Sex Through the Seasons

By Adrienne Gross | Twitter: @adrienne_gross There’s a reason the type of sex most prevalent in TV shows, movies and popular music is young, wild, impetuous, and often adulterous. It’s new, exciting and illicit, so people are convinced that kind of sex is desirable. We rarely see happily married couples having home-cooked, comfortable sex. I admit there was […]

When You and Your Husband Have Different Callings

When my husband and I met, we knew one of us would have to give up our calling: acting in Chicago for him, or teaching in China for me. Due for time back in the states, I gave up China. And because of the nature of marriage and parenting three children four and under, he […]

Did You Hear What God Said About You?

A couple of weeks ago my husband taught a message called “Fighting for your Family.” As he was teaching, he pulled out one of my old bibles I’d often used many years ago when our marriage was in a crisis. I hadn’t seen that particular Bible for quite awhile, so I was amazed that he […]

I Still Choose Love

“I love you,” they would murmur, through yeasty breath and sleepy eyes. Some would say it after just a few days, others in the heightened moment of a sexual encounter. I would soak their words into the hollow crevices of my heart, longing for there to be truth in every intoxicating syllable. That kind of […]

The Love Mandala

There are well worn paths across the carpet which tell of their coming and going and all the myriad ways they were hemmed together as a piece over a day or two or a thousand. They still pull even in her absence The other day an aroma enveloped him like a cloud of witnesses And, […]