Good News For Girls: Valentines + Selfies + Empathy Library

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Advocates! Maria Keller, 5th grader, reader, has distributed 1 million books to kids who lacked access to reading material. Xiao Meili walks across China to raise awareness of sexual violence. Yeliz Yuksel takes risks a lot to bring women’s hockey to a conservative town in northeast Turkey. Seeking to end the practice of FGM in […]

Six Impossible Things

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By Sherry Naron | @RescuePink Have you ever met someone with extraordinary faith? I recently worked with a pastor who would make our heads spin with his vision and dreams. Most of the time we whispered things under our breath like, “No way, he’s crazy.” Or, “This is impossible.” But he believed they would happen, […]

Stop The Silence, Start The Healing Initiative


Conversations tend to stop when this matter arises. People often fidget, or they change the subject. It’s really no wonder because we aren’t supposed to talk about it. None of us want to believe it happens because it’s not supposed to happen to Christians. It’s unthinkable—that Christians commit acts of abuse and violence. And, when our communities remain silent, […]

Good News For Girls: Youth + Knitting + Lipdub

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Keep paddling, friends. It’s so worth it! Young?  No worries, you’ve got this. Tons of developers at this year’s Disrupt SF Hackathon in San Francisco. Including an app developer named Alexandra Jordan. Oh, and she’s 9 years old. Alma Deutscher? She loves to play the violin. Ummm…and compose operas. She happens to be 8 years […]

Good News for Girls: Stars + Skateboards + Peace Journalism

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Living With Our Heritage: Folks in Sudbury, Ontario (Canada) had largely forgotten who they were. Sudbury’s long history of mining had convinced its residents (and the rest of the country) that it was ugly.  Until some folks set out to remind their fellow citizens that they are beautiful, drawing from the past and present. You’ll […]