Six Impossible Things


By Sherry Naron | @RescuePink

View More: you ever met someone with extraordinary faith? I recently worked with a pastor who would make our heads spin with his vision and dreams. Most of the time we whispered things under our breath like, “No way, he’s crazy.” Or, “This is impossible.”

But he believed they would happen, and they often did.

Starting Rescue Pink has been a huge undertaking. If you read my previous post you know what it took to overcome my fears and take that giant leap of faith. Since that first step, it’s been moment after moment of God taking what I thought should be impossible, and making it possible.

One of the visions God gave me for Rescue Pink was that it would become a well-known organization. On one hand, this sort of dream was hard for someone like me to visualize. But on the other, I knew it would take a mighty following to inspire national change in India. I wasn’t sure how it would happen, but I asked God for it, and I’ve been amazed to see how He’s put Rescue Pink on the hearts of people from all over. They’ve messaged me and connected-even some SheLovelys-and each one has used the exact phrase when introducing themselves: “I can’t get Rescue Pink off my mind and something in my spirit told me I needed to connect with you.”

I know God is putting together a team of people from various locations that will work hard to give these baby girls in India what they deserve. God is showing me that when I think the vision He has given is impossible, I just need to trust Him and be ready.

View More: received an email with discounted airfares to India this past October. I really wanted our board of directors to be able travel there to research, gather digital media and connect with our Indian partner. But even with the discount, I knew the cost was impossible. Instead of dismissing the idea, I decided to pray. And in those prayers I felt God wanted me to move forward with this impossible dream. I felt like my pastor when I pitched to my board that I wanted us to raise ten thousand dollars, take off work, get Visas and travel to India within the next couple of weeks.

Five days later we went from having zero dollars in the bank to having ten thousand dollars pledged. In November we traveled to India. I even got to meet and take my impossible dream photographer with me: Tina Francis Mutungu. And trust me when I say that she is just as precious in the flesh as you imagine her to be.

Impossible can be possible if you believe it.

While in India, we spent days in the villages learning about the heart wrenching issue of dowry and how it causes desperate mamas to choose infanticide for their daughters. In a moment of utter disappointment I prayed that God would provide us with a way around dowry, even though there seemed no way to stop it.

It was an impossible thing.

The same afternoon I whispered that prayer, we found ourselves being ushered into the office of a member of Indian Parliament. He was surrounded by at least one hundred of his constituents. As we entered, I heard him say, “This is why I brought all of you here today. What she has to say is extremely important.”

Normally, this type of situation would have left my introverted self in a puddle on the floor.

But I was able to passionately share Rescue Pink with him. I could tell he already knew what we were about. He let me finish and then he smiled kindly and said, “India is beginning to recognize this problem, but we need your help.” He went on to explain that just two weeks prior they passed a national law that would give financial incentives to the poor if they allowed their girls to be born and educated. These incentives are more than enough to pay for their dowry. He said that though they were the lawmakers, it was up to us to help these girls get what they deserve. I left the meeting thinking, “Only you, God, would go before us just two weeks earlier and make this happen. Making impossible things possible.”

View More: our return home, I knew we needed to focus on fundraising, but a big obstacle was receiving our tax exemption status. In November, I called and found out the IRS was over a year behind on reviewing applications. I knew we wouldn’t be approved anytime soon. When I called at the beginning of January to get a status update, the woman on the phone replied, “Ma’am, as of January 3rd you are tax exempt. You have been approved.” When I went to the IRS website, it said they were still processing July 2012 applications. We applied August of 2013.

Impossible is possible.

A few days ago, Jason Russell, one of the founders of Invisible Children, posted this photo on his Instagram:

It stopped me in my tracks. I thought, “People who allow themselves to dream impossible dreams every day, and have enough faith to take action to work towards making them come true, are the people who change the world. I want to be more like that!”

One of the things I’m learning is that faith is like a muscle that has to be exercised in order to take giant leaps and accomplish big things. If I didn’t take the leap and launch Rescue Pink last year then I never would have experienced the impossible things I mentioned above, and those are just a few of them. I love this quote from Through the Looking Glass. Alice and the White Queen are talking:

“I’m just one hundred and one, five months and a day.”
“I can’t believe that!” said Alice.
“Can’t you?” the Queen said in a pitying tone. “Try again: draw a long breath, and shut your eyes.”
Alice laughed. “There’s no use trying,” she said: “one CAN’T believe impossible things.”
“I daresay you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen. “When I was your age, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

My pastor is like the Queen with his impossible dreams. I want to be like them too! I’m beginning to not let the reasons why something might not happen stop me from taking the risk. I’m starting to understand the importance of not playing it safe. I’m stepping out more and believing more quickly.

I want to be that person who truly does believe in as many as six impossible things each morning, just to get my day started. I think it’s a great motivator, but I also believe it takes practice; so I’m shutting my eyes and drawing a long breath…

My #6impossiblethings this morning:

1) Funding for a Rescue Home in India
2) Funds to hire three advocates to help mamas in poor communities get what they deserve so they can choose to keep their girls
3) A way for at least two of those advocates to be women and still get things accomplished in India
4) Passionate volunteers from every state and province in North America
5) Funds to help supply business micro-loans to women who want to keep their girls
6) For the Indian government to offer us an adoption license

What are your #6impossiblethings?


SheLoves is allowing me to host a little giveaway to help encourage you to get a jump on thinking of your #6impossiblethings.

By commenting on this post with your impossible things and entering the contest below, you get a chance to win a copy of Behind the Beautiful Forevers by Katherine Boo, (hint, hint… it’s the March selection for the Red Couch Book Club here at SheLoves). We will also throw in a Rescue Pink t-shirt. You can also follow a couple of other small tasks in the contest to gain a few extra entries! Good Luck!

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About Sherry:

sherrynaronI’m a Southern girl with a global heart! I love reading, photography, graphic design, traveling and researching just about everything. I’ve traveled and given away pieces of my heart to places like Sudan, Haiti, Trinidad, Belize, Guatemala, Mexico, Zambia, Uganda, and Burundi. But no place has as much of my heart as India. I’m the founder of Rescue Pink, a brand new non-profit that will rescue baby Indian girls from infanticide and offer micro-loans and job training to young Indian couples that want to keep their baby girls. I blog at and tweet @boberryn. To keep up with Rescue Pink follow us at or on Twitter @rescuepink.



  1. #6impossiblethings
    – visa approval from the Nigerian embassy on Monday even though I have a temporary passport
    – getting my temporary passport by Monday
    -getting a flight to Nigeria and attending #smwlagos Tuesday
    -selling all our street photographs and being able to afford this hippie lifestyle before end of the year
    – getting married before the end of the year to this guy who owns this laptop I’m typing on.
    – changing South African streets from scummy to peaceful, winning the battle again teen alcoholism

    • Sherry Naron says:

      Thanks for sharing your dreams with us, Noley. I sense the urgency in a few of yours…I’ll be praying they come true!

  2. Erin Wilson says:

    I often read a post here and then keep the tab open for days, while it perks in my mind. It’s Valentine’s Day for my Canadian heart, even if it isn’t on the calendar here in Suli. But I can’t help thinking that this post fits perfectly. There is so much love here. So much hope. So much longing to see others free. It’s really just so beautiful.

    For much of my life I’d hoped to adopt a few children. That wasn’t in the cards, but I have a huge soft spot in my heart for your little Indian lovelies. Thank you for investing your life in theirs. xoxo

    • Erin Wilson says:

      I’ll add a few of my own (thanks, Kelley!)

      Peace in Kurdistan/Iraq.
      That my Syrian friends could return home.
      Women here fully living out their gifts.
      And end to GMOs.
      That every child on earth would know love.
      That I could build a sustainable life for myself.

    • Sherry Naron says:

      Hi Erin! Thank you so much for reading and sharing your dreams with us! I love your dreams…may they ALL come true!

  3. This is astounding!! I am grateful beyond words to read of your impossible dreams becoming possible. What a joyful post, Sherry – filled with hope and promise and GOD. May your dreams continue to flourish and may the road ahead be protected from unnecessary and difficult potholes and delays. I’m with Bev – I love the smell of faith in the morning – and in the evening, too! Thanks for this.

  4. Bev Murrill says:

    So…my 6 impossible things – (I’ve just had lunch, btw)

    1. That I can research and write my PhD on the commodification of women and girls in a way that will bring international attention to the issues. That this not just be about the people who already care, but the people who have managed to keep these issues on their blind side will not be able to avoid seeing … and therefore caring enough to bring change.

    2. That I will speak to the United Nations about these issues and be a catalyst for change.

    3. That my leadership consultancy ( for churches and leaders will bring about massive change in churches and nations I am not even connected with yet, so that gender inequality among leaders in the church will cease.

    4. That the profile of Cherish Uganda will be raised internationally so that people will rally to care for the cause of children who are living with HIV/AIDs

    5. That my house contract will exchange today and that we will move into our new house next week (chuckle… this is a short term impossible thing – to be replaced very soon with another, more altruistic impossible thing).

    6. That all my family will be true disciples of Jesus Christ who will live out a heritage of Proverbs 3:5,6 until Jesus returns. That they will love the Lord their God with all their hearts, souls, minds and strength, and will love their neighbours as themselves.

    • Sherry Naron says:

      Woah, Bev…I like the size of your dreams!! May they all come true!! 🙂

    • Love this list, Bev. My list is a bit more personal, perhaps:

      1. That all my family will follow Jesus wholeheartedly, spreading love and grace wherever they are.
      2. That our moms would peacefully pass into the arms of Jesus — can I say this? — as soon as God wills it.
      3. That a wound to my foot (a badly torn tendon) would heal on its own (while I wear a very huge and clumsy boot!) so that surgery with all its complications and long recovery time can be avoided.
      4. That I would find a way to tell my stories in printed form. This feels like a ‘call’ from God, but it is still forming. I could use DETAILS.
      5. That I would trust that my small-sized dreams are as intrinsically important as others’ more king-sized ones.
      6. That women (and men, but it’s so.much.tougher for women) would know who there are, would value who they are, would be allowed to live their lives to the fullest, without oppression or abuse.

      • Bev Murrill says:

        I don’t think God cares about whether the list is out there, or personal… as long as it’s an exercise of faith. I think He loves our small, medium and king sized dreams! You’re doing great! I will pray for your foot….xx

      • Sherry Naron says:

        I love that you listed your dreams pastordt 🙂 And your “small-sized” dreams are just important because they are your dreams, your calling….I hope they all come true!

  5. mercynotes says:

    At the risk of sounding cliché, the first thing I thought of was one of my impossible things is to believe in more impossible things being possible. 🙂
    I LOVE this and I love the quote from Alice in Wonderland, too.

  6. Megan Gahan says:

    My impossible dream is for the church to step fully into it’s role as a refuge of love and empowerment through Christ for all people. For it to be seen by the nations as a place where the weary and downtrodden and heavy-laden are welcomed with open arms. For women to be encouraged to fully own their giftings. A place where Jesus is sought and recognized above all. I feel like that encompasses at least six impossible things all together! Thanks so much for encouraging us in this Sherry.

  7. 1. That I can live without anxiety crippling me, 2. that I can have people in my life that I can truly rely on. 3. that I can get a grip on my temper, 4. that my next step would show up soon, 5. that my family could move to a bigger house, 6. that I can live out forgiveness.

    • Sherry Naron says:

      Thank you for being so brave Morag to put your dreams out there. I will be praying for your dreams tonight.

  8. Abby Norman says:

    I want my manuscript about how inner city schools are being falied by inner city teachers who are being failed by a system that is set up for the students and teachers to fail, to be picked up by an agent, and a publishing house, for it to lead me to stand before Congress and explain to them how the legislation they are passing isn’t helping, it is hurting. To have something shift in this country so that all kids have the default option of a decent education, to have no schools with 40 percent graduation rates.To have the churc join hands with the public school so that everyone can thrive.

  9. Kupa Mutungu says:

    I’m not sure what qualifies as impossible, but all 6 of mine are about freedom:

    1. Freedom for my wife, Tina, in her work: to be fully released into her creative calling
    2. Financial freedom for my parents
    3. Freedom from depression for an unnamed friend

    Freedom for myself from:
    4. anxiety (the guilt of unfulfilled potential/expectations/hopes/dreams/responsibility/and God knows what else…!)
    5. body image issues
    6. the fear of sharing my whole, (yes, WHOLE) true self with my family and friends

    • Bev Murrill says:

      Kup, you can’t say unfulfilled potential… you’re not old enough yet… You can say it if you’re 90 though… you got a lotta years between now and then to fulfill them… and God knows He gave you those dreams cause you’re the man to fulfill’m.

      We (all) love ya… you’re such a great guy! I know you know that, but just sayin’…xx

    • Sherry Naron says:

      Oh, Kupa, thank you for being so brave to put your “impossible” things out there! I believe freedom can come! May each one come true my friend.

  10. My best friend Just shared this with me and i have to tell you i am bawling right now. This has been a challenging month for me because we lost a baby last year and with all the stuff about abortions and baby girl infanticide floating around the internet, my heart breaks every time i see it. But God has been challenging me to rely on his provision and his sufficiency in all circumstances. That being said, about 3 years ago my husband and i traveled to southern India and saw many beautiful things and great need. We have a heart to go back soon and work with government officials to change international adoption rules, work for under privileged mamas and their daughters, work to end sex trafficking, and see God work in all of these situations. My six dreams include the three above, as well as 4)having financial provision for our travels 5)seeing our daughters grow in the knowledge and love for the Lord 6)seeing women empowered through education and the demise of the caste system. Thank you for the opportunity, for sharing your heart through your work, and for your desire to see a mighty thing be done through the hands of the savior!

    • Sherry Naron says:

      Oh Krystal, thank you for reading and for being brave to post your dreams. I love how you’ve taken a heartbreak, and chosen to honor your little one by letting it fuel these amazing dreams! So much good to be done with changing international adoption rules, working with Mamas, and working to end sex trafficking….I’ll be praying for you. I’m hoping ALL your dreams come true! Keep dreaming and keep taking those steps into them, we need you!

  11. Wow. This has my heart beating a bit more quickly this morning!
    My #6impossiblethings (after breakfast)
    1. Feeling at home
    2. Love face-to-face
    3. Words curling out into a book
    4. Freedom from the worry about being broken
    5. Order
    6. Being reached out to, instead of always reaching out

    • Sherry Naron says:

      I love the intimacy of your dreams Cara. It has been so interesting to see where people are, by hearing their dreams. Thank you for being brave to put them out into the world, to speak them (or type them, rather). I think that’s a great first step! I say this in all sincerity….may all your dreams comes true! Hugs!!

    • Anne-Marie says:

      Ditto on your six Cara! 🙂 Sherry – I had these huge visions for my life from God in my twenties, and thought they were the long-term canvas, and then He accomplished them all in about 5 years. I’m at a whole new, huge shift here, and it’s easy to feel stalled. But I know God is working, and you’ve reminded me that the pause may be the gathering before the leap. But we have to be willing to get out there. Huge blessings on all your wonderful faithfulness.

  12. Woohoo! Proud + excited + thrilled + filled by all this, Sherry …

    Here are my #6impossiblethings:

    – I believe for a world where there is no gendered violence.

    – I dare to hope for a world where every person is free and equal. No racism. No sexism.

    – I believe for a thriving, flourishing South Africa. Women are safe. Connection and Love between all race groups.

    – Meeting Desmond Tutu. I think I’ll just cry my way through it, but ok … I’d still love that. And then maybe, just maybe, if he would write a foreword in a book I write. 🙂

    – I dream of a machine that beams us between nations.

    – Finishing this book on Sisterhood.

  13. To grow my own food (really, not just the salad serving), to go to Haiti soon, back to Nicaragua sooner, to get my big-God story told on paper, to tell it in person (speaking), and to get along with my strong-willed daughter. That is six impossible things. Thanks for this. So inspired by it!

  14. Jody-Anna says:

    Thanks for your post. I have written 5 year plan for our youth project which I blog about here
    It’s one of those projects where you wouldn’t start where we are, but since that’s what God has given us, he must have exciting plans to work through it to create something amazing.

    Here are my impossible things:

    1. Find a Christian animator who will work with our youth project for free
    2. See our young people come to faith and get baptised
    3. See our young people stay in school and get their qualifications
    4. See our young people lead our youth project and inspire others from the community around them
    5. Get funding to grow the project
    6. Impact our community in such a significant way outside agencies are drawn to what we do

    • Sherry Naron says:

      Wow Jody-Anna,
      Up until last year I worked on church staff, so I know how much work it is to stay relevant with the next generation. I’ll be praying your impossible dreams come true! Nothing is impossible if your dreams are HIS 🙂

  15. One of my #6impossiblethings: to confidently, lovingly expect that the blind leaders I know can see (and I’m not talking about eyesight).

  16. I love #6 and am agreeing with you on this (well ALL of it) Oh how I long to adopt an Indian girl. Another one of my #6impossiblethings would be a miracle for MY little girl.
    I love Rescue Pink, you have stolen my heart!

  17. One of my #6impossiblethings is to see trained midwives in Bubanza, to see Batwa women empowered to serve the mothers and babies of their neighborhood to cut down infant and maternal mortality among our friends. Another #6impossiblethings would be food security for Bubanza. This is good practice, Sherry! Love seeing God bring the impossible to life!!!

    • Sherry Naron says:

      Kel, I can’t wait for the next time I go to Bubanza and see you guys training midwives…I know THIS is gonna happen 🙂 And oh…food security for our precious friends there in Bubanza..YES! I’m believing it with you!!

    • Yes yes Kelley! This is my heart right here, midwifery in the developing world…Love it, love it.

  18. May God do exceeding abundantly above all you could ask or imagine in and through Rescue Pink and all who serve through this great ministry. May His baby girls know Him and the everlasting love He has for them. He has proven Himself so far, I can’t wait to see what He does through Rescue Pink in the future!

    Thinking of my six impossible things (even though I just ate breakfast!): $200k for the ministry He has called me to. He has made office space available, but I need the money to support everything. I have spent the last few years somewhat isolated, but I believe that was His way of preparing me for ministry. So item #2 is women to serve. #3 is the peace and confidence to keep going forward in faith and not running away from His calling. #4 That God inhabits this ministry and that it becomes the global ministry my professor and mentor envisioned it would be. #5 is a retreat and renewal center or centers for women who need a place for healing, restoration and a new start. #6 Multiply #1 by 100-fold so that He may be glorified and His daughters have the means to live powerful lives in and through Him.

    Whew! That is out there now. Taking a deep breath and trusting.


    • Sherry Naron says:

      Wow, thanks for being so brave Monica to put it “out there…” that’s a huge first step! And trust me I know how scary that is! I’m praying that it’s your motivation to go after it. I think if we go after the dreams God gives us, then He makes them happen…but allowing ourselves to accept His dreams for the things He wants us to be a part of is such a big step, and once we accept it, then we start stepping into it…I’ll be praying for you and for your ministry!

  19. I love this! Thank you so very much for sharing it!

  20. Bev Murrill says:

    Ohhhh, I love the smell of faith in the mornings. Sherry, what a powerful post and I agree with it with all my heart. So often, we work out what the Lord can’t do, and then don’t feel there’s any point in praying, but I have found so many times, and even now still, that if I leave the working out of it to God, and just ask, that He has far bigger plans than I, and He can sort out even the impossible things.

    Wow… I’m so encouraged to hear about Rescue Pink… what an awesome project.

    • Sherry Naron says:

      Good Morning Bev! I’ve been learning so much about risk and faith lately…Sometimes I think God is just out there going, “Come on my little girl, if you’ll just believe me, I’ll take you on a wild ride,” when it pertains to the things He wants done…All you gotta do is just get up and start asking what He wants…start dreaming. I wish now it just hadn’t taken me so long! It’s a scary journey, but so amazing that I get to be a part of it! Thanks for reading this morning and being so encouraging!


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