Because Sometimes We Forget


I always remember a conversation I had with a dear friend a few years ago, when he asked me if he was really a perpetual f-up. It wasn’t a flippant question, but came from a really sincere place of wondering if that was how he was perceived. That message has been a distinguishing part of […]

Stuck: Waiting For The Light


[ TRIGGER WARNING: Descriptions of Verbal + Physical Abuse ] By M. A car passing through the intersection brought me back to the present. How long had I been waiting for the red arrow to turn green? The glowing numbers on the dashboard clock read 12:53a.m. He should be asleep by now. It’s probably safe to go home. […]

More Than We Think We Are


When I was a kid, I wanted to grow into the kind of person who would stop and look into the dark eyes of the clerk at the corner store and wish him a good morning – sincerely. Yes, he was a racial minority and yes, my fears spoke up to remind me that he […]

The Year of the Ugly Cry


By Osheta Moore | Twitter: @osheta 2013 was the Year of the Ugly Cry. Ugly crying into my pillow. Ugly crying on the couch. Ugly crying behind the steering wheel parked outside the nail spa. Ugly crying here. Ugly crying there. Ugly crying everywhere. 2013 was the year we stepped out from the comfort our […]

Shaking Off the Label


It was only my second day in Bangladesh, and my first time further east than Turkey. I’d been sent on a learning trip through my work in international development to visit development organisations working with people with disabilities. And so here I found myself, too hot, trying to keep the shawl I’d been advised to […]