The Pedicure that Awoke My Heart to Justice


By Cynthia Cavanaugh | Twitter: @cavcynthia My heart awoke to the meaning of justice during a pedicure. The salon was located in an undisclosed home in Cambodia, a place of refuge for girls who had been rescued from the sex trade. The location was secret because of the risk of these young women being kidnapped […]

The Day I Knew I, Too, Could Murder


By Bronwyn Lea | Twitter: @bronleatweets A clanging phone dragged me out of sleep. Someone, somewhere, answered with mumbles. I groggily acknowledged the time: 4:57am. The light snapped on. I winced and reached for the proffered handset: “It’s for you.” Seconds later, I was horribly, terrifyingly, shakily awake. “Bron, I’m sorry. You need to come. She’s with […]

A Prayer for Justice


Last month I attended a simulcast of the Justice Conference with some incredible Canadian SheLovelys you might know. Justice is a big word and I’d love to tell you that I left the conference with BIG PLANS to reform education in America or to END human trafficking or even to move to where Saskia is […]

Good News for Girls: Underwater Acrobatics + Power Tools + Johnny Cash

Good News_800

A whole new year stretches out in front of you; how will you express yourself this year? Will you write a letter of apology to your body? Will you celebrate your shape on glossy pages? Will you take up acrobatics, even if no one thinks you can? Will you reinvent guitar? Will you reinvent business, […]

A Generous Life—Marginally Speaking


“God really cares about people living in systemic poverty. He goes out of His way to make sure their needs are met, and He constantly challenges His people to be the vehicles He uses to make it so.” She arrived in the new land, a childless widow with an ageing, dependent relative. It wasn’t that […]