Spinning Straw Into Gold


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These last few days
of the year
hang a little jagged.
They are hemming in a collection
of words and doings and dreams and
and there are

There is much that I want
to forget.
So many crystalline words and
hasty decisions and all that
revisionist history and
tunnel vision,
not to mention
all the ways that I tried

Yet there were also
days that bloomed wide open
as a peony
all lush and soft and full.
Or others,
that burned like embers,
keeping a forgotten fire
And then there was that
one day
that turned every other day

I’m sitting here, curious.
I’m not really that good with
my hands.
Yet, somehow,
I feel the need to
gather up these strands
and weave them into

That’s the glory of a new year,
I suppose.
Taking all that has been and
using it for what
could be.
What a lovely thing to take hold of.
As that clock chimes twelve of
the longest notes ever,
we suddenly become magical and
spin so much

Holly Grantham
Holly is a wife, very relaxed homeschooling mom of three boys, snapper of photos, coming of age writer and a soul drowning in grace. After years in Atlanta where she attended college, married the love of her life and lived in an intentional community, she found her way back to her home state of Missouri. She now lives in an antebellum stone house, raises chickens (sometimes) and pretends that she lives in the country.
Holly Grantham

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Holly Grantham


  1. Tracy Nelson says:

    ahhhh…. deep sigh. so beautiful. thank you for this …. you are so right – I was thinking the same thing, in a different way – just that all that has been esp. last year needs to be drawn together into something cohesive, something useful – something more.

  2. Vivienne Tam says:

    Holly this is a beautiful poem – I love the imagery of straw into gold. What a beautiful way to start the new year!

    • Thank you, Vivienne. And that imagery isn’t my own…it is the stuff of fairy tales…
      But we can still make it our own, I believe.

  3. Stacey Pardoe says:

    Oh yes! These jagged edges aren’t all I’d hoped they’d be, but we’re weaving straw into gold with each passing day! This was beautiful food for my soul today, Holly! Thank you!

    • That’s the challenge, isn’t it Stacey? To take all that isn’t as we had hoped and transform it through our becoming, no?

  4. Oh Holly, this is such beautiful artistry and full of reality and hope. Thank you. May our tapestries be lovely.

  5. Blessings to you, Holly and thanks for beautiful words that encourage me to look forward to another year of turning in all the raw edges and sewing newness in the ordinariness of my every day.

  6. Bethany Lynn Tosh Young says:

    Love this!

  7. “… that one day that turned every other day on its head.” I’ve been holding on to that day most of the 2017. It’s given me new life and dreams and hope. 🙂

  8. Leah Abraham Leah Abraham says:

    I’ll be coming back to this one as I too reflect on this past year. Thank you. Love this and you.

  9. My favourite. I’m much very into all you are curiosities!

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