A Letter to My Beautiful Mind

By Shaley Hoogendoorn | Twitter: @shaleyhoogs  Dear Mind, I used to hate you. I felt betrayed by you. I hated the way you turned my life into two moods—either dark depression or frenzied anxiety. I felt like you had chosen this path for us and I hated you for that. I despised the way you […]

Parsing it Out: Sacrifice or Duty?

What is it that makes a sacrifice truly sacrificial? Seems to me it has to be the modifier chosen for this month’s theme at SheLoves—willingness. I’m not sure that one idea can ever be successfully separated from the other, to tell you the truth. Choosing to give something up for the sake of someone else […]

A Mind on Fire

I. My life is one long rerouting. Only I’ve not had the pleasure of Google Maps patiently telling me that I’ve taken a wrong turn and that it’s calculating the next best option to get me to my destination. Instead, I’ve lived one-way streets and stop signs, merging into single lanes and tight spaces. My […]