Mistakes Are For Redemption


I’ve hated mistakes. Not other people’s mistakes. Only my own. There was the time when I spilled a whole liter of milk right before my parents were going to a school function and Ma, when she saw the mess, went back into their room and took off her fancy dress and pulled on her nightgown, […]

Women Who Love: Becoming Added To

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“And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.” -Acts 2:47 (NIV) We draw women who are ready to take their place in a community of safe and (often) brave women. Women who have been sleeping, who are stirring and waking and who have heard the call of something deeper. The talithas […]

Women Who Love: HONOR

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  It was the way Sarah, the registered massage therapist, held my forearms. I lay sprawled on the massage bed, blissed out in the library at Linwood House on a Saturday afternoon in March. Sarah was playing gentle spa music, the fireplace was turned up and I was surrounded by books on the floor-to-ceiling shelves. […]

Is that a Restaurant in Your Garage?


“Don’t be a hoarder.” Austin Kleon’s brilliant little book Show Your Work dropped that word into my heart like a rock. “Hoarder.” But too tired at the end of a long day, I drifted off to sleep and prayed, What is here for me, Lord? At the beginning of last year, two friendly guys unloaded a truckload full of […]

April Zine: Tweets + Knitting + Recap


Yowza. Where did April go? Spring is in FULL SWING and so much has happened this month. A festival and a very tech-savvy editorial meeting, new friends and a somber goodbye. We’ve filled this zine with a little recap of what our little {BIG} community has been up to and a few behind-the-scenes bits that […]