Down We Go: Beautiful, Hazardous


“Deep down, I often want all the beauty and none of the hazards.”  By Kathy Escobar | Twitter: @kathyescobar One of the hardest things about life in the trenches with people is how tiring it can sometimes be.  No matter how good our boundaries are, no matter how many ways we try and take good […]

ShePonders: Adoption


“Abandonment gives way to belonging, vulnerability cedes to stability and an orphan becomes a daughter by a divine spark of redemptive goodness.”  I remember a grade school assignment: Tell us who you are in ten sentences, each beginning with “I am.”  My first sentence: I am adopted. It is always the first sentence that surfaces when […]

Down We Go: Celebrating Freedom

free bench

“I believe we can get so focused on doing, building, growing and reaching that we can distract ourselves from what is right before us–our own and other peoples’ real stories, unfolding in beautiful ways.” By Kathy Escobar | Twitter: @kathyescobar “The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to preach […]

Wellness Wednesday: The One Decision I Regret Most


“I wanted to forget that I’d ever felt that momentary joy preceding the horrifying loss of my one and only pregnancy.” By Tara Rodden Robinson |Twitter: @tararodden  When I went to church this past Sunday, I grew a little tense. It was Mother’s Day and I usually avoid any public observances that include motherhood. It’s not that I […]

Down We Go: Why Prepositions Matter


FROM THE ARCHIVES: When it comes to serving Jesus in the trenches, there’s a huge difference between “to,” “for” and “with.” By Kathy Escobar | Twitter: @kathyescobar ________________________________________________________________ Many people I know are tired of just talking about theology or participating in yet another Bible Study that increases knowledge but not practice. They are hopping […]