Ten Years and a T-Shirt


The other evening I pulled on an old T-shirt from a punk band I saw when I was a teenager. The sleeves are cut off and it is something I would never leave the house in now, but still, it’s a physical reminder of a time ten years ago, when I went to a concert, […]

Our Freedom Is All Tied Together


The function of our freedom is to free someone else. – Toni Morrison Her bright smile lit up the small, simple store where she worked in Palestine. She offered us coffee (the kind that you drink like a tequila shot: no sugar, bottoms up). Her name in Arabic means “smiley” and it was true—her light […]

The Privilege of Being Small and Beloved


I spent my childhood hoping to make it big. I did pretty well. At age 12, I starred in a professional production of Annie in Phoenix, moving an hour away from my home in Tucson for the run of the show, and belting out Tomorrow in front of thousands of people. A year later, I […]

The Church in the Woods


I was doing fine on my application to a Christian organization (it doesn’t matter what kind) until I hit this question: “Name of your church?” I think they wanted me to tell them what building I go into on Sundays. They wanted me to tell them who is keeping an eye on me, or whose […]

Good News for Girls: Taking a Stand


Women in Sport: Of course football (or soccer to some) isn’t just for boys! If you have young ones who play, they might enjoy these printable paper dolls. When high school referees wouldn’t let Samah Aidah play soccer with her headscarf, her team mates responded with love and grace. Basketball for girls in Iraq? Yeah. And […]