The Church in the Woods


I was doing fine on my application to a Christian organization (it doesn’t matter what kind) until I hit this question: “Name of your church?” I think they wanted me to tell them what building I go into on Sundays. They wanted me to tell them who is keeping an eye on me, or whose […]

Good News for Girls: Taking a Stand


Women in Sport: Of course football (or soccer to some) isn’t just for boys! If you have young ones who play, they might enjoy these printable paper dolls. When high school referees wouldn’t let Samah Aidah play soccer with her headscarf, her team mates responded with love and grace. Basketball for girls in Iraq? Yeah. And […]

On Love, Mismatched Furniture and Longing in Paris


When I was 21 I wrote a poem that began with these words: “I breathe, but I am not living.” I wrote it from central Paris, where my then boyfriend owned a sparse and uninviting apartment in which smatterings of mismatched furniture gathered dust. And the landscape inside of me seemed to mirror that which […]

View from Our Hearts


I readily admit I have a much different relationship today with a mirror than I had when I was much younger. I have come to understand I probably had an unusually healthy perspective in my youth in the way I saw myself, as I truly believed I was beautiful and the whole world loved me. (I […]

What 20,000 Women Can Do


I stood on the platform in Pretoria, clutching an address and waiting for the Gautrain. My short journey to Johannesburg was about to begin, but the longer journey to this point began exactly two months earlier. While the world celebrates International Women’s Day on March 8 every year, in South Africa, Women’s Day is on […]