Church in the Canyon


By Esther Emery | Twitter @estheremery It was months ago now, that I first drove up the steep and winding driveway to the church on the edge of the mesa. I fought with myself the whole way up. I said, “Girl, what are you thinking? You’ve got a bumper sticker that says, “Homophobia kills.” Meanwhile […]

A Prayer for Justice


Last month I attended a simulcast of the Justice Conference with some incredible Canadian SheLovelys you might know. Justice is a big word and I’d love to tell you that I left the conference with BIG PLANS to reform education in America or to END human trafficking or even to move to where Saskia is […]

Small Acts, Great Love


The house is quiet now. All day there has been this swirling of vagrant leaves and fluttering of bare branches and it has been enough to make me wonder if all of heaven and earth might just be on the cusp of some arcing change. Perhaps winter’s icy fingers are beginning to crack and splinter […]

Re-Writing Love


Right now, I’m putting the finishing touches on a novel. In it, a girl leaves everything she knows and sets sail for a new territory. When she arrives, she steps up to the side of the ship with all her hopes and expectations. As she puts her foot down on the plank, a rogue wave […]

Covered by Love in the Fragile Places


“One man loved the pilgrim soul in you.” -William Butler Yeats My husband and I have shared rooms all over the world, sketchy ones and beautiful hidden treasures. There was the creaky European double in the old Jewish district in Krakow, and the damp and cool lofts on the islands off mainland Croatia. The funky […]