We are the Light Bearers


Jenny Rose Foster -Light Bearers3By Jenny Rose Foster

There is a call to action traveling through the winds—to the north, to the south, the east and the west. All directions. All volumes. A calling … to Rise Up!

Now is not the time for silence. Now is the time to stand tall. Oh, lift your heads. Look up. A time to Awaken.

With the rising of the sun we are beckoned from slumber. I hear my own name and feel the call: “Rise Up.” This life. Oh, this life. Dry bones, rise up!

The rising I speak of is the waking of Peace. Peace within our own depths. Starting with our own aches. Rise up and release to the wings of the Prince of Peace. Yes! Give them away, those burdens that have taken root. May peace be our stride.

Step forward, oh peacemakers, in a posture of awakening! May we never forget that while we lay our weapons down; while we turn our swords into plowshares, it is considered insanity to the world of walls and makers of exclusions and borders. Remember that, Blessed are the peacemakers. Hold tight to that promise.

May we keep our hands clean of the wreckage-making. Keep our hands distant from the blood stains. That is not for our story on the path of kingdom living.  May we have palms calloused from the work and sweat of the replanting of things …

Blessed are the planters, the seed-keepers, the water protectors. Blessed are the open arms. The hand-holders; the sanctuary-makers. Blessed are the tears wept for the pain in solace and prayer. Blessed are the givers who give, even when it hurts. Blessed are the friend-builders. Blessed are the song-singers and the story-writers. Blessed are the preachers who dare to preach the Way of the Peacemaker.

The rising I speak of is the waking of Love. I sing of the Love, with a capital L, birthed from a daring, life-giving sacrifice. I sing of the Love that comes from the Healer of all that is healed. We are healed, we are reconciled! Oh yes, the revolutionary Love that erupts through the walls. Oh heart, life, lungs, senses … please stay keen. Wake up with the kind of Revolutionary Love that moves aside the mountains between us.

The rising I speak of is the waking of Hope. Hope which creates a glow in the darkest places. Hope birthed from one another. We ignite each other, brother and sister, as we pass on the flames of Hope. We share our hope together.

The power of Together. Yes, TOGETHER, Not “us” and “them” … No. No. NO! We are in this together. Regardless of who sits on the presidential thrones of this world. Regardless of the hate. Regardless of the finger-pointers and the accusers. Regardless of self-proclaimed dictators or creators of elitist religions. Together, we rise up. Together we shape and form Hope, instead.

We will keep climbing. Yes, we will keep scaling mountains. We will put ladders over walls. We will build bridges. We will hold hands and we will look one another in the eye and see. Really see. In the seeing of each other, we will see ourselves. In the image of the Light we are created.

We are the Light bearers.

 We are the people of Thy Kingdom Come, on earth—now—as it is heaven.


Editor’s Note: BE BOLD FOR CHANGE. March is one of our favourite months here at SheLoves, because it’s International Women’s Day on March 8. The United Nations’ theme this year is “Be Bold for Change,” so we decided to join in the chorus. We have invited our SheLovelys to speak into the things we are longing for and the changes we hope for in our world. Here we go! Join us with your stories, ideas and your bold imagination at #shelovesboldchange


About Jenny:

jenny_rose 300Hi there, my name is Jenny Rose Foster-Stewart, a woman of the Pacific Northwest. Born and raised in this upper left land of the wild green and rain of Washington State in the United States. Here, I live a pretty ordinary life with my ridiculously stunning husband, Joshua, and two particularly gorgeous children, Jade and Jethro. (I may or may not be biased.) Joshua and I are a team, partnering in our own remodeling company and home-schooling the kids. Not so long ago we were two punk rock high school sweethearts in love and 15 years later our story continues. In my “spare time,” I am a writer, artist, bookworm, adventure-seeker, life-greeter, faith-believer, God-keeper, peace-lover, tree-hugger and aspiring herbalist.

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  1. “Blessed are the planters, the seed-keepers, the water protectors.” One of the most beautiful sentences I’ve read this year.

  2. Love it!

  3. I love how seamlessly you combine power and beauty. Yes, let’s rise up together and in love! Thank you for this call, Jenny!

  4. Shaley Hoogendoorn says:

    Just beautiful… Love with a capital L. Yes please!!!

  5. Kerri L. Banister Holferty says:

    Amen and amen. Thank you for writing so beautiful this truth that sings in my heart. I pray that Love permeates our world and touches each soul.

    • I love your reflections: “Truth that sings in my heart” … when I was writing it felt like a song, a song with a consistent beat…like a heart’s beat… calling us to lift our eyes. I agree with you in prayer: May love permeate!! Amen!

  6. “Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels but have not love . . .”
    Yes, this is the bold change our hearts long for.

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