I Am The Betrayer


A Personal Response to An Advent Lament by Diana Trautwein Often times personal lament and confession overlap. There are moments we see ourselves amid the ashes and we complain, confess, speak out our part in the wrongness of things. Reading the lament Diana offered, this one phrase haunted me relentlessly: “And sometimes, the betrayer is me.” […]

An Advent Lament


Each December, we find ourselves in a season of waiting. Primarily, we wait for that baby to be born, to break through the bonds of water and blood and slither down into the dust from which we all emerged. We wait for the baby, the infant conqueror, the one who shows up not as mighty […]

Did You Know, Mary?


I’ve learned the greatest treasures in life are always found on the way to “somewhere”–they lie within the process as we journey, not once we arrive at the longed for destination. As my husband John loves to say, “Life is a journey–not from here to there, but from who you are to who you are […]

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year


I was watching a video of Barbara Brown Taylor recently, and she said something that really caught my attention. When asked what she thinks the world needs more of, she responded with this: “What the world needs is more people standing over the red X under their feet and saying ‘What is the BEST I can […]

The Day I Did Not Answer the Door


It was a Tuesday, just past noon. I sat at my trusty computer desk eating leftovers and skimming People.com. I hadn’t yet showered, which means that my hair looked like a winning cross between Dog the Bounty Hunter and Canadian magician Doug Henning. I was enjoying a few moments of down-time in the midst of a […]