. It took awhile to go deep enough to mine it. So grateful for your generous and kind words,here.

  • Oh Holly… I’m speechless.

    “where beauty is forged
    and fear is confronted
    and brave manifests in all that
    is raw and naked”

    I look forward to the day that I experience the fierce arcs of creation in this magnificent way.

    (Also, I’m a little scared. It seems so intense and euphoric and beautiful and scary ALL. AT. ONCE.)

    Love you Mama,

    • Holly

      Oh Teen, it IS scary and intense and euphoric and beautiful and a million other things, all at the same time. But that is how you know you are part of something bigger than yourself and all you can do is surrender.
      Praying for your timid heart and body, even now, knowing that the God of all creation will wrap you close.
      Love YOU!

  • HBurns

    ‘And it is nothing short of magical
    that within these moments
    we are ennobled
    as co-creators with God
    and we become conduits
    of glory’

    Wow Holly…this is one of the most beautiful expressions of the sacredness of what we are blessed with as mothers who are privileged to carry life within us. And that photo…priceless.

    Thanks for sharing this gold with all of us today. I feel honoured to get to hear your heart on such a precious matter.

    Much love and gratitude.

    Helen xo

    • Holly

      Thank you, Helen. I am honored to be able to share in this space and I am so encouraged by words like yours.
      Thank you so much.

  • Paula Gamble

    This is amazingly beautiful! To capture the miracle in words – I’m just speechless.

    • Holly

      I believe poetry is another one of the conduits of glory. Thank you for your kind words.

  • Diane Bailey

    The beauty of you words is exceeded only by the beauty of a mother holding her baby for the first time

    • Holly

      Oh thank you Diane. That moment? A glimpse, I tell you, a glimpse of glory divine!

  • Tara_pohlkottepress

    this is just beauty. sheer, raw, beauty holly. so beautiful.
    “But these moments
    are not forever hidden from the light
    For in the rising and in the descent
    a curtain is torn and rocks are split
    and those that were once asleep
    now see with eyes wide open”
    that says it all…

    • Holly

      Thank you, Tara. Rejoicing with you that such moments are not forever hidden from the light.

  • thelifeartist

    Oh my…. Holly, you are gorgeous. Every bit of you…and all that gets shared with us.

    • Holly

      Thank you, friend.

  • O, I love how your words evoke and rally and are charged with such passion, Holly.

    That image still gets me … I imagine it on the cover of TIME or something. Instead, WE get to share with you in this glorious moment.


  • pastordt

    Gorgeous, Holly. Co-creators, we are. Such a gift.