The Shalom of Sisters in #Formation

“When I first saw tap-dancing, I immediately got it: The righteousness of being able to make so much noise with your feet.” Shalom Harlow, Canadian model and actress Yesterday, my husband posted a video on my Facebook wall along with a simple, “You’re welcome.” Let me explain. Our marriage is comprised of two different narratives: The […]

Sisterhood is in Story

I met her for the first time when I was 17 years old. She didn’t know me. I was only one of hundreds sitting in the seats of a beautiful musical theater while she was dressed in costume on stage. It was the world-class legend, Les Miserables, performed as one of London’s longest continuously running musicals—a […]

The Portal to my 12-Year-Old Self

The year was 1983 and I was in sixth grade. That was the year that I routinely found myself teetering between two worlds: the one of my childhood—that still invited me to climb trees and sing silly songs and tie ribbons to my bicycle’s handlebars—and the one just around the corner that whispered of crushes […]

We Are Here, Beautiful

Not long ago, I attended the funeral of a stranger. Several women and I gathered at the train station on a Friday evening and travelled to another city to attend together. We went because a friend-of-a-friend’s husband had a stroke suddenly while in the Netherlands and had been in a coma. They took him off […]

Being Human Is Hard Work

Back in the 1980’s, I was raised in the shadow and under the laugh track of the American family sitcom. What I learned from this brand of storytelling were two things: First, we were in desperate need of a laugh track in our home so that all of our real life, tense-filled interactions could be […]