When Walls Crumble: A Tale of Tea, Lazy Saturdays and Separation

This summer I traveled back to Israel-Palestine. As my friend Elie and I drove to Sepphoris, through Nazareth and back, she told me what it was like growing up in Jerusalem. “On the weekend we would drive to Bethlehem to eat and shop. Everything was closed on Saturdays for Shabbat, but Bethlehem was just a […]

We Start at a Loss

I am at a loss. In the aftermath of the U.S. election I see the national terrain differently. I see people differently. The veneer is gone. I can’t unsee what’s been revealed. I made time to lament for seven days. Black was all I saw, all I felt, and so all I wore. The grief […]

A Promise to the Underdogs

“We’re studying the Beatitudes,” he mentioned as he plopped into the beanbag. His 6th grade Sunday School class was covering, Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth. So I quizzed him. “What does ‘blessed’ mean?” “It means God is pleased with you–like it’s good to be meek.” “What does it mean to be […]

Proverbs, Jesus and Women

One Sunday morning, a central marketplace in Burundi (the small East African country where I do development work) burned down, gutting the local economy. In the middle of the smoldering ruins, my husband stood by the women, business owners who’d just lost everything. When floodwaters rushed through the city streets overnight, leaving thousands wet and […]

Why Dangerous?

Christendom often seemed like a safe camp. I, for one, grew up safe within its walls. Campfire songs, flannel graphs and water colored storybooks fanned my beginner’s belief with sweeping and salvific stories. As I matured into Study Bibles and adult services I found a sturdy faith anchored by creeds, sacraments and plenty of sermons–so many […]