The Red Couch: Reluctant Pilgrim Discussion

To learn more about Reluctant Pilgrim, please read the introductory post. Be sure to peruse The Nightstand in that post, which has resources for those wanting to learn more about the topic and themes of this month’s selection.   When I read a synopsis of Reluctant Pilgrim: A Moody, Somewhat Self-Indulgent Introvert’s Search for Spiritual Community that described […]

Is It Too Early To Talk About Christmas?

Is it too early to talk about Christmas? I’m not one to break the tradition of decorating the tree or singing carols before December 1, but this year feels different. This year, I’m feeling the pangs and the longing for the season. This year, there’s an urgency for the Savior. My Facebook feed looks like […]

Waking Up Is Hard to Do

By Gina Butz | @gina_butz In the last decade, God has been calling me to be awake in my soul. But what does that mean? Several years ago, God used a simple drawing by my ten-year-old to teach me. We were eleven years into an overseas mission assignment, and had to say goodbye to dear friends with whom […]

A Legacy of Striving

You opened your new eyes in the garden that God Himself had planted. Born a woman, you bypassed childhood, and came into yourself with a rush of speech, a flood of images, and a seamless, three-way companionship: you, Adam, and Elohim. Was Eden’s bird song the first sound in your perfect ears? Or was it […]

When the Floor Falls Out

For six years of my childhood, I lived in a doublewide mobile home on ten acres. My dad was a horse trainer and he ran training stables about forty minutes outside Seattle. I spent my days running through the fields, playing in the creek, and riding horses. During a particular season of those six years, […]