Here’s to the Women

The theatre is old. I can smell the sweetness of the polished wood floors mixed with the mustiness of the worn velvet chairs. The stairs creak and my footsteps echo on the plank floor as I make my way to the platform. It’s dark in the auditorium save for one streak of light coming from […]

I’m Tired of Saying “Sorry”

By Sarah Henderson | @sarahlowhen “I’m sorry,” she said to me as she exited the changing room at the chiropractor’s office. “Oh no, I’m sorry,” I replied, as I waited my turn to enter. A slight feeling of shame washed over me, as I quickly looked away from her. I went into the tiny booth, locked […]

Is My Calling Worth the Cost?

“But you seem so confident!” You have no idea how many times I have been told this in my life. Pretty much the exact same amount of times I’ve been shaking in my boots. Apparently, even when I’m terrified I still present as confident. I both love and hate this about myself. I have spent […]

At the Wednesday Morning Ladies’ Bible Study

by Carla Funk | @carlafunk Even now, decades later, I can still see them in their circle of hardback wooden chairs, their heads bowed over the onionskin pages of the King James, those ladies of the Wednesday morning Bible study. In church-soft voices, they read aloud from Psalms and Proverbs, the prophets and epistles, following […]

I Am Not Labeled, I am Named

Once you label me you negate me.  —Soren Kierkegaard I. I wasn’t a fat kid. On the contrary, I was hollowed ribs and lanky limbs for much of my childhood.  I was gangly elbows and knee caps too big for my legs. I was a jawline cut straight and tight like a razor’s edge and […]