“Just Have Faith” Didn’t Work For Me

By Gina Butz | @gina_butz In the winter of 2011, I was spiritually and emotionally stuck. I wasn’t sure how I got there. All I knew was that I could not move back to something resembling normal, no matter how much I poured out my heart to my counselor, my friends, and mostly importantly to God. […]

The Sun Always Rises

Many years ago, when a dear family friend died suddenly in a tragic bicycling accident, I read a book called A Grace Disguised by Jerry Sittser. I will always remember an image the author shared. A deep darkness can envelop us in grief, but if we keep walking forward, eventually we will meet the sun rising over […]

I’m Going Back to School: There I Said It Out Loud

I’m going back to school this summer. It’s hard to say that out loud, because it means it’s real, that I’m committing myself to it. Committing myself to school means truly admitting that at thirty, my life isn’t what I always imagined. The images of myself with the white picket fence, the man, the 2.5 […]

You’ve Got the Wrong Girl, God

By Rose Shepley | Twitter: @RoseShepley I’m 30 years old when I realize that God is calling me to ministry. Probably has been since I was a little girl. I laugh and tell God to take His drunken butt home. I say, You’ve got the wrong girl. And I go about my business, wondering along the way […]

Showing Up

By Rachel Ann Smolen | Twitter: @smolennation My friend’s words hung heavy in the air as we sat holding hot mugs of favorites at a coffee shop. We were discussing the beauty of gathering in community, of the holidays that had recently passed, and of homes and tables filled with laughter and conversation when her […]