She’s Got The Whole World In Her Hands

There were about a hundred of us in a wooden chapel at a camp a couple of hours from Vancouver at Rise Up, Sister. Some of us were old friends, and some very, very new friends. Together we sang a simple song and it took my breath away. She’s got the whole word in her […]

I am a Citizen of the World, So This IS My Fight

I started 2017 in silence. I caught a monster cold and lost my voice completely for the first two weeks of the year. I am a talkative person, and I felt the loss keenly. I started to get bits of my voice back the third week of January, but even now, weeks later, I don’t […]

Learning to Hope Out Loud

I’ve been following along with Ann Voskamp’s advent writing and something she said a few days ago just won’t leave me alone, “Faith thanks God in the middle of the story.” Did you exhale when you read that? I did. It’s such a reminder that God isn’t good because God gives me what I want, […]

Love is a Better Megaphone than Facebook

When I was in high school there was a girl connected to our church who got pregnant. She was really young, 14 or 15 maybe. She told her parents what happened over breakfast and went off to school. When she got off the school bus that afternoon there was a suitcase sitting at the end […]

Taking Scissors to My Cookie Cutter Faith

Recently at church I heard a hard and challenging sermon. It was on one of the topics that has divided the church for decades and, while it was uncomfortable sitting there, I have to applaud the pastor for not just skipping that part and moving on to less incendiary topics. I sat in my row […]