Grit Calls Out to Grit


When I was little, my daddy was friends with a street minister. If you were homesick, Brother Richard would pray healing over you in a phone call, and you almost always went to school the next day. My daddy used to say that he could see the Holy Spirit shining on Brother Richard, that when […]

Because Black Lives Always Matter

In the past year I’ve watched my world blow up with loaded language, apathy and sadness. In the past year I’ve caught myself whispering sweet names Trayvon, Shantel, Tamir, Michael, Eric, Freddie, Cynthia, Susie, Daniel, Sharonda, Myra, Ethel, Depayne, Clementa, Tywanza, Sandra … the names stack up in my news feed like a holocaust memorial. […]

Expanding Our Empathy for the Refugee Crisis


  I hold two passports, for two nationalities. Two passports which both rank in the top five most powerful passports in the world. Between these two documents, few places are restricted to me. I can travel, and have travelled, all over the world, rarely questioned. I have worked in foreign countries. All of Europe is […]

Heavy Boy, Light Girl


I overheard a girl, upper elementary, medium length jet black hair. In Chinese she asks her mother, “What does it mean to be ‘heavy-boy-light-girl?’” I winced and turned my head, unwilling to look into the eyes of an innocent child while her mother explained. “Heavy-boy-light-girl” is a Chinese proverb to encapsulate the worldview that men […]

When Doing The Right Thing Feels Like Betrayal


A few months before I told on my sister, I paged through the current Teen Magazine. There was an article about anorexia and bulimia, and what to do if you—or someone you loved—suffered from them. Tell, the article said. Tell. My sister, Katie, had gotten the stomach flu over Christmas. Except I noticed, sharing a […]