Women Who Rise


She’s the woman I think of when I think dangerous. With her cement church she literally built from the ground up, in a small village she never wanted to return to. The village where the scent of vodka floats on the air, and peppers grow as long as your arm. Where those who were meant […]

Dangerous Women = Good News for Girls!


Well, let me just put this on the table: every Good News for Girls column could be called “Dangerous Women!” This month I celebrate each dangerous woman whose story we get to share, and each one living dangerously in a quiet way. Meet Perna Devi (above)—elected official in her Indian village, leader, world changer! Claudia knits […]

Juicy Conversations: Kelley and Idelette Talk about Dangerous Women


A few months ago, a Walter Brueggemann sermon sparked a conversation between these two friends, Kelley Nikondeha and Idelette McVicker. Both have shared this week how that idea has taken shape in their hearts. On Monday, Idelette wrote: God Needs Dangerous Women? And Tuesday, Kelley wrote: Why Dangerous? Today, Idelette and Kelley invite us into a […]

Cindy and the Pea


I have a condition of feeling small things. I am like The Princess and the Pea.* Throughout my life, I have been sensitive to the small things. From early childhood I would often find things would irritate my soul. Something small, one unkind word, could hurt me. Friends and family would try to assure me, “It’s not […]

What I Won’t Tell You About My Off Grid Life


I live with my husband and three children in 314 square feet. If that seems like an odd figure for the square footage of a home, think pi. A lot of homes are rectangles, but mine is round. Round isn’t the only thing unusual about my living situation. I also don’t have running water in […]