The Women in the Mirror

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Growing up, the women in my world knew how to love, but the women in my world did not take care of finances. Money. Moolah. Francs. Rands. Yen. Dollars. We abdicated that power. We let the men decide. We shopped for clothes and groceries and small household items. But when it came to the big […]

March Zine, Oh Baby!


This is my sweet spot. The night before the big game—when I’m tired, but too excited to sleep. The eve of zine-day always feels like that. By the time this is published, I will be fast asleep, but probably dreaming of copy edits and colorful pages and babies—there are a lot of babies mentioned in […]

Love that is Thick

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Two women walk into a washroom at a U2 concert. I remember few details, but I do remember this from that night in Seattle three years ago: how Tina and I both smiled at the women in that microcosm of cubicles and mirrors and touching up make-up. We looked women in the eye. We engaged. […]

A New Anointing for a New Year


The Spirit of the Lord is upon me and He has anointed me. The Spirit of the Lord is upon you and He has anointed you. The Spirit of the Lord is upon us and He has anointed us. Yes, Lovelys, my one word for 2014 is … anointing. It’s not a word I sought […]

Is it Time Yet?


Is it time for Christmas music and mittens and sparkling lights? Almost. November is not quite finished with us yet. Just one last day to reflect and celebrate the MARGINS with our zine. Download the PDF here or just go ahead and flip through the pages below (if you turn up the volume, you can […]