Yes, There’s Still Room

What does it look like when LOVE rises? What does it look like when Love rises in you and me and in all of us together? What does it look like when Love rises in our neighbourhoods, families, cities, countries and in our world? Next month, we’ll spend a weekend together, asking this question, weaving […]

Join Our SheLoves PAUSED + PRESENT Banquet in Surrey, BC

We are excited to announce our second annual Paused + Present Banquet in Surrey, BC. Last year we packed out the room and heard stories from our local Lovelys, ate soup and gathered as a sisterhood of women who Love. (Check out the beautiful images by Judith Laurel Photography from last year’s event here.) We will be gathering […]

Your Invitation to RISE UP, SISTER 2017

This is our invitation to Rise, my sister. Your invitation and mine.  If you’d ask me what I am passionate about, I’d probably say this: seeing a person transformed by the power of LOVE, finding her voice, standing in her story, becoming strong and then pouring out her life in service of making this world more […]

On the Shore of the Great River

Born into privilege, Pharaoh’s daughter was nursed on narratives of Egyptian greatness. She grew up among the elite, watching them parade through the palace with their curried favor and entourage of servants. She never lifted a finger and never knew any different. Life was good alongside the Great Nile River, which seemed to wind and […]

Seahawks and the State of Affairs

It was Friday afternoon, and I wanted nothing more than to faceplant on my couch after work. But my completely crazed enthusiastic, ever-luvin’ Seahawks fan of a friend Christine had, shall we say, “other plans.” Consequently, instead of my Friday afternoon survival victory nap, I found myself sitting in her CRV as we headed to […]