Thank God for Februaries

I have lost the lid I used to keep on my grief. I cannot contain it. I cannot shut up about the state of my nation. I cannot shut up about the things I am learning and the ways I am being stretched to hold more and more grief. I am undone by it. But […]

Giving Up My Need to Be Right

“When a person tells you that you hurt them, you don’t get to decide that you didn’t.” ~Louis C.K. I have been on an embarrassingly long road toward doing real justice work.  Embarrassingly long. The justice work that calls to me is the seemingly radical notion that all people are deserving of equal rights, treatment, […]

Faith, Cynicism and Toothpaste in the Sink

I am, admittedly, really terrible at dating. But I have learned one very normal thing: break-ups are hard and usually happen a lot slower than they look to the outside world. She hits the snooze too many times. He doesn’t pick up his wet towel off the floor—or his socks. She leaves toothpaste in the […]

Stay Safe Out There

Two days after the 2016 US Presidential Election I was taking my tender heart and two blonde neighborhood children for a walk. We passed an older black gentleman and said, “Good morning.” A few minutes later we met up again. “Well, hello again,” I said. He smiled his hello and walked next to us down […]

Where Grief and Optimism Meet

The very first poem I ever wrote was about death. I was in grade two. It was the year my best friend’s dad spent dying of cancer in a hospital bed in their living room. It would be several more years before I showed the words to anyone else. If you know me at all […]