The Divine Work of Freedom


I can tell you that my faith falls short sometimes. That my prayers come out weak and full of disclaimers. I can tell you that I don’t always believe in miracles. I can tell you that I selfishly want prayers to be answered so my own journey can be strengthened. I can tell you that […]

I Am The Betrayer


A Personal Response to An Advent Lament by Diana Trautwein Often times personal lament and confession overlap. There are moments we see ourselves amid the ashes and we complain, confess, speak out our part in the wrongness of things. Reading the lament Diana offered, this one phrase haunted me relentlessly: “And sometimes, the betrayer is me.” […]

The Vegetable Women


By Jenn Landrein With still tired eyes, I make my way down the tree-lined gravel road. I drive until the road curves slightly, the surrounding woods open, and the quaint, but thriving, non-profit farm comes into view. I arrive at the Needham Community Farm every Tuesday, just as the sun breaks through sky. I step […]

For a Faith That Flickers

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My candle keeps flickering out in the chilly November wind. It’s the Tuesday night before Thanksgiving, and I’m standing on a Nashville sidewalk in the dark to gather with other Ferguson protestors. We pass lighters and matches and candles and signs amongst this group of strangers-turned-neighbors, and we chant. “No justice, no peace!”     […]

Faith, Interrupting

Stella with her sign

I took my kids to their first protest this weekend. Ferguson solidarity, here in sleepy Boise, and by sleepy I think I mean predominately white. The awareness just takes longer to seep in, by fewer channels, into a city with more closed eyes than open. There was a kid at the protest, maybe 12, or […]