The Double-Jointed Answer


When I was about twenty years old, I did some food deliveries and tutoring in a very rough part of Palo Alto, California and it changed me. I saw people taking advantage of the poor in neighbourhoods that lacked basic services. In hopes of providing real tools to improve lives, I decided to become an […]

We Are What We Do


All my life, my parents lived out what it means to be married well. Each of them came from homes that were dysfunctional in different ways and they worked hard to create a life that made space for one another and for each of their three children. They provided room to grow and flourish, to […]

How to Make a Life


Her absence rings most empty at the breakfast table. Every morning, my dad starts the coffee maker, drops his raisin bread in the toaster and slowly opens the blinds covering the window over the sink. Squinting through the glass, he takes note of the temperature outside, the amount of bird seed left in each feeder, […]

When Love Hurts: Reflections from the Other Side


[TRIGGER WARNING: Descriptions of emotional abuse + suicidal thoughts] By M. “You can commit yourself, or I will have you committed,” Robert, my therapist, said to me. I’d been in therapy for about a year. The small paneled office had been a lifeline for me over the previous several months, but today it felt like […]

It’s Time to Close the Front Door


It’s one of the Ten Commandments of a happy and healthy Idelette: Thou shalt not go on any rides. No spinning Teacups or crazy Beach Parties or howling Hellevators. I learned this very early on in my life at a fair in the town of Worcester in South Africa. (I’ll spare you the details.) Imagine my […]