Goodbye August, Hello Baby!


It’s nearing the end of summer here in North America. August has been hard and it has been beautiful.

This month we mourned for Michael Brown and Ferguson, for families in Iraq and Syria, for immigrants and travelers and families caught in the middle of war and uncertainty. We won’t forget this August for a long time to come.

But this month we also celebrated and welcomed new life into our midst. Hint: there are cute baby pictures in this month’s zine.

It’s hard to have the right words for all the life packed into the past 30 days here at SheLoves, so instead we just crammed some of the highlights into our little book.



Sarah Joslyn
I’m more likely to answer to Sars than Sarah. That’s because years ago my brothers started calling me Sars and, as the name implies, it was infectious. I’m a self-proclaimed writer-photographer-Jesuslover-painter-adventurer-foodie. I have a near obsession with ending injustice and I’m a sucker for a good cause. I blog about life and building a tiny house at
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  1. This was beautifully put together Sarah! Told you I would squeeze myself in at the end of the month! 😉
    What a month. And learning that lamenting and furious celebration can go hand in hand is so powerful.

  2. Sarah, I adore this graphic … and the ZINE is gorgeous, as always. I LOVE this offering of yours. You pull it together so beautifully and remind us … of the good and the hard. You have a way, friend. Thank you.

  3. Congratulations to the adorable baby families!

  4. Beautiful indeed. Congratulations, ladies!

  5. So good!

  6. Sandy Hay says:

    It’s great to revisit the month in zine. i get a different perspective. Thank you Sarah. Welcome children 🙂

  7. Claire De Boer cjdeboer says:

    Love it. xo

  8. pastordt says: Each month just gets better and better. Thanks so much, Sarah. AND CONGRATULATIONS TO MEGAN AND MICHAELA!! Such beautiful boys, such lovely mamas.

  9. Erin Wilson says:

    A fittingly beautiful edition.

    And I have to say, those August babies feel like such a gift.

  10. This Zine perfectly sums up the words of Frederich Buechner:
    “Here is the world. Beautiful and terrible things will happen. Do not be afraid.”
    Thank you, as always, for crafting beauty.

  11. Sherry Naron says:

    So good Sarah!!

    • Sarah Joslyn Sarah Joslyn says:

      Thank you Sherry! You have no idea how lovely it is to hear that coming from a fellow designer. xoxo

  12. Anne-Marie says:

    succinct and strong. a good bit of beauty to digest. And Oh Baby!!!

  13. Bev Murrill says:

    Lovely, Babe. You’re awesome, once again! (Or all the time, really)

  14. DJ Brown says:

    Such beauty for us to enjoy, Sarah, thank you! Nothing tops the loveliness of newborn babies (SMILE), but compassion and justice are exquisite too.

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