Like Maps On Our Naked Skin


I was 10 years old, all frizzy hair and gangly limbs, when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. I began puberty right around the same time that she began chemo treatments. I grew breasts and started my period and learned to shave my legs. Meanwhile, my mother recovered from a mastectomy, waited for her […]

Women Who Rise


She’s the woman I think of when I think dangerous. With her cement church she literally built from the ground up, in a small village she never wanted to return to. The village where the scent of vodka floats on the air, and peppers grow as long as your arm. Where those who were meant […]

It’s OK to be Ordinary


Amongst other meanings, the word dangerous means threatening or daring. These aren’t words normally used of women. Until recently societies have preferred words such as sweet, beautiful, sexy, gorgeous, loving, caring, gracious to be used in conjunction with the word “woman.” There’s nothing wrong with any of those words in their place, but there’s something absolutely […]

Dangerous Women = Good News for Girls!


Well, let me just put this on the table: every Good News for Girls column could be called “Dangerous Women!” This month I celebrate each dangerous woman whose story we get to share, and each one living dangerously in a quiet way. Meet Perna Devi (above)—elected official in her Indian village, leader, world changer! Claudia knits […]

How a Woman Learns to Talk


My mother was born with a little string of flesh that tied her tongue to the bottom of her mouth. Until age four she made only small, strangled sounds. Her people thought she couldn’t make words because she wasn’t smart enough. In their words, Retarded. When she came inside from the barn with red paint […]