1. I can’t tell you how timely this is for me.


  2. sarah-jane says:

    Wow, these words feel like you’ve been a fly on the wall and witnessed how my heart was falling and failing and the encouragement not to give up and just try again another day has been so powerful.

  3. Kristen - Richards says:

    Amen.. sister… Great piece.. I smiled as I read the part about ..what your Instagram is not full of … the disappointment, the flared temper at our children.. We have all been there.. God always teaches me something through my successes and failures… I believe that anyone who is successful at anything.. had to learn perseverance and patience somewhere along the way…God has certainly given lessons in both these areas… and I am always grateful.
    Thank you for the piece…Great…

  4. Amy Hunt says:

    These words you crafted did not fall on deaf ears and are not lost, dear Bronwyn. There is so much richness here that speaks to my soul as I am in the midst of my fourth trimester and learning to receive all that it is about. I’m so grateful for your words and the balm they are to my soul in such a time as this.

  5. Donna-Jean Brown says:

    Thankyou, Bronwyn.

  6. Roos Woller says:

    So so so good! Thanks for sharing

  7. “So we screwed up this time? Let’s not give up: we are in the care of the God of Second Chances.”

    Thank you, thank you.

  8. I love how this is resonating, Bronwyn. Beautiful.

  9. My Gosh! I LOVE this. The path of failure is as important as the path of success because the mastery of self is the victory. YES! That is my experience exactly. I have failed 100 times more than I have succeeded but I have changed so much as I’ve learned to master myself… How strong and encouraging this post is, especially as it’s addressed to our weakness. Love it.

  10. Those scripture references at the end are like a “so-there!” and I love them both!
    My favorite thought is the “long obedience in the same direction” — yup, it does seem long, sometimes, and I wonder what Nietzsche would say if he could know that his words are being used in this beautiful post to encourage us in a faith that he, apparently, could never bring himself to embrace.
    I appreciate your words of encouragement and hope.

    • I have loved 1 Thessalonians 5:24 for so long: a steady promise to me on the days when all the balls I was trying to juggle all lie at my feet. Thinking about Nietzsche, and others who have glimpsed at God’s truth without grasping grace, makes me sad, too.

  11. Thank you so much for this. Lately life has been so crazy for me i can’t even tell where I’ve failed and where I’ve done the right thing, all I know is that my arms have been too full to do anything other than drop stuff. It’s been really hard, because of all of the condemnation that comes with failure, but oh, the grace of God is there, and if I’ve learned anything through all of this it’s that I need to have grace for myself in the middle of my mess. It’s really been taking a toll on my pride, which actually feels SO good this time around. It’s such a relief to no longer feel like I have to expect more from myself than I would from anyone else. So thank you very much for your words of encouragement. ❤️

    • “my arms have been too full to do anything other than drop stuff” YES. Isn’t it crazy how that happens, even when we feel like we are trying so hard to be discerning and not take too much on? Alongside you in learning the art of grace towards ourselves…

  12. Saskia Wishart says:

    Gorgeous, well written, and full of truth.

  13. Charlie Fermeglia says:

    Man, did I need this right now.
    Thank you.

  14. Charlie Fermeglia says:

    Man, did I need this today.
    Than you.

  15. really needed this today Bronwyn 😀 a forgotten check and someone else’s confusion derailed my morning. So much frustration is involved when you move to a new place and navigate unfamiliar waters. I need this message of mercy. I need this lesson of failing well.

    • Derailed is such a good word: so often we have a plan and then the day quickly heads towards being a train wreck. May you find grace and mercy today, Morag.

  16. Suzan Searle says:

    Such a timely post – stumbled across it unexpectedly – thank you for these words of encouragement to hang in against all odds, to remember that the Creator gives second (and third and fourth?) chances…the “fat lady” may not “sing” at all 🙂

  17. So, so, SO glad that not only does He assure us that He will do “it”, as you said, but that He redeems our failures and makes them something beautiful… worth “picturing”! Thanks!

    • Thank you Kirsten. One of my seminary professors used to remind us that “even our very best efforts still need to be justified and redeemed by our Creator”. I need to remember that: HE makes all things beautiful in His time.

  18. Claire De Boer cjdeboer says:

    BRILLIANT. And so needed by every one of us. Thank you Bronwyn.

  19. Stunning. Perfect. Needed this.

    I was chanting Amen by the time I got to the “Not pictured…” portion.


  20. Beautiful and much needed. I am actually about to start a whole series on this topic as it is a huge struggle in my life. Your letter was for me;)

    • It’s a huge struggle for all of us: one of the reasons I treasure the “let’s keep on keeping on” encouragement of all the SheLovelies.


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