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My sweet darlings,

all these fears

they are a gift.

Do not fight it anymore


Gather your charts and assigned


the drum

the bass

the piano

the vocals


Individually rehearse your parts

even though it’s hard.

Clapping the tricky rhythm

awakens your soul.

To every note


key and



Come together

form a band.

Actively listen to the other as you listen to


The rhythm section

the beat

the vocals.

One is not more important than the other.



Count them in 1. 2. 3.




Sing your songs

cry aloud.

My sweet darlings,


Chervelle Camille
Chervelle is a dreamer with the strong desire to see women flourish. She colours her life with the mission statement: “To inspire and bring out beauty from the deepest heart of the soul.” Chervelle is a stylish storyteller who speaks her mind, lives a uniquely creative life, and is convinced she lives in a perpetual state of musical bliss. Chervelle spends her days as a freelance wardrobe stylist, writer, and event coordinator. You can find her over at chervellecamille.com, on Instagram @chervellca, or at her newest project H.E.R Tell at hertellsations.wordpress.com.
Chervelle Camille

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Chervelle Camille


  1. Stephanie Cater says:

    Chervelle, this is so great. You are such a treasure. Did your poetry start at Rise Up, or were you writing before?

    • So nice to ‘see’ you here!
      I’ve written poetry for many years –locked away in secrecy– but don’t really consider myself a poet because I just write and it naturally forms that way. But I guess it’s a feeling of intimidation because there are so many great poets out there whom I admire greatly!
      Miss you, friend. Hope you’re well!! Xxxox

  2. You are here. May your voice be amplified. xo

  3. My fears are a gift? Thank you for this reminder, Chervelle, that all of my experiences & emotions are a gift I can use…

  4. “Come together
    form a band.”

    Lovely! As I seek to find my place in the orchestra.

  5. Each one important, lending her own unique voice, pitch, and timbre.
    Every one together, making a new sound that would not have been possible without the coming together.
    Chervelle, you have said so much in this string of carefully selected words.

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