Practicing Resurrection


It is Easter Monday and only two weeks have cycled since my mother passed away. It’s interesting how time can hang motionless and unwavering with one breath while, just as easily, it can slip through your fingers like so many grains of sand. These days I find myself stretched between both phenomena. I am both […]

O, Hope. O, Sisterhood.


Have you ever met a new person and been alarmed by how kindred they feel even though they are complete strangers? This is the way of so many friendships in SheLoves, so I know somewhere someone is nodding. It’s the way of so many friendships in my world. I might just fall in love with […]

When the Fertility Fairy Goes MIA


“Are you going to have more kids?” I look at my only child, playing and grinning from ear to ear. God, I love him. I feel a stab in my heart as disappointment and grief flood in. I don’t want him to be alone in life. But his dad and I have been trying for […]

Your Story Matters


By Mary DeMuth | Twitter @MaryDeMuth I recently spoke at a small sorority of older women about my journey toward publication. It’s a long story, full of bumps and bruises that began in my broken childhood and ended with the “nirvana” of published author. One of the stories I shared: enduring rape at the hands […]

The Folds of Grace


Some days just ring hollow as if all the hopes I’ve thrown long and wide just swirl round and round slower and slower from the weight borne upon them And then there are days that the black bird returns flash of red upon his wing his call creaky like an old iron gate causing me […]