Sunlight + Prophetic Imagination = Revolution

When I was a little girl I used to spread out on my back under trees and watch the sunlight tickle the tips of the leaves. Their shadows would flutter across my face and ripple down my arms in a flurry of fantastic patterns. And then, as the sun slowly arced and bent, my eyes […]

I am a Citizen of the World, So This IS My Fight

I started 2017 in silence. I caught a monster cold and lost my voice completely for the first two weeks of the year. I am a talkative person, and I felt the loss keenly. I started to get bits of my voice back the third week of January, but even now, weeks later, I don’t […]

Speak Up, Daughters of Heaven

By Taylor Madge | Instagram: @shespeaksunited | Facebook: @SheSpeaksUnited I am not a professional public speaker. I just want to put that out there so you know this isn’t coming from an expert in the field. I am a woman who works full time outside of the home, is married, is raising two teen daughters and […]

I Am Ready And So Are You

I’m taking a step tomorrow. It may look small, but feels like a giant one! I’m meeting with a self-publishing program in the hope of making good on hours of research and years of work. It’s exciting, but terrifying. What if no one is interested? If I’m being honest, I’ve avoided this step. It’s going […]

Let’s Pull a Bob Goff

A few years ago, I had the honour of speaking on a panel about human trafficking that was mediated by one of the most charismatic individuals, New York Times best selling author of Love Does, Bob Goff. In hindsight, that day was going to suck no matter what. I was jetlagged, I was suffering from […]