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“Let us rise to the questions of our time.”

I first wrote these words several years ago as part of the SheLoves Manifesto. Now this moment in history is asking a question and the one beating in my heart is this: Will you rise?

W.E.B DuBois said, “There is no force equal to a woman determined to rise.” When I shared that quote on my Instagram feed, a friend responded: “We have the ‘want’ to respond, we need to begin strategizing the ‘how.'”

She’s right.

Ok, we’re awake and we’re up. So, now what? 

For many who have been asleep, like Jairus’ daughter, this is the time for the community to feed our awakened ones.

He took her by the hand and said to her, “Talitha, koum,” which means, “Little girl, I tell you to get up!”

She got up at once and started walking around. (She was twelve years old.) When this happened, they were completely amazed. But Jesus gave them strict orders not to tell anyone, and he said, “Give her something to eat.” —Luke 5: 41-43 (GNT)

It’s time for the awakened to get strong. This is our time to cook up meal after meal of God’s heart for justice, thick stews that nourish and build up in the ways of peacemaking. We need to prepare steamy bowls of noodles that feed in the way of neighbourly Love.

We need to sit at the table, being reminded of our commitment to love our enemies. We need to commit, over and again, to pray for those who persecute us.

Nobody said this would be easy. Sitting at the table of an enemy-loving God requires the laying down of our egos. Our will to be right. Our longing to get in that last word.

When we sit at this table and we confess, together, when we forget our agendas of rightness, when we meet each other in the broken and messy places of our humanity, we can begin to rise.

Right now, I have this sense that we are finding our people. We are finding the ones who have been awakened and together we are rising. We call out this vitality—resurrection Life—in each other.

Just when I think there is little more that needs resurrection in me, I discover some more dead, stinky places. And I come before my Jesus again and ask for healing and forgiveness and new life.

As people have been signing up for Rise Up, Sister, I am realizing that this is us, finding our people. We are getting clear about who we are and who we serve. As a woman who loves the world, I just always thought, O, everyone is welcome.

Everyone is welcome. But I am beginning to see that we are called to set a table for some very specific women. We are called to the women with the global hearts. We are called to the women who want to stand strong in their communities. We are called to the women who want to love well. We are called to the women who seek justice, who love mercy and who want to walk humbly with our God. We are called to the women who are willing to let suffering speak and who are willing to be uncomfortable as we listen. We are called to the women who want to rise, now, to the questions of our time.

The question is, Will you rise?

And if you say yes, then I would compel you: Come, find us. Come, find your people. We are looking for our people. We are looking for our women.

This is your invitation. The table is set.

It’s time to rise. 

Yesterday, I was praying when these words spilled over:

Been sitting on the beach, gaining strength.
Been sitting on the beach, watching the water ebb and flow.
Been sitting on the beach, watching the tides rise.

It’s time to charter a boat.
It’s time to get off the beach and into the waters.

Where are we going?
We are going to the New City. 

We are gathering the ones who have the same hearts, the same vision. The ones who are ready to set sail.

We were not made for the safe waters.
We were made for oceans.
We will stop at the harbours and collect like-minded souls.
Some will get on at the beginning.
Some will get on as we go.

We can’t sit on the beach no more.
It’s time to charter a boat.

Where are we going?
We are going to the New City.

This boat will harbor the ones who want to be part of liberation.
This boat will harbor the ones who want to be part of resistance and transformation.
This boat will harbor the ones who will need encouragement along the way.

This boat will feed and resource and sustain and send.
This boat will be a light in dark places.
This boat will be a safe, calm, loving welcome in hysterical times.

This boat will spread Love.
This boat will be anchored by the One.

We are going to get a boat. Are you coming?

Let us go up to Jerusalem.

Let us go to the places where we may be crucified, but where Christ may rise in us.

Now, I ask you again, my friend, will you rise?


JOIN US: We would love to be with you at Rise Up, Sister 2017 from Feb 23-26. Come join our gathering with Lynne Hybels and Kallie Wood, Kelley Nikondeha, Sarah Bessey, Tina Francis and yours truly. Our deadline for registration is Monday, Feb. 6. Come, find your tribe. Let’s rise up.

Need a little more inspiration? Take it away, Andra Day:

Together, we can move mountains. You know it.


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