Celebrating a God with Skin On


I was 13 years old when I celebrated my very first Christmas. It. Was. Magical. That year, for the first time ever, I didn’t feel like a complete outsider at school when I returned from winter break. And all the Christmases that have followed have surprised me with how much wonder can be packed into […]

The Gift of Dignity


By Sarah Quezada | @SarahQuezada I sat on their bed, the one shared by mother and her pre-teen son. It was the primary seating in the one-room apartment. Together we had spent the morning standing in line in the biting cold, waiting outside a local ministry organization. It was Christmas toy pick-up day. Mothers lined […]

Joy in Enough


“This moment was a bit of a dream come true for us, the lazy nights with her in her sweats and me in my work clothes, slowly peeling Christmas oranges by the fire.” At this time of year, with all the rushing around and the Pinterest crafts and the opportunities to give, I have revisited […]

When Joy is Elusive


“While many people are spinning toward the holidays singing Christmas carols and going to fun parties, there are a whole bunch of others hanging by a thread.” While so many people are singing “Joy to the World” this season, happy about the holidays and gearing up for Christmas fun, many others couldn’t dread this season […]

Don’t Tell Me I’m a Good Person

Stocking 6

It wasn’t easy for me growing up. My best Christmas ever was very close to being my most crushing. It was the year I desperately wanted an E.T. doll. I wanted that doll so bad, I could almost see it. I talked about it non-stop. That year, I could sense something was different with my […]