A PhD Shower and a Call to Celebrate


It started as a conversation among our group of girlfriends. A comment that: we throw baby showers and wedding showers, but we don’t really take the time to celebrate the women in our lives who aren’t married, or haven’t had children. When do they get to have a (insert life event here)-shower? At the time, […]

Nobel + Noble: Good News for Girls


Women Celebrate! Oh, you knew there was going to be a little party over here this month. Kudos to Malala Yousafzai, co-winner of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize! It’s easy to forget that Malala is still so young, but this 17-year-old is investing her life to change the world for girls. Taking a moment in my […]

Hope for a Cure (to Our Mindless Consumerism)


“Support the Cure,” implores the small pink bumper sticker on the car in front of me. I sit at the stoplight in silence, staring at the sticker with its peppy little ribbon. Its subtext taunts me: Support the cure, buy the pink ribbon. Support the pink ribbon. The pink ribbon is the cure. Except that […]



By Austin Channing | Twitter: @austinchanning Too Black I grew up immersed in white culture through private education. I attended predominately white schools from preschool through college. Though I successfully navigated the ins and outs of school, there, I was often too black. My ponytail didn’t move like the other girls. My father was a […]

Lipstick and Seminary


For a couple years in seminary, I didn’t wear lipstick. I twisted my long hair up tightly, wore dark turtlenecks and covered my eyes with glasses. I didn’t speak much in class unless I knew it counted toward my grade. In that case, I carefully planned what I’d say before opening my mouth. I didn’t want to […]