Good News For Girls: No Apologies for Brilliance


How We See Ourselves: Your hair-free head might be a source of embarrassment. Or it might be another place to show off your beauty. Embracing all the features prone to shame. (if you missed Sarah’s post earlier this week … you’re welcome.) With a little support (as Bev reminded us) maybe we can even Flourish. […]

Rebirth in the Psych Ward


Not many places on earth lend themselves to the acute aspiration and suffocating defeat of a psych ward. Especially when you’re an adolescent. My husband works in such a place. His name is Jason. He stands at a modest 5’9”, average build, but with eyes that could call the confession or compassion out of a […]

Good News for Girls: Taking a Stand


Women in Sport: Of course football (or soccer to some) isn’t just for boys! If you have young ones who play, they might enjoy these printable paper dolls. When high school referees wouldn’t let Samah Aidah play soccer with her headscarf, her team mates responded with love and grace. Basketball for girls in Iraq? Yeah. And […]

A Golden Thread


Words have been slow in coming since we last exchanged love tokens That day, that goodbye keeps repeating over and over and over in my mind’s eye Perhaps it is a trick of the heart this remembering For every parting in the past Set the stage for our souls to gather, once again And hands […]

Running Headlong Into Puddles of Sky

Hand in Hand

It rained today. My two preschoolers spent the morning splashing barefoot in crystal droplets, rhinestones hanging heavy on blades of grass. We threw pebbles into quiet lagoons and watched the ripples extend. Everything green and hopeful. Warm and wet and reborn. Their raucous play drew the eyes of dogs, birds, and neighbors alike. Because who […]