Choosing the Right Outfit for Therapy

“Does this outfit say ‘mentally stable’ to you?” My husband turns and stares incredulously. Not at the outfit, mind you. At me. “What are you talking about?” “Nothing.” Sigh. “Never mind.” I turn back to the mirror. Olive green khaki pants, a soft long-sleeved waffle shirt, sporty jacket, and my white Adidas shoes. If these […]

Darn It, I’m a Short Cup

I love creating schedules. Timetables, colour-coding, post-its. Just typing the words makes me swoon. Wrapping my fingers around a smooth ball point, flushing out what I’m going to accomplish, the bright blue ink symbolizing the permanence of the whole thing. The entire process is glorious. I’ve tried using my phone to hold my primary schedule […]

How to Turn Left

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning, I take my son to preschool. It’s a zippy little drive, only two stoplights. Most mornings, we’re there in five minutes. It’s glorious. The drive home is a different story. You see, there is an intersection on the way home where I need to make a left turn. I […]

Will Depression Be My Legacy?

I’m raking leaves into great, giant piles, while two tiny boys threaten to undo my toils by cannon balling into them, shrieking wildly. The middle of my back aches as I fill a third bag with a swirl of burnt orange and tawny yellow foliage. There’s so much of it. Even the spaces I’ve raked […]

She Gave Me The Look

“Gosh, you always look so pulled together. Make-up done, cute clothes … I could never get it together like that.” I stared back at my fellow preschool drop-off mom. We’d chatted a couple times, and I really liked her. She was funny and down-to-earth, and I’d had a tough time penetrating the already established friendships among […]