Who Are We Amplifying In All This?

When I first started going to my church, I was introduced to several charismatic practices. One was receiving and understanding prophetic words. These words were small messages, tucked into prayer that resonated in my soul. Sometimes it was a simple phrase, a question or a statement. Nonetheless, they held power. When spoken, they reverberated with […]

When Death is So Near

I can’t seem to turn off the news Tune out the screens It’s everywhere brown bodies black lives the debating between who’s humanity is actually seen this time the body fell, not so far from me it’s on the street that I drive to work or home sometimes, from my friends I’ve stopped at that […]

Let’s Dance Boldly in the Unresolved

I was adopted from India at five months old, and other than a few hospital papers and a referral photo, there’s not much more to document my life. For most people having five months of their lives unaccounted for would be weird, even worrisome. For me, it’s just normal. I don’t remember asking if I was […]

Prophetic Lament: An Introduction

I had the privilege of hearing Prof. Rah speak last August on Lament. The conference was close to the second anniversary of Michael Brown’s death. It was also soon after the shooting of Philando Castile, which occurred only a few miles from where Rah was speaking. His message enraptured me. The week before I had written […]

The Red Couch: Too Heavy A Yoke INTRODUCTION

When I sat down to settle into Too Heavy a Yoke: Black Women And The Burden Of Strength by Chanequa Walker-Barnes, I only got to the second sentence before I was wrecked: “Having recently crossed the threshold of my thirtieth birthday, I was in a state of physical and emotional crisis …” She goes on to explain […]