The Day I Did Not Answer the Door


It was a Tuesday, just past noon. I sat at my trusty computer desk eating leftovers and skimming I hadn’t yet showered, which means that my hair looked like a winning cross between Dog the Bounty Hunter and Canadian magician Doug Henning. I was enjoying a few moments of down-time in the midst of a […]

Are You Ready?


Are you ready? Are you ready to bid farewell to 2013? I think I am. But not before relishing for just one more moment in all that this December has brought us—Advent Acts of Kindness and Christmas and surprises for Idelette and prayers for wellness and mourning the loss of a great leader. Will you […]

The Weary World Rejoices


I feel the flame of the candle under my palm, close to burning. I have a candle to mark this season, and that is all. I have no Christmas objects, unless you count the unopened chocolate advent calendar strewn across the carpet at home. I don’t have a Christmas tree, unless you count the small, […]

Spinning Straw into Gold


This last week before Christmas has taken on a life of its own this year. Right when my sweet little family was gearing up for afternoons baking cookies and evenings driving around town gazing at twinkling lights we had to, instead, quickly shift gears, rearrange plans, throw clothes in suitcases, make haste. Suddenly, it was […]

Celebrating a God with Skin On


I was 13 years old when I celebrated my very first Christmas. It. Was. Magical. That year, for the first time ever, I didn’t feel like a complete outsider at school when I returned from winter break. And all the Christmases that have followed have surprised me with how much wonder can be packed into […]