Afraid of Muslims?

Are you afraid of your toddler? Are you afraid of your dog? Are you afraid of Muslims? I say “Muslims” instead of “terrorists” because, as media outlets and Franklin Graham apparently want us to believe, the two words are synonymous. Franklin Graham seems to believe we should be afraid of Muslims and that we are […]

TGIF: Feels Like Home To Me

I didn’t grow up around plants. I couldn’t tell you much about mulch, rootstock or pruning. When most kids were asked to “Water the plants” the Francis kids were asked to “Dust the plants.” Growing up in the Middle East where the weather was not conducive to gardening, silk plants were all the rage. They were consistent, […]

Reclaiming Feminist

The first time I said it out loud, it took courage. It felt weird, a bit risky and daring. I was trying the word on, like a little girl trying on her mother’s shoes, to see if it fit me: feminist. And it did fit; it grew to fit beautifully, and so I turned this […]

BRAVE: Who You Really Are

“I admire the way you love and live. You inspire me to be brave just by being you.” By Desiree Adaway | Twitter: @desireeadaway “One isn’t necessarily born with courage, but one is born with potential. Without courage, we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency. We can’t be kind, true, merciful, generous, or honest.” […]

Legacy, It Beckons

“But the word ‘legacy’ reminds me that my actions, my behavior, my voice will help shape the world in which the next generation of girls will live.”  By Stephanie Motz Skinner | Twitter: @stephmotz Conversations at our dining table, like my scrambled eggs, are rarely light and fluffy. It seems so appropriate to me that […]