The Red Couch: A Woman’s Place Introduction

When I first heard the title of this month’s Red Couch book club selection, A Woman’s Place by Katelyn Beaty two thoughts came to mind: The first was that this book can help facilitate an interesting and diverse discussion about calling and equality for women in whatever workplace they feel called to by God. The next thought, […]

The Red Couch: Threading My Prayer Rug Discussion

After graduating from college, I traveled to Kathmandu, Nepal to experience a new culture while seeing if teaching was a good fit for my future. I spent my mornings teaching English to Nepali middle school students and my afternoons and evenings exploring the city with my team, which consisted of mostly non-religious folks. In fact, I was […]

The Red Couch: Threading My Prayer Rug Introduction

Who are we? Where are we from; what traditions, habits, and beliefs prop us up and comfort us? And who are we if we are removed from everything that is familiar? In Threading My Prayer Rug, Sabeeha Rehman takes us along on her lifetime discovery of her various identities and how they intersect. This memoir […]

The Red Couch: Welcoming the Stranger Discussion

It was a small bolt of red cloth that captured the world’s attention. A tiny fragile body. Someone else’s child. In that moment of seeing, the stranger on the other side of the world became our neighbor. It shattered the illusion of distance and difference. We found common ground in our grief. The tragedy of the […]

RED COUCH: Welcoming the Stranger Introduction

My family history is one of skirting modern-day immigration regulations. On one branch, my ancestors arrived soon after the passengers on the Mayflower, helping to build the new Massachusetts Bay Colony. Others arrived pre-World War 1 and worked their way to the Midwest. Regardless of route, my family arrived in an era when a boat […]