We are the Light Bearers

By Jenny Rose Foster There is a call to action traveling through the winds—to the north, to the south, the east and the west. All directions. All volumes. A calling … to Rise Up! Now is not the time for silence. Now is the time to stand tall. Oh, lift your heads. Look up. A time […]

I am a Citizen of the World, So This IS My Fight

I started 2017 in silence. I caught a monster cold and lost my voice completely for the first two weeks of the year. I am a talkative person, and I felt the loss keenly. I started to get bits of my voice back the third week of January, but even now, weeks later, I don’t […]

When Fighting for the Good Cause Can Hurt You

Last month I was in Budapest for an anti-human trafficking conference, the first time I had been to one in almost three years. I was there to speak, and I was incredibly nervous. For a lot of people this is normal, but I don’t get nervous about speaking, or at least I never used to. […]

Your Invitation to RISE UP, SISTER 2017

This is our invitation to Rise, my sister. Your invitation and mine.  If you’d ask me what I am passionate about, I’d probably say this: seeing a person transformed by the power of LOVE, finding her voice, standing in her story, becoming strong and then pouring out her life in service of making this world more […]

What a Lady Preacher Looks Like

I was in the car on my way home from a women’s conference, when I locked my eyes on the road so I wouldn’t have to look my passenger in the face. “So, I think I want to do that. I think I am called to do that. Like … I think I would be […]