The Unsettling Song of Our Pilgrimage


I didn’t want my seven-year-old to see the painting. A woman lies naked on her bed, her legs spread open, a baby birthing with all the blood and vagina you’d expect. The mother’s face is covered with a sheet like a corpse. The baby has emerged only up to her neck; her head lolls to […]

Small Acts, Great Love


The house is quiet now. All day there has been this swirling of vagrant leaves and fluttering of bare branches and it has been enough to make me wonder if all of heaven and earth might just be on the cusp of some arcing change. Perhaps winter’s icy fingers are beginning to crack and splinter […]

My Freedom Road


By Siki Dlanga | Twitter: @SikeeDlanga I do not know my life apart from Mandela. Mandela is the reason I am able to write in this language today. He is the reason I am able to connect with the audience who will read what I have written about him. I cannot imagine my life without […]

The God of Joy and Grief


It has been almost ten years since we stood at the altar of an old Baptist church, June sun shooting through the glass stained blue and green, downtown traffic buzzing outside of the thick, wooden doors. We lifted our voices while we squeezed our hands and felt the words to How Great Thou Art sink into […]

God With Us


I love it when our family is all home, squished in on the couch. This is the way we connected with our oldest son, a boy who didn’t want big displays; just wanted us to be with him. I’d sit down and he’d approach across the cushion and snuggle into my side, when he was […]