Heavy Boy, Light Girl


I overheard a girl, upper elementary, medium length jet black hair. In Chinese she asks her mother, “What does it mean to be ‘heavy-boy-light-girl?’” I winced and turned my head, unwilling to look into the eyes of an innocent child while her mother explained. “Heavy-boy-light-girl” is a Chinese proverb to encapsulate the worldview that men […]

For Some Things There Are No Wrong Seasons


It didn’t behave like anything you had ever imagined. The wind tore at the trees, the rain fell for days slant and hard. The back of the hand to everything. I watched the trees bow and their leaves fall and crawl back into the earth. As though, that was that. This was one hurricane I […]

When Your Pants and Your Life Don’t Fit


I was asking God to help me lose weight. Instead He made me buy bigger pants. You see, I had been praying to God that my pants would fit. Not those words exactly, but for sure I had been praying all around that topic. God give me more discipline, more will power, help me to […]

Love Doesn’t Break Down Love


She was dying when she said it. Dying slowly, but still dying. I was supposed to be taking care of her. It was my job, swing shift in a nursing home, to help her get ready for bed in the way you do with people who don’t get out of bed. But this evening I had come […]

Talking To My Inner Toddler


The day started off well enough. I woke before my 19-month-old son did, the one sleeping in the crook of my arm, and that miracle afforded me a minute to adjust my eyes to the morning light seeping through the curtains and for my groggy brain to conjure up one complete thought. I sighed, audibly. […]