Love That Doesn’t Cost Is Just A Feeling

I still remember the moment I heard the Holy Spirit whisper to my heart, “Send her flowers.” It seemed so ridiculous to me at the time that I dismissed it only to hear that still, small and insistent whisper again, “Send her flowers.” It seemed unfair that I should be the one to send her […]

Who is this King of Glory?

by Hannah Kallio When I read the Bible, I look for questions more than answers. I’m fascinated by how Jesus often answers questions with another question, not to be evasive, but to show respect for the intellect of his questioners and take the conversation deeper. There’s one question in the Bible that keeps drawing me […]

When Theology Is Like Poetry

As a young girl I’d imagine what life would be like in a mosque. I wanted to touch a prayer rug, smooth my hands over the knee worn familiar weft and, in holy adoration, bring my petitions before a God who would refuse me—if I didn’t get it right. I wanted to know what it […]

November Zine: Global Meet-ups + Gorgeous Words

Oh loves, I did it again. I went out of town at the end of the month and created this zine from an unfamiliar living room in a new state. (I should add that it was a very cozy living room with a strong wifi signal.) This zine is a celebration of our sisterhood. We […]

I’ll Pray For You

My knee jerk response bubbles up. Don’t bother. I can feel the hardness on my tongue. But I hold back. I examine the bitterness I feel, and try to pinpoint where it came from. Hope dashed? Prayers seemingly unanswered? Watching my child suffer from a crippling disease? Probably all of the above. Keep praying, whispers […]