The Headless Marys

It sounds like the title of a zombie-esque film noir: The Headless Marys. It is in fact the name of a contemplative prayer group to which I belong. At 48, I am the youngest of the bunch. Most are retired nurses or teachers. In other words, they are women who have been active, other-focused, do-gooders […]

The Wild, Incredible Gift of Growing Old

I turn thirty this month. I feel much older inside; frayed and chipped and sagging. I don’t mind so much what the outside looks like anymore. My insides are what need nurturing. I don’t mind because it’s a gift to have a body, present and whole on this earth. A body that is free to […]

When It Feels Right to Feel Bad

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” – Eleanor Roosevelt I can’t count the number of times I have felt inferior, less than, not enough as a female leader, a mother, a wife, a friend. That breathless, weird, gut-wobbly feeling where I find myself feeling small is easily accessible. Even as I […]

Sit With One Woman

Sit with one woman. Take the time and drive to the event, because on Monday she called and invited you to come. So, of course you go. Two kids have soccer and your international student arrives that day, but this is important. She’s been in her residential treatment program for three months and this is […]

Two Blonde Monsters and a Swingset

The best 20 minutes of my week were spent pointing ten red lacquered toenails toward the sky, then tossing my feet behind me and pulling that sturdy swing back to start the pendulum again. Two tiny blonde monsters pumped their little legs next to me and for a few minutes all was right with the […]