TGIF: How I Made Peace with my Breasts in a Brothel

[TRIGGER WARNING] Sexual content. I. PREQUEL I’ve never understood the mass appeal of breasts. (Yes, mass appeal. I couldn’t resist.) My boobs first became problematic in 1992. They weren’t meaty enough to warrant a bra. And yet, there was enough there to make my chest look lumpy under a t-shirt. This is when my back permanently assumed […]

Learning to Feel Sorrow

By Christina Bacino I’ve spent five of the last six years of my life doing counter-human trafficking work in Cape Town, South Africa. I was involved in everything from online investigation via pornographic material, to raiding brothels with law enforcement to the repatriation of victims. It was an honor and a privilege to be a […]

How to NOT Sweep in and Save the Day

By Laura Parker | Twitter @mrslauraparker The First Time. I watched him disappear around the corner on his scooter, but the pit in my stomach stayed. I knew the question he was going to ask, and it was the potential answer that made me most nervous. My youth-pastor-turned-humanitarian-husband Matt was on his way to the […]

A Freedom Song For 68 Sisters

Laura Shook is a friend who walks the long road to hope with me. As pastor at Community of Faith church in Houston, she is a primary partner to our work at Communities of Hope. On one side of the ocean she energizes her Texan community, while on the other we equip our Batwa community. […]

Freedom Rings

“I was just looking at those trees today, reminding myself of the creative power of life. It grows and multiplies—that’s just what it does.” I walked a Freedom Relay 5km in Edmonton last month. It was amazing for a variety of reasons: community (we can’t do this justice thing alone), beauty (one seriously beautiful day […]