This Given Sunday


People are already streaming past us when we pull into the vast parking lot. A sea of bouncing toddlers, fresh coats of lipstick, and shiny church smiles. The th-thunk of the clutch signals it’s time for us to join the throng. But we sit silently instead. “I’m nervous,” I confess. After a few moments of […]

The Judge, the Model and Skaters: It’s Good News for Girls!

women's collective

Women at Work: Hmmmmm … women-led companies perform 3x better than the S&P 500’s average. Dr. Muneera Al Fadala forges her own path as Qatar’s first female vet. So has Aisha Al Marzouqi, as United Arab Emirates’ first female crane operator. Wonder if small business projects for women work? Ten years on, these women have turned into respected, hardcore […]

The Way We Win Matters


I had forgotten. Again. Recently, I watched a familiar scene play out: a vulnerable person gets pummeled by hurtful words, rejected through harmful teaching—in the name of Christ, no less—and the Jesus activist in me grew incensed, lighting up with an engulfing flame. I began to pack my arsenal and readied myself for battle, making […]

Waiting For Healing


*TRIGGER WARNING* for disordered eating. By Charlotte Donlon | Twitter: @charlottedonlon I did it again. Yesterday I binged for the first time in two months. I had just told my psychiatrist at my six-month checkup for my bipolar disorder that I was doing well and in a good place emotionally–especially with regard to food. Less than […]

When Beauty Brightens


“Let us not look for you only in memory, Where we would grow lonely without you. You would want us to find you in presence, Beside us when beauty brightens, When kindness glows And music echoes eternal tones.” -John O’Donohue My mom has been gone a year now. Yet, there are rigid corners of my […]