Mamas Mess Up Too


Mommy guilt is something I wrestle with often.  I think it’s partly to do with Facebook and the masked lives people like to display, which I tend to compare with the reality of my own. But for the most part, it’s because I believed I would always be so good at motherhood and I have […]

Young Mother, Thank You for Showing Up


By Olive Chan Before having a child, no one warned me that it would profoundly change my experience of church. For the first few months, we hardly made it out on Sundays. But after we got into a routine and started attending relatively regularly again, I was surprised by how different church was. Not only […]

June Zine: Summer + Honour + A New Baby


Did you know that the SheLoves community is spread across miles and kilometers and oceans and provinces and territories and states? A few of the editors have the luxury of meeting up in person every month in Surrey, B.C., but not all of us are near enough. And with summertime in full swing here in […]

A Legacy of Kindness


“There she is!” Grandma’s words would reach my ears before the door to her ground-floor apartment had swung fully open. She’d throw her arms in the air as she greeted me, and then I’d be gathered in for a hug, her cheek soft and cool against mine. I can’t quite name what the scent was–rose […]

Honor’s Promise: Simple as Buttered Toast


My kids do something that drives me crazy. I say, “Come here,” and they look me in the eye, turn, and run in the opposite direction. They’re fast. It’s not always easy to catch up with them. And the whole point is that I don’t want to chase them. I just want them to do […]