The Red Couch: Introducing the SheLoves Book Club

A couple of weeks ago I visited a long-time friend in Seattle. Because she’s awesome, she drove me up to see friends in Surrey, BC and that is how I found myself sitting on Idelette’s famous red couch. While I could only stay less than 48 hours, it was plenty of time to catch up […]

SheReads: A World of Books for Celebrating Love

Combine the words “Love” + “Books” and there are simply endless avenues to take. It’s LOVE week, my friends! And truthfully, I’ve been humming and hawing about how to approach this SheReads post for a while; because when you combine the words Love + Books, there seems to be endless avenues to take. Do I […]

SheReads: The Language of Flowers

On a great book, deeper stories and a bouquet from the heart. By Destiny Loeve “The meaning of camellia? My destiny is in your hands.” I am so very excited about the book I get to share with you this month. It was a read that had me prying open the pages at every possible spare […]

SheReads: Five Gold Stars to a (Former) Reluctant Reader

On sherpas, real books and the real guy in the phrase: “38 women and Josh.” By Destiny Loeve ____________________________________________________ Can I get somewhat sappy with you ladies today? I know, I know … this is a column about the books we read and love; but, if you’ll allow me to digress for a mere minute, […]

ShePonders: Finishing Well

“My body vibrated with a deep awareness of having finished this task well, of walking in faith and accepting God’s outlandish invitation. ” By Kelley Johnson-Nikondeha <<<Finishing Welll>>> Click on the link above to hear Kelley sharing this month’s ShePonders: Finishing Well _________________________________________________________________ It was August 2005. I sat buckled in my seat with my not-yet-two-year-old daughter […]