Cindy and the Pea


I have a condition of feeling small things. I am like The Princess and the Pea.* Throughout my life, I have been sensitive to the small things. From early childhood I would often find things would irritate my soul. Something small, one unkind word, could hurt me. Friends and family would try to assure me, “It’s not […]

What I Won’t Tell You About My Off Grid Life


I live with my husband and three children in 314 square feet. If that seems like an odd figure for the square footage of a home, think pi. A lot of homes are rectangles, but mine is round. Round isn’t the only thing unusual about my living situation. I also don’t have running water in […]

When Generations of Silent Women Speak


By Cheryl McGrath | Twitter: @breadforbride The voices moving around me are strong. They are loud, articulate, and powerful. Most of all they are young, charged with the unmistakable exuberance and vigour of youth. They are young with the outrageous brashness of those who have carefully examined the well-worn path grudgingly offered to them and firmly declined. […]

The Peacemakers, The Poets + The Pretty Ones: Good News for Girls


26 Women To Watch In Tech in 2015.   The Peacemakers Women are a powerful force for peace. Here’s why. Syrian women know how to defeat ISIS. The power of Libya’s female arms dealers.   Artists Represent Andrea Mihalik of New Jersey met the craftswomen of Kiltamany, Kenya. None of them have been the same since. […]

Standing Here


Oh, I so don’t want to do this, Lord. I want to sit in the back, shut my eyes, shutter my ears, close my mouth, still my voice. And yet, I cannot. You compel me, you urge me, you call me out. You tell me, in no uncertain terms, to stand up. To stand up […]