For the Love of Big Sisters

I didn’t really grow up with my three sisters. The age gap between us meant they grew up with each other and I grew up with my brothers. In my memories, my sisters have always been adults. Even when they weren’t quite old enough to drive, they were old enough to care for me and […]

A Thread Of Messy

There’s a phrase I’ve adopted, one I say almost every time someone comes over for a visit: “Welcome to my house. I didn’t clean for you. You are most welcome.” Now, hear me out: I do own cleaning products. I do sweep and mop hardwood floors. I do scrub bristled brush to porcelain toilet walls, […]

Sisterhood is a Practice

I wanted to look forward to my older sister’s visit last year. But I was not entirely successful. It had been almost five years since Katie had last stayed at my house in San Diego. Lately, we’ve been growing closer, and last year I visited her a few times in Michigan. But her coming to […]

You are Stuck with Me (And I with You)

Sisters It seems my whole world has been formed around sisters. I was born into a team of sisters, a triad. I was the littlest link. The youngest. The baby. It was a position I loved but also fought against. It is hard to be a “France girl” when you are the “third France girl” […]

A Tale of Three Lighthouses

I’ve placed a flashlight on the island and checked our stash of candles. It’s mainly cheap tea lights, but they will suffice. A heap of freshly washed sheets is next to me and another load is bumping away in the dryer. The dishwasher is humming. Everything that requires energy is operating at full capacity. Except […]