Beyond The Myth of Scarcity

By Trudy Smith Growing up in upper-middle class American suburbia, Thanksgiving was usually the day that we ate so much our stomachs hurt—seconds and thirds and dessert, as much as we wanted, because it was a feast day. And although Thanksgiving was a special meal because it brought my extended family together for a big […]

Note To Self: Always Flirt With Chinese Grandma At Bus Stop

There’s a small chip on my front tooth. I’ve had it fixed, but it’s so tiny, the repair doesn’t last. So, I smile with my chipped tooth and my eyes scrunched up and I see laugh lines with this haircut that showcases my whole wrinkly forehead. And I don’t care. I like that my face […]

The Audacious Practice of Feasting

As a non-American married to an American, I find the North American holiday season quite incomprehensible. You mean to tell me that we must prepare a plentiful feast filled with turkey and cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes and green bean casseroles and dinner rolls to celebrate Thanksgiving, and then THREE WEEKS LATER, do exactly the same […]

Everything New, Even Me

This past Sunday we found ourselves standing in an echoey hall, clasping mugs of church coffee and trying not to look completely awkward in our cluelessness. It was our first time at church in three months; an international move a few months ago made church going complicated, and honestly we’ve been enjoying Sunday mornings making […]

From the Root of Divine Love

A tidy but wild little row of marigolds grew around my mother’s gravestone this summer. I didn’t plant them. I visit it very rarely, mostly because I live far away from my Michigan hometown and, if I’m being honest, because visiting a stone that says her name is sometimes an unbearable silence. That little row […]