Juicy Conversations: Kelley and Idelette Talk about Dangerous Women


A few months ago, a Walter Brueggemann sermon sparked a conversation between these two friends, Kelley Nikondeha and Idelette McVicker. Both have shared this week how that idea has taken shape in their hearts. On Monday, Idelette wrote: God Needs Dangerous Women? And Tuesday, Kelley wrote: Why Dangerous? Today, Idelette and Kelley invite us into a […]

God Needs Dangerous Women?


I’m learning that out of ordinary friendship, the most extraordinary—and potentially dangerous—alliance is possible. Last year, I spent five days with one such holy alliance: my friend Kelley Nikondeha. We talk almost every day. It’s a friendship in which we sharpen each other, encourage each other and talk a lot about how to live out […]

Don’t You Think Small


I stood in a basement church in Taipei when someone spoke these words to me: Don’t you think small. More than 15 years later, those words still rumble in the belly of my soul like the roar of a volcano. They come to me when I’m making plans and when I want to quit. They […]

Was Jesus Successful?


“What are you most afraid of?” She aimed the question at me right in the midst of our conversation. I thought she was asking a rhetorical question—not really expecting an answer from me—but she kept quiet and her eyes rested on me. I was visiting Dorothea at her apartment on a Wednesday morning in the […]

Stay Low, Stay Low, Go Slow


It’s the time of the year when we journey to the birth of the Light of the World, but this year my thoughts, particularly, are on shadows. My Shadow Self has to do with throwing caution to the wind. No restraint. Exuberance. The light side of this is freedom, joy, adventure, love. The shadow side is indulgence, […]