The Red Couch: Making Room Discussion

It is evening and our kitchen is alive with chatter, squabbles, and the frustrations of children. A meal is finding form in the scrape of a knife against a chopping board; the familiar clang of pots and pans, fetched, stirred and tended. This daily ritual is both soothing and exhausting in its ordinariness. The telephone […]

The Red Couch: Welcoming the Stranger Discussion

It was a small bolt of red cloth that captured the world’s attention. A tiny fragile body. Someone else’s child. In that moment of seeing, the stranger on the other side of the world became our neighbor. It shattered the illusion of distance and difference. We found common ground in our grief. The tragedy of the […]

The Red Couch: Introducing the SheLoves Book Club

A couple of weeks ago I visited a long-time friend in Seattle. Because she’s awesome, she drove me up to see friends in Surrey, BC and that is how I found myself sitting on Idelette’s famous red couch. While I could only stay less than 48 hours, it was plenty of time to catch up […]

SheReads: A World of Books for Celebrating Love

Combine the words “Love” + “Books” and there are simply endless avenues to take. It’s LOVE week, my friends! And truthfully, I’ve been humming and hawing about how to approach this SheReads post for a while; because when you combine the words Love + Books, there seems to be endless avenues to take. Do I […]

SheReads: The Language of Flowers

On a great book, deeper stories and a bouquet from the heart. By Destiny Loeve “The meaning of camellia? My destiny is in your hands.” I am so very excited about the book I get to share with you this month. It was a read that had me prying open the pages at every possible spare […]