We are Women, We are Strong

By Catherine Hanna Schrock We are women We are strong We belong To the global sisterhood Fortified for the good Of the other Daughter, Mother Sister, brother Every nation Reverberate The proclamation That each one is The beloved Reconciled through grace United in love Come, sisters, With the wisdom Of our ancestors For the sake […]

Bold Activism for the Cowardly

The other day, I briefly chatted with an acquaintance from church. “You do any activism lately?” she asked, smiling warmly. I blinked, surprised that she asked … surprised that, when she thought of me, she thought of the word “activism” (as opposed to say, homebody or slippers or hot tea). I was, perhaps, most surprised […]

I Am Because We Are

I closed my eyes and hung my head, because I didn’t want to know. I could hear the shuffling of feet and the conversations in hushed whispers as I stood, cemented in my place. I knew I was in the way, but I couldn’t move. I couldn’t open my eyes,  because I didn’t want to […]

Picking Up the Trash of White Supremacy

I was wearing my orange cardigan, the one that matched the exact shade of my newly painted coral toe nails. I had a turquoise necklace and my new sheer coral lipstick. I was summer Abby, and I looked good. This was the exact Abby that the neighbors informed, needed to come pick up their trash. […]

The Red Couch: I Am Malala Introduction

The first time I realized education was not considered a right for many children, especially girls, around the world, I didn’t know what else to do but weep. I was 24 when I first witnessed the difference education can make in a life and how the lack of knowledge cripples. I was volunteering in a small […]