December Zine: Goodbye 2014


Oh lovelys, I am so grateful for you. As we close out 2014, it is also time to close out the zine.

It has been a very fun two years of making graphics and placing smiling LOVELY faces into the pages of the zine. But this year I worked on the zine a little too late in the night a few too many times. Somehow I always found myself out of town or slammed with projects when the end of the month rolled around. (Even now, I’m working on this zine while my out-of-town guest is sleeping.)

I’ve been so worried about letting this little project go, because I love it so—but then I remembered what Idelette said about closing the door for a bit. It feels right to close the door on the zines for right now. With any luck there will be new projects to take its place.

I cannot thank you enough for being a part of this wild journey with me. 


Sarah Joslyn
I’m more likely to answer to Sars than Sarah. That’s because years ago my brothers started calling me Sars and, as the name implies, it was infectious. I’m a self-proclaimed writer-photographer-Jesuslover-painter-adventurer-foodie. I have a near obsession with ending injustice and I’m a sucker for a good cause. I blog about life and building a tiny house at
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  1. Sarah,

    I have loved all the Zines, as I always found them to be such a beautifully designed space of truth and honor. Thank you for all your hard work. Even more so thank you for being brave enough to say enough for yourself. That is a rare thing. I will miss them, but will look forward to seeing what comes next for you and for She Loves.

  2. Beautiful end to 2014. I will miss these! But I’m so proud of you for closing the door. xo

  3. I love how long and hard you’ve toiled to make these beautiful works of art for our SLM community, sweet friend.

    Yes, toiled. This pairing together of words and pictures in meaningful ways is… Hard. Work. Good work, but hard, nonetheless.

    I so appreciate the many late nights you’ve spent crafting the gift of the Zine for our community. We *see* you.

    You are such a gift, Sarah.

    Thank you.


  4. pastordt says:

    Thanks so much for your beautiful, faithful work on these, Sarah. I’ll miss them – but I totally get this. Maybe we can leave the door open just the tiniest crack??

  5. Oh Sarah, I do so hate to think of the ‘zines going dark for now because they are such beautiful works of art. But I can’t tell you how wide open my heart burst to hear you vulnerably share the pull that creating them has had on your heart and time and life and that you need to “shut the door” for a bit. I am so glad that you drew a boundary on your energy reserves and I am so very excited to see where that energy will move and grow when given new space. Maybe your incredible creativity and talent just needs to sit and breathe for a bit.

    Thank you for taking all of the beauty that is SheLoves and putting your gorgeous fingerprints over the all of it. We are SO much better because of you. You are amazing.

    • Sarah Joslyn Sarah Joslyn says:

      Holly, my tear ducts are always so active when I read your words. You don’t know how much this all means to me. I love you so much. Thank you for being a cheerleader for me in both my work time and my rest time.

  6. Erin Wilson says:

    2 years?! How is that possible?!
    Thank you for all the beautiful ways you pour your life out…

  7. Bev Murrill says:

    Sars, you are brilliant. You were brilliant before you did the Zine, while you were doing the Zine, and will continue to be brilliant whatever you do. Thanks thanks thanks for doing such an awesome job of this, and whatever you choose to do next, I know it’ll be fantastic.

    Love you lots… I pray that 2015 will be YOUR year!!! xxx

  8. I’m going to miss these 🙁 Beautiful, my friend. xo

  9. Thank you Sarah for all of the beautiful work and heart you’ve put into all of the zines. It’s been so appreciated. And I am so behind you and with you on closing the door for a bit. Cheers to self-care! xo

  10. Sherry Naron says:

    Dear Sarah, This is beautiful as always. I’m going to miss seeing your amazing work on a regular basis. I’m inspired by it. So be sure to email me some of your offline stuff along the way!! 🙂 HUGS!!!

  11. Anne-Marie says:

    Oh Sarah, this is so stunning – as always. Grateful for all the heart and talent and busy fingers you’ve faithfully put into these little jewels. They shine. But behind it all, I’ve worried about all you are doing. And am glad you are setting some things aside to shift the load. Hope this opens space for breathing, joy, and more embellishment on the fab tiny Sarah house! Much love and gratitude to and for you. XOXO

  12. Take care of yourself and the next projects will be even better. I’ve been blessed by your zines. Hugs!

  13. I’ve loved these so much, and I’m excited to see what is next for you, Sarah. Bravo for self-care!


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