Solidarity like the Redwoods

I was born in California and I remember family road trips through the redwoods and their majestic beauty, running through the forest and hugging their huge trunks. Redwoods are tall, strong, resilient, and live for thousands of years. But what we might not know is that their roots are relatively shallow, which doesn’t quite make […]

Black is the Colour of Us

Black are King Solomon’s beautiful curtains Where the riches of wisdom are veiled and unveiled Black is the colour of me Black is the colour of fertile soil Where seeds bring about a hundred fold Black is the colour of me Black is the night sky The only colour that causes stars to dance Black […]

I Was in Hiding

By Amy Chumbley I was in hiding. My friends had begun to wonder if I was a vampire. I was only going out at night with the dogs. No more morning walks, visiting with my neighbors in the yard, grocery shopping, or eating out. My doctor had recommended that I apply Fluorouracil, a topical chemotherapy […]

The Process of Restoration

Light filtered in the bay window, glinted on the freshly painted walls. I stood in the dining room of our first home, still in awe that it actually belonged to us. Five months pregnant with our second baby, I set out to clean every surface and set up each room just perfectly for our new […]

Labels Are For Jars, Not People

I have so many cherished and beautiful childhood memories–in fact, I would call my childhood idyllic. As a family, we didn’t have much in the way of worldly means but we were incredibly rich in love, peace and pure joy. Laughter, hugs, kisses and “I love you” were the norm. However, there is one unpleasant […]