In the Darkness of Friday

I pry through my closed blinds and notice glints of pink and magenta. The cherry blossoms are in full bloom and are caught in the steady waves of a light breeze. Spring is here. But on this side of my blinds, it remains dark and cold. I light a candle and whisper, “Lord, have mercy.” […]

But the Cross Hurts

“Take up your cross and follow me.”  —Luke 9:23  Easter is coming. All around the world followers of Jesus will be celebrating his resurrection and the good news of the gospel. Easter dresses. Easter Sunday sermons. Easter baskets for the kids. Easter crosses. Easter hope.  I personally love Easter. I love the story of life […]

Tend to the Body

I couldn’t believe I was here again. Chest heaving, tears and mascara all over my face, hiding in the bathroom stall of a church. I looked around at all the familiar trappings: posters advertising community fellowship and charity drives and easter egg hunts. A pot of fake flowers in the corner. Scratchy paper towels to […]

The Light of Resurrection

Waiting for spring, hanging off the northeast end of the U.S. mainland, it’s a challenge to get into an Easter frame of mind. The dark is still holding sway over the light, and resurrection-thinking requires a muscular faith. Although the calendar tells me that spring will come, this hope in a future date seems like […]

I Don’t Want to Go to Jesus’ Funeral

It look me a long time to realize a Good Friday service is a funeral. That’s why it’s so important to go to church and mark the day. We can’t step into the glory of Easter morning without sitting in the darkness of Friday first.  We can’t step into the glory of Easter morning without […]