Juicy Conversations: Kelley and Idelette Talk about Dangerous Women



A few months ago, a Walter Brueggemann sermon sparked a conversation between these two friends, Kelley Nikondeha and Idelette McVicker. Both have shared this week how that idea has taken shape in their hearts.

On Monday, Idelette wrote: God Needs Dangerous Women?
And Tuesday, Kelley wrote: Why Dangerous?

Today, Idelette and Kelley invite us into a video conversation (recorded via Skype), so we can catch a glimpse of their hearts and passion. What starts off as a conversation around Isaiah, living into the “New City” and Dangerous Women, inevitably also becomes pretty personal.

There’s the moment when Kelley’s not quite sure if Idelette will burst into tears when she shares her six-word memoir. [Watch at 20:28 for how the hard parts of our story can also become the juicy parts. ]

Or when Kelley talks about standing in the Story of God and how it’s virtually impossible to stand in the  fullness of that Story—like a river—and not be splashed by it. [ Start at 10:58] You can feel Idelette’s goosebumps!

The full conversation lasts around 27 minutes, but we’ll break it down for you (below), so you can pop in at any point. (Email subscribers, you’ll need to click through to watch the video, please.)

– Introductions [00:00]
– That day on the couch in Kelley’s living room [0:46]
– Is it even possible to build this New City? [3:22]
– Will we choose Fear or Juicy Living? [4:46]
– What are we NOT saying when we say, “Dangerous?” [5:24]

I. A Dangerous Woman and God [See 12:24]

II: A Dangerous Woman and Self 
Kelley: [16:26]
Idelette [19:10]

III: A Dangerous Woman and the World. [21:12]

Where do you find yourself? What resonates with you? Are you ready to cross the river? Join the conversation in the comments, on Facebook or via Twitter or Instagram (@shelovesmag). Our hashtag this month is #SLMdangerouswomen. Be sure to add your thoughts!



  1. Beverly Wooden says:

    Kelley, can you give us the name of Brueggemann’s sermon you referenced? I would love to hear it and have it to keep.

  2. pastordt says:

    ‘Becoming more fully ourselves” and “standing in the story” – yes, please. Well said, both of you! Thank you.

  3. pastordt says:

    I’m with Brenna – podcast away. Maybe audio for download, too? I love to listen to podcast when I walk. And maybe see both of your faces if you do another video? Thanks so much for this!

  4. This video is absolutely glorious. Just every word…

    We don’t know how to do this AND YET God our Liberator calls us to stand there, share the bread and repair the streets where people live.

    Pure, refreshing beauty. Thank you.

  5. Donna-Jean Brown says:

    It was good to be with you this morning, Idelette and Kelley. Thankyou for the inspiration to trust our dangerous God. The only thing missing was a way to give each of you a long, strong hug.

  6. Bev Murrill says:

    LIke Cindy said!

  7. Two incredibly beautiful women speaking fiery words. Whew. I can scarcely handle it!

  8. Sherry Naron says:

    Love this! Love what you are up to right now my friends! The only reason I’ve been able to step forward into what I was called to was because someone {she’s in the video above, and her name starts with Kelley} helped me finally see that I could do it. Sometimes all you need is someone to really invest and show you they believe in you. I knew God could do it, that wasn’t a problem…I just didn’t think God wanted to use me in particular. I felt unworthy, and beaten down, and it took a strong arm to pull me up. I needed someone to believe in me and help ME believe in me. I think God uses people to do that for other people all the time…if they’re willing. I’m glad to see you two team up to make sure even more women see their potential! I’m your biggest cheerleaders and cheerleader to anyone who wants to step out in faith to be a part of all that God intends to do through dangerous women! Hooraaahhh, ladies!!!

    • Sherry, you are a dangerous woman! And glad we can cheer one another on – and walk in solidarity with women across the globe (from Burundi to Texas to India) in the dangerous ways of Jesus!

  9. “Jesus multiplies and hands it back to us to distribute.You need to get into the hungry crowds”…oh man. I never had that thought! GORGEOUS…extraordinary metaphor. THANK YOU!

    • I love that God includes us in the family business – the bread business! It’s a good and provacative question: how am I distributing bread and fish in my neighborhood today?

  10. I really like you guys.

  11. Roos Woller says:

    Wow! Pause …
    So great to listen to you both, thank you for sharing and challenging me to be dangerous in every season that God has me in, whether small or marvellous or just getting up 4 times a night again with a baby. I can be dangerous. 🙂

  12. sbnat1ve says:

    Oh, wow…what a joy to hear this discussion. So, so many ideas…thank you, Kelley and Idelette.

  13. Helen Burns says:

    What a gift this conversation is! Thank you Idelette and Kelley for opening up your hearts to us today and calling out the ‘dangerous’ in each of us. Yes to juicy and dangerous – let’s cross the river together! xo

    • You’re the BEST. I hope you know that, always. So wonderful to see you today. Thank you for being such a brilliant cheerleader.


    • Just finished. I am undone. “Repair the streets where people live.” You both gave words to things I had been feeling this past year. We made the decision to send our daughter to public school after a year of homeschool. We’ve been given some raised eyebrows and shaken heads. No one seemed to understand how I felt Jesus in such a tangible way when I walk in the halls of her school. I can feel the Spirit when I see the volunteers and teachers each day. And when they have their moment of silent reflection and I get to use that time to silently pray that each child will see Jesus that day? It rocks my world in a way I have yet to be able to explain. I feel as if you gave me the language I have been searching for. We are doing that dangerous thing by going to the school and just being. Not by strong arming and “witnessing” but by looking for where the Spirit is already working and saying we are ready and willing to be used.

      • sbnat1ve says:

        I hope you will go forward into that decision with joy. If public schools are not supported by the attendance of good, caring parents trying to bring up good, caring children, our democracy will be lost along with the faith in each other that undergirds that democracy.

      • O, Brenna! If we’d done this video for you and only you, it would have been worth it. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you for listening and for having such a beautiful, open heart …

        I can feel you walking through the school halls … That sounds like Dangerous Woman work right there. Spreading Love + kindness + goodness. Making your neighbourhood livable. Beautiful.

  15. I need a regular podcast from you ladies.

  16. I can’t wait to watch this in the morning. I’m so excited. The cover alone has me all tingly and excited. Woot! (And psssst, y’all look gorgeous! #hubbahubba)


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