She Looked Like Me

I was terrified the day we opened Mercy Canada. Years of sweat and a very healthy dose of tears had led up to this moment. I had planned events, managed finances, and organized teams of volunteers from a teensy, frigid portable while this home—this perfect home—was renovated from the studs up. I wrote Scripture on […]

The Raspberry Resurrection

The early spring was colder and rainier than previous springs we’ve had here in Nashville. Winter was more intense too—six inches of snow in January broke a ten-year record for this southern state. One gloomy afternoon in late April, I wondered aloud about the weather and what it meant for the coming summer to the […]

Imperfection is a Gift

By: Jody Fernando | Twitter: @jodylouise How do you leave a place, limping, feeling as though you made every effort to live but aren’t sure if you ever really got there? Except for the time you gasped at the magnificent tree in the fog in the field or hiked with your daughter through the woods […]

We’ll Get There Eventually

A person plans his course, but the Lord directs his steps. –Proverbs 16.9 Our little suburb has been undergoing some serious growing pains lately. We have had an influx of new businesses and homes and that means a lot of delays in getting where you need to go. As roadwork has become a normal occurrence […]

God Was Already in the Middle of Saving Me

  The day I got the news I hung up the phone, faced my toy-strewn rec room and exhaled. Now what? I knew that I should have some kind of reaction, some kind of emotion but I  just felt … nothing. And everything. I was wife, mom, daughter, sister and friend. I was a Sunday […]