Preaching Gospel Love to Myself


We talked about it from every angle, considered every possibility and scenario. My husband had been offered a job in London and our plans to move were fully underway. Now I needed to decide what I would do there. It had been hard to find work that was a good fit in Luxembourg. The last […]

A Dirt Path and the Beginning of Hope


When people saw my mother in those years, they remarked how healthy she looked, how strong, how not-sick. “You would never know she has terminal cancer,” they said. Their astonishment rang like praise for the upbeat patient smiling through her pain. I understood their cognitive dissonance. Her tenacity felt larger than life to me, superhuman […]

A Letter to My Younger, Pre-New Orleans Love Story Self


Dear Younger Self, As you’re reading this, you’re probably in between two books: I Kissed Dating Goodbye and something on intercessory prayer. We were quite pious back in the day, Love. Your goals are quite simple: finish college, marry a godly man, make lots of babies, and maybe lead a youth ministry someplace in there. […]

My Child, My Backpack And The Long Days Of Motherhood


When my daughter Lucy was three, I decided to get intentional about her education. I wanted to homeschool long-term, but knew I was not an ideal candidate: I like quiet, order, and long-range projects. I also felt a little cuckoo stuck at home. With 18 hours a day to kill, I counted the days until fifth […]

The Song of Slow


I don’t remember much about my Meme, my mother’s mother. Most of what I do remember is wrapped in a foggy veil of sounds and smells. Dove soap. The buzzing of cicadas. Creamed-corn. The whir of an oscillating fan. The heavy scent of pine straw and fig trees. And, perhaps, most distinct—the steady and rhythmic ticking […]