The Judge, the Model and Skaters: It’s Good News for Girls!

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Women at Work: Hmmmmm … women-led companies perform 3x better than the S&P 500’s average. Dr. Muneera Al Fadala forges her own path as Qatar’s first female vet. So has Aisha Al Marzouqi, as United Arab Emirates’ first female crane operator. Wonder if small business projects for women work? Ten years on, these women have turned into respected, hardcore […]

The Daughter and the Dogwood


After a long winter of staring out at bare branches, the dogwood tree in our front yard finally blossoms, seemingly overnight. One morning I draw back the curtains and see her coral petals pushing through their buds. The next afternoon, she stands, blossoms unfurled in the sunlight. Another evening a few days later, I’m sitting […]

When Reality Meets My Fantasy Life To-Do List


I shuffle behind my husband, my old purple sweatpants dragging along the linoleum floor. It feels like he’s miles ahead, though he’s weighed down by a brandnew car seat, complete with a fresh babe—our first. I’m thankful to be upright, given I’m stitched in a place I didn’t realize it was possible to be stitched […]

When You’re Tired of Living Dangerously


I have found myself bowing out of the fight these days. Brokenness no longer looks beautiful. The dust seems incapable of creating a shiny earthen vessel. I’m tired, weak, distracted and downright afraid of danger. I get hit with this wet blanket every couple of months: my daughter’s disease is terminal. Incurable. And I serve […]

Like Maps On Our Naked Skin


I was 10 years old, all frizzy hair and gangly limbs, when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. I began puberty right around the same time that she began chemo treatments. I grew breasts and started my period and learned to shave my legs. Meanwhile, my mother recovered from a mastectomy, waited for her […]