Love in Translation

By Joanna Saul Carns | Twitter: @ModernRuthPrjct “A friend is the one that lends a hand during the time of need.”  —Arabic proverb One. واحد I stood inside my local food pantry, looking at the family before me. The man was dressed in a gray sweat suit and white tennis shoes. His black hair and […]

Daughter, Your Faith has Healed You

By Marilyn Gardner | Twitter: @MarilynGard I grew up in Pakistan. As an only daughter in a house full of boys, my family treated me like a princess. I loved Pakistan. Pakistan was my home, the place of my earliest memories. All of my firsts happened there. As I grew up, I learned more about […]

Confessions of Brown Girl in a White World

I was the token brown friend for many of my friends in college. That sort of thing happens when you’re one of two, maybe three Indians at a small, Christian liberal arts college in the Middle-of-Nowhere, Oregon. This honor came with questions like: “Do you speak Hindu?” “Have you ever dressed up as Jasmine for […]

I Was a Stranger, Extravagantly Loved

  Ma li, a student from my freshman ESL class, nervously invited me to her home in the countryside of northwest China for the weekend during winter break. “Our village is poor. And we are Hui people, so we don’t eat pork,” she cautioned me. “I love Hui people,” I said, smiling, “and I can’t […]

Seated at the Table of Outrage

I just saw a thing on Facebook, as I was scrolling through my feed the way we do. It was written by the woman who birthed my two older children, a midwife of babies and other soul things. I usually listen when she speaks. She said, when people look back at this era she believes they […]