The Girl Who Was Afraid of Matches

Here’s a true story: I was scared of lighting matches until I was twenty years old. Twenty years later, now many books of matches under my belt, I find this both ridiculous and completely understandable. Ridiculous because matches are necessary and not really that difficult. And understandable because in order to light a match you […]


My sweet darlings, all these fears they are a gift. Do not fight it anymore   Gather your charts and assigned instruments the drum the bass the piano the vocals   Individually rehearse your parts even though it’s hard. Clapping the tricky rhythm awakens your soul. To every note strum key and range   Come together […]

My Current Shape Is Worthy

[Trigger warning: Mention of disordered eating and controlling behavior.] By Fritha Washington I’ve always had a fractured, troublesome relationship with food. My mum was anorexic and my dad loves to eat–I grew up in a home where food was simultaneously worshiped and reviled. My slimmer sister stopped having periods and this was viewed as an […]

We Will Rest

When I first heard in church that Christians were to observe the Sabbath, I was told it was a whole day—Sunday—on which we did not work. We went to church, had a good meal with our family, and reset our souls for the week. This is one very valid way of observing the Sabbath. But […]

How Ordinary Women Are Making a Difference

Last year I wrote about making a conscious effort to pay attention to the news and to bear witness to what is happening in our world. That decision to open my eyes and pay attention has lead to many heartbreaking and yet beautiful moments in my life. The heartbreaking bit is seeing the pain and […]