From the Root of Divine Love

A tidy but wild little row of marigolds grew around my mother’s gravestone this summer. I didn’t plant them. I visit it very rarely, mostly because I live far away from my Michigan hometown and, if I’m being honest, because visiting a stone that says her name is sometimes an unbearable silence. That little row […]

One Ordinary Day At A Time

I used to think I needed to be superman for Jesus. I devoured missionary biographies as a young reader, awed and inspired by the feats of missionary heroes like Amy Carmichael, Hudson Taylor, and Jim Elliott. The things they did, giving up every creaturely comfort, laying down their very lives for the sake of the […]

The Space Between Us

We say hello and goodbye in less than two hours. The location is an eighteenth century pub in Northern England. It’s our first meeting in over a decade. The one before that dates back further than I can remember. He’s drinking a honey-coloured lager, his back turned from the door. His wife sees me before […]

When Family Looks Like Dinner with Strangers

I come from a family of wanderers. It makes for great stories around the dinner table, but it means we don’t get to sit around that table very often. I live on the West coast of Canada, and a few years ago my parents moved less than an hour away. It was the first time […]

Doing The Only Thing We Can

I did the only thing I could: I held her hand. My sister and I sat with our grandmother, her shadowy skeleton a mockery of the bright and vibrant woman she once was. It’d been a long journey with the Alzheimer’s Monster, and as Grandpa was no longer able to care for his wife, she […]