Making Space For The One Who Changed It All

This morning, my three-year-old son asked me if I needed to “take a space.” At our house, “taking a space” means taking a break from whatever is frustrating you or making you mad. Generally speaking, it’s Mama and Dada’s way of saying, “Dude. Calm your ride.” It’s nice-speak, in other words, for a time-out. But […]

She Keeps Showing Up

There’s a lot to love about Christmas. I love traditions. I love the wild and hard to get your head around upside-down-ness of the Christmas Story—God as a little human baby, not born in a palace or a place of comfort but in a dirty, smelly stable. The waiting of advent. Hope born out of patience […]

It’s Okay to Want Tinsel

Right now, I don’t want to do Christmas. I don’t want fragrant pine boughs wafting through the house. I don’t want soft, sweet hymns proclaiming peace on earth. I don’t want to lug our old cardboard boxes bursting with décor out of storage, all fake crimson cranberries and fur-trimmed plaid stockings, glittery snowflakes and my […]

We Are Portals

When Heaven came to meet her, she paused. She paused long enough to encounter Heaven. Not on a mountaintop or in a blaze of light, but in an ordinary moment. Her presence ushered Him in. Her body became a welcome. Trusting the Eternal One to lead her and guide her into all this strange newness, […]

The Year I Exchanged Stuffing for Stuffed Grape Leaves

By Nicole T. Walters | Twitter: @NicoleTWalters The holidays have always been a time of togetherness and feasting for my family. When crispness enters the air, bringing relief from the stifling Georgia summer, my mind turns to standing in my mom’s kitchen and making noodles or pound cake, pulling out the card table to make room for everyone […]