Christ Is Born, and Rachel Weeps

By Trudy Smith Women figure prominently in the story of Jesus’ birth. From an early age, I learned about Mary’s unwavering trust in God, and her courage; I was told about Elizabeth’s joy at the fulfillment of a dream she had long since abandoned. Yet as an adult, I find that the most haunting female presence […]

Making Space For The One Who Changed It All

This morning, my three-year-old son asked me if I needed to “take a space.” At our house, “taking a space” means taking a break from whatever is frustrating you or making you mad. Generally speaking, it’s Mama and Dada’s way of saying, “Dude. Calm your ride.” It’s nice-speak, in other words, for a time-out. But […]

She Keeps Showing Up

There’s a lot to love about Christmas. I love traditions. I love the wild and hard to get your head around upside-down-ness of the Christmas Story—God as a little human baby, not born in a palace or a place of comfort but in a dirty, smelly stable. The waiting of advent. Hope born out of patience […]

It’s Okay to Want Tinsel

Right now, I don’t want to do Christmas. I don’t want fragrant pine boughs wafting through the house. I don’t want soft, sweet hymns proclaiming peace on earth. I don’t want to lug our old cardboard boxes bursting with décor out of storage, all fake crimson cranberries and fur-trimmed plaid stockings, glittery snowflakes and my […]

We Are Portals

When Heaven came to meet her, she paused. She paused long enough to encounter Heaven. Not on a mountaintop or in a blaze of light, but in an ordinary moment. Her presence ushered Him in. Her body became a welcome. Trusting the Eternal One to lead her and guide her into all this strange newness, […]