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The awakening has started, there’s no denying it. The drowsy are stirring, the young are rising, and the resistance is forming.

I saw it in the streets of Portland, when thousands banded together to mourn and grieve the recent election. I saw it when local high school students participated in an organized walk out, trying to make sense of what their future would look like. I finally gave into the anguish of my spirit, and joined forces with 135,000 others and marched down the streets of Seattle, singing freedom songs and dreaming of a better day.

The art of resistance is exciting … at first. Fire runs through your bones, anger turns into fuel, and you believe your passion and grit alone can change the course of the world. But the honeymoon period always ends. Resistance fatigue can set in. The young and inexperienced ones will tire quickly, and God forbid, might let go. I should know; I’ve been there.  

We need a new level of attention and stamina so our fire won’t dim. If our roots aren’t deep and we’re not planted near the river of life, we won’t be able to grow strong and nourish the future generations.

While it’s important to dream like a foolish romantic, it’s also important to strategize like a seasoned warrior. It’s critical to seek out those who went before us, listen to their stories, and heed their advice. It’s crucial we look for the warning signs, find rhythms of rest and restoration, and pace ourselves.

After all, the strategic pursuit of justice is biblical. Jesus’ work as a peacemaker and lifegiver followed a strict pattern of solitude, community, and then service/ministry. This rhythm, which he followed throughout his ministry, was his strategy to sustain his work, a tool to ensure he was using his full, divine potential, and an important lesson for his disciples.

His movements weren’t careless, they were careful and thought out. He spoke encouragement and life to those he sent out. He became the refuge for those who were tired. Jesus sustained his rhythms so he could sustain us.

As a new season begins, we need the energizers to rise with the peacemakers. We need the healers to rise with the lovers. We need the prophets to rise with the warriors.

We can’t seek the Kingdom of God without each other. We can’t take care of the widows and orphans alone. We need each other.

In this new chapter where many are awakening and rising, here’s my prayer and my hope:

Warriors, take heart. The road is surely narrow; it’s dark and dangerous. Your work is important, true and needed. Don’t let the opposition daunt you. Don’t let it scare you back into apathy. Prioritize self-care. Don’t let disappointments steer you away, but let them serve as teachers. Don’t let the fear of doing it wrong keep you from trying. You will learn as you keep practicing and showing up faithfully, you are not alone. 
Energizers and prophets, hear the cry and rise up. Freedom fighters and justice seekers need you now more than ever. They need your words of encouragement and embraces of energy to point them back to the Light. Dive deep into the Psalms and arm yourselves with the Gospel, because in time you will need it to tend to wounds and heal broken hearts. You will channel divine energy back into weary souls. This is how you fight the darkness. 
Above all, rest in reason, move in passion and rise in love.
Anger and frustration alone will not sustain our march for freedom. When we go down the dark and narrow path, let us march arm-in-arm with the dreamers, thinkers, energizers, prophets, peacemakers and justice seekers.
Let us lean on each other to fill the gaps. Heed the wisdom of warriors who went before. Trust that the Light will always guide us.
For that’s when we taste and see. That’s when we glimpse the Promised Land. That’s when we rise in love.
Leah Abraham
Leah is a storyteller + writer + journalist + creative + empathizing romantic + pessimistic realist + ISFP + Enneagram type 2 + much more. She lives in the Seattle area where she works as an education reporter and features writer. Bonus facts: She loves the great indoors, hates to floss, and is obsessed with Korean food and her dorky, immigrant family.
Leah Abraham
Leah Abraham

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  1. “the strategic pursuit of justice is biblical.” YES! I love how you articulate the need to dream and also to strategize. And, always, these posts remind me that there is a big resistance underfoot and none of us are battling alone. Thank you!

  2. I like how engaging resistance is like being in relationship: in love and working hard to remain committed, continuing to learn, and continuing to maintain your own sense of self and care through it all 🙂

  3. Such wisdom!! Thank you for the reminder to tend to our roots; to act like seasoned warriors. I get fiery and then so quickly burn out…. Learning to lay kindling first, before throwing in the big logs. (Can we add any more metaphors??) 😉

  4. Yes yes YES! Leah this is so gorgeous + anointed and puts to words what I feel is on so many of our hearts. I felt I loved Jesus more and was hungry to go back to him, learn from him, walk with him on this journey of resistance (where I am definitely a ‘young and inexperienced’ one!) as I got to the end of your piece – and for that alone I thank you so much.

  5. So true (and so lovely to be reminded) that there is something for everyone to do and that anger is no sustaining fuel.
    Thank you, Leah.

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