Christmas Pajamas Help Us Speak From the Heart

I love traditions, especially those that add to the wonder we celebrate at Christmas. There is something powerful about creating traditions that are meaningful and crafted to speak to the uniqueness of your family or friendships. Traditions provide stability in a world that is often chaotic and messy. They are an anchor that holds us close […]

When Stories Are Food for the Soul

By Tasha Burgoyne | Twitter: @tashajunb They say children become readers on the laps of reading parents. Storytellers, however, are made by much more. The daughter of a Korean immigrant mother and a white American father, my early childhood was caught between the duality of assimilation and the weight of cultures colliding. My dad read […]

Walking Together Towards Faith

When we meet new people we often have to clarify our closeness. We finish each other’s sentences and laugh at jokes that others around us don’t get. We see eyes dart with questioning looks and have to qualify it with, “Oh, we’re sisters” and then we see them nod with understanding. My sister’s favorite thing […]

The Most Important Moment is Now

In recent weeks we said goodbye to my beloved father-in-law, Jack Burns. He lived for 85 years, was married to the same woman for 57 years and raised 11 children and has more grandchildren and great-grandchildren than most could ever imagine. He has left a lasting legacy and I am blessed to be a part […]

Storm and Story: A Tale of Two Sisters

by Tasha Burgoyne | @tashajunb  It was the voices that woke me that night. I imagine they woke me the way a middle-of-the-night summer thunderstorm wakes. The voices—my parents’ and my sister’s—must have been spoken like light rain at first, barely audible to my six-year-old mind still sound asleep and full of dreams. The voices […]