The Slow Work of Grief

This past week was really hard. It’s been over a year since my mom died but, in the rolling wake of her leaving, I still get blindsided by grief. This time, the grief was physically painful. It found me on my drive home from the grocery store. I was alone and it was quiet and […]

Words Can Never Hurt Me

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. Cabbage and rice. Cabbage and rice. Cabbage and rice. That was lunch, every day, for these Mozambican boys. For dinner they had cabbage, rice, and fish. This was my first short-term mission trip, and I was just twenty. I watched as they […]

Transition and Desire

So we are moving again. Boxes half filled stand across our bedroom floor waiting for contents. We’re filling up Facebook albums with photos of things to sell and give away. We’re packing these last few weeks with lunches and dinners and picnics in the park, trying to savour every last moment of goodness with these […]

The Song of Slow

I don’t remember much about my Meme, my mother’s mother. Most of what I do remember is wrapped in a foggy veil of sounds and smells. Dove soap. The buzzing of cicadas. Creamed-corn. The whir of an oscillating fan. The heavy scent of pine straw and fig trees. And, perhaps, most distinct—the steady and rhythmic ticking […]

Heavy Boy, Light Girl

I overheard a girl, upper elementary, medium length jet black hair. In Chinese she asks her mother, “What does it mean to be ‘heavy-boy-light-girl?’” I winced and turned my head, unwilling to look into the eyes of an innocent child while her mother explained. “Heavy-boy-light-girl” is a Chinese proverb to encapsulate the worldview that men […]