A New Anointing for a New Year


The Spirit of the Lord is upon me and He has anointed me. The Spirit of the Lord is upon you and He has anointed you. The Spirit of the Lord is upon us and He has anointed us. Yes, Lovelys, my one word for 2014 is … anointing. It’s not a word I sought […]

SheLoves: 10 Exponential Moments of 2013

women who love card 800

My one word for 2013 was “exponential.” I’m not a numbers girl, so it rather surprized me when this was the word that came to mind last year. A math-y term, Lord? Really? But as I explored the word, I realized: to be an “exponent” means to be a champion and an advocate. I could see how […]

My Freedom Road


By Siki Dlanga | Twitter: @SikeeDlanga I do not know my life apart from Mandela. Mandela is the reason I am able to write in this language today. He is the reason I am able to connect with the audience who will read what I have written about him. I cannot imagine my life without […]

We Are The Red Tent: Keep a Girl in School


We may think it’s a simple sanitary pad. For a girl in a place like Gulu in Northern Uganda, a regular supply of feminine products means access to education and a different future. As I held the soft cotton undies—pinks, purples, greens, blues—tied together with a package of sanitary pads, I wanted to lock my […]

She’s Got the Brokedowns


By Sherry Naron | @RescuePink “I made up my mind that day to trust, even though I didn’t have all the answers. I changed my Facebook job to say: Rescuer of Baby Girls in India.” It’s January 2007, and I am in a bare concrete building in India, holding a 3-week-old baby girl. Her name […]