Dear Writer, We Commission You


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May your words and your life bring Light
May you carry the torches of Love and justice and goodness and Hope
May your words stir up, wake up, shake up, lift up
May your sentences be balm for wounded souls
May it be balm for your own soul.

Where there is cynicism, may you plant hope
Where there is fatigue, may you offer rest
Where there is confusion, may you bring clarity
Where there is apathy, may you pierce the fog.

May you tell stories
May you name injustices
May you bring worlds close
May you stand boldly.

Even when your feet tremble and your heart is raw and your hands shake, may you stand in the words you have been called to.

May you write
And write
And write.

May you never be silent on the things that matter
May you never speak when others can speak for themselves
May you listen more

May you honor the voice within you
May you catch the ideas that shape and stir inside you
May you honor the responsibility that comes with your gift.

May your words reach into destinies
May you learn from histories
May you trust the Great Author who writes in you.

May the words of your mouth and the meditation of your heart, always and ever be beautiful, holy and acceptable in God’s sight.


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Lovelys, the idea for this commissioning started out of a deep hunger to have stronger words. In January, I helped lead a weekend gathering of writers on Robben Island in South Africa. On that Sunday, we gathered in a circle to pray together and it suddenly felt like a commissioning. We were sending these brilliant minds and beautiful hearts and wrestling activists out into the world to go do their most beautiful work. I lifted up a prayer, but it lacked that POW factor. I know the Holy Spirit can do anything with our words, but standing in that circle, I knew I wanted to write a commissioning prayer. So, I came home and did.

I share this commissioning here today, because many women in our community have moved on or are moving on into new spaces. Their lives are calling them out. They are stepping into exciting new adventures—a cafe for Sarah and her sisters, an MBA for Bethany, a new city for Tina, a new career for Claire DeBoer, a business for Michaela, books for Anne-Marie. Fear would say, We are losing our women. Love says, We are releasing our women to the world. We are sending out LOVE and goodness and strength. I am not afraid. I love these women and we are connected. The Kingdom of God is expansive and abundant, isn’t it? New women are called to rise. New women are called to stand in this space. We call women into the circle. We release women to the world. Together, we make this world stronger and more beautiful.

You may not identify as a writer, but if you are standing on the edge of a new season, I pray this will also speak to your heart.


Idelette Mcvicker -Writers Commissioning3

Idelette McVicker
I like soggy cereal and I would like to go to every spot on the map of the earth to meet our world’s women. I dream of a world where no women or girls are for sale. I dream of a world where women and men are partners in doing the work that brings down a new Heaven on earth. My word last year was “roar” and I learned it’s not about my voice rising as much as it is about our collective voices rising in unison to bring down walls of injustice. This year, my own word is “soar.” I have three children and this place–right here, called–is my fourth baby. I am African, although my skin colour doesn’t tell you that story. I am also a little bit Chinese, because my heart lives there amongst the tall skyscrapers of Taipei and the mountains of Chiufen. Give me sweet chai and I think I’m in heaven. I live in Vancouver, Canada and I pledged my heart to Scott 11 years ago. I believe in kindness and calling out the song in each other’s hearts. I also believe that Love covers–my gaps, my mistakes and the distances between us. I blog at and tweet @idelette.
Idelette McVicker

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  1. May you never be silent on the things that matter

    A friend tagged me and thi so speaks to me.
    Thanks for this.

  2. I honestly thought you were talking to me. . . And by God you were!

  3. I love that we could read this over Bethany. What a special moment.

  4. Beautiful, Idelette! Prayers for you & sheloves as you enter into a new phase with new faces.

  5. fiona lynne says:

    Love this so much. x

  6. Debbie F. says:

    Just starting to write again after a long break. This blessing and commissioning comes at a perfect time. Thank you.

  7. This poem is a lovely blessing and so powerful.

  8. These words….this prayer….this grace…, love this, Idelette. Thank you.

  9. Nicole A. Joshua says:

    There is so much grace, love and wisdom in these beautiful, gentle words. Thank you, fierce leader and friend. Love you deeply.

  10. These words…

    They made my soul exhale. I have ran from this title of “writer” for so long in search of pursuits that allowed me to wear my mask. As we all know, writing does not. Creating color in minds with words in only black and white exposes our true voice. Not to mention, the Great Author will always find a way to gently shake our true self out of the mask.

    I know I am a writer. Thank you for reminding me of the truth. For allowing me to “honor the voice within”

    & to all the lovely ladies embarking on new adventures, thank you for paving the way for us newbies. We will forever be grateful. Onwards and upwards, always.

    <3 K

  11. Oh my, these words! Such strength and beauty. Thank you for being a cheerleader and encourager to those of us all over the world who gather in this space. Enabling us to set our feet on the paths God has laid before us. Will be holding these words in my heart (and probably pinned on a notice board!) as I prepare to train for ordination.

  12. Yes. Yes. Yes. Bless you. That poem/prayer builds and builds and builds … And leaves the reader with an ache to write. Xox

  13. Carolina says:

    Oh so love! #amwriting #thiswriterslife

  14. Helen Burns Helene Burns says:

    You never cease to inspire and wake me up….thank you for sharing your bold Mama-heart here today…I’m listening.

  15. Thank you for being an encouragement to others! Words are powerful!

  16. I feel these words in my bones: “. . . may you stand in the words you have been called to.”

    So thankful to know about the SheLovelys who are spinning off into new adventures.
    May each one travel under the Mercy!

  17. Nichole Bilcowski Forbes says:

    I love your heart and how you empower with love! 💙

    I can’t wait to see what God will do next with all that you offer him in your open palms!

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