In Praise of Those Who are Out There


One image from this past week keeps coming back to me: My neighbour, this big smart guy, standing under the cherry tree with his daughter, picking. He’s holding the bowl and she’s reaching up, beaming. That daughter, let’s call her Grace, has been dealt a rough hand. She’s on the autism spectrum but also suffers […]

Young Mother, Thank You for Showing Up


By Olive Chan Before having a child, no one warned me that it would profoundly change my experience of church. For the first few months, we hardly made it out on Sundays. But after we got into a routine and started attending relatively regularly again, I was surprised by how different church was. Not only […]

That Fifth Commandment


I helped my husband teach Sunday School a few weeks ago. He teaches the kids in grades 1-4 and his usual teammate was out of town on Mother’s Day, so he asked me to step in. I did all I could to stifle a groan, forced a smile and said, “Well, I guess so.” Not […]

Cries of Shattered Adolescence


[TRIGGER WARNING: Descriptions of rape and sexual abuse] By K. When I was twelve I met him. He was tall, dark and handsome; a senior at my first high school dance. We danced, we shared my first kiss and he quickly took my number. After begging my mom to let us hang out, she finally […]

Pay it Forward in Life and Legacy


I have a rather magnificent view as I write today–I am on a cruise ship, half-way between Quebec City and Charlottetown, P.E.I. on the Gulf of St. Lawrence. It’s a perfectly beautiful sunny day, and it happens to be my 40th wedding anniversary. As we woke up this morning my husband John gave me a […]