Thank God for Februaries

I have lost the lid I used to keep on my grief. I cannot contain it. I cannot shut up about the state of my nation. I cannot shut up about the things I am learning and the ways I am being stretched to hold more and more grief. I am undone by it. But […]

The Sacred Work of Empathy

By Sarah Henderson | Twitter: @sarahlowhen I sat in the hospital bed, the bright reading light shining on my newly born son in my hands. He was wrapped, not in a cotton swaddle, but rather bleached white washcloths in a crocheted blanket with a tiny silver tag that read, “Made for an angel.” A regularly scheduled […]

Making Space for Loss

During this season of Advent and anticipation, I always pause to remember our miscarriage. How our plans suddenly weren’t perfect. How I learned to grieve something defined as “normal” and that happens to more than half of all pregnancies. I learned to grieve a loss that hadn’t even been joyously announced yet. When we decided […]

Is It Too Early To Talk About Christmas?

Is it too early to talk about Christmas? I’m not one to break the tradition of decorating the tree or singing carols before December 1, but this year feels different. This year, I’m feeling the pangs and the longing for the season. This year, there’s an urgency for the Savior. My Facebook feed looks like […]

Where Grief and Optimism Meet

The very first poem I ever wrote was about death. I was in grade two. It was the year my best friend’s dad spent dying of cancer in a hospital bed in their living room. It would be several more years before I showed the words to anyone else. If you know me at all […]